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    Red Square Luxury Yacht by Dunya Yachts
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Red Square Luxury Yacht by Dunya Yachts

Dunya Yachts is nearing completion of their latest luxury superyacht, the “Red Square”.  This massive, 236-foot cruiser stands tall above the water line, providing enough room for 12 overnight guests and their crew.  From bow to stern, the Red Square yacht is lined with contemporary furnishings, red teak floors, three open decks and a series of inner cabin rooms for rest and entertainment alike.  While Dunya Yachts has not yet revealed the price for this ship, we expect that an eight figure sum might be sufficient.  If you’re an oil baron or a post-Soviet industry magnate, that shouldn’t be a problem.  If you’re not, you can join the rest of us and drool away…  [dunya yachts via superyachttimes and mosaic]

Red Square Luxury Yacht Gallery