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1950 Berlin III BMW Speedboat

The brand behind the vehicles “designed for driving pleasure” have a lesser-known history on the water as well.  This rare vintage BMW speedboat is going up for auction at the Bonham’s Belgium event in October and is expected to fetch at least $350,000 during competitive bidding.  The 1950 Berlin III BMW Speedboat is one of a few restored BMW speedboats a buyer can find today, and possibly the oldest model available.  Despite what you see above, this is a relatively small vessel, built for one passenger– the lucky individual behind the wheel.  This small speedboat isn’t built for leisurely cruises for the whole family, it’s built for speed and class for a single rider.  In a sense, it’s “designed for driving pleasure” just like the BMW vehicles of today.  If the good people at Bonham’s feel this one needs a test run, feel free to look us up.  We’ve got our boat shoes and blue blockers locked and loaded…