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    Acoustable Coffee Table Sound System
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Acoustable Coffee Table Sound System

Long since the advent of the laptop, the modern coffee table has been as much a desk as it is a point of personal relaxation.  Since our laptops, iPads and mobile devices are all wired for sound, this coffee table provides an added dose of functionality– stereo sound playback.  The Acoustable Coffee Table Sound System by designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer features a TEAC sound system within that provides 360 degrees of audio playback.  By either USB or optional WiFi, your laptop, your iPod and more can all connect to this table for an amplified audio experience that is much better than your device’s built-in speakers.  The stylish shape and material of this table are designed for acoustics, but the resulting look is most certainly easy on the eyes.  Even with the speakers off, this table is a living room centerpiece on appearance alone.  [via designboom]

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