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    Tag Heuer Grand Carerra Pendulum Watch
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Tag Heuer Grand Carerra Pendulum Watch

Our respect for Tag Heuer timepieces, like the Tag Heuer Monaco V4, is quite long-standing– and the new Tag Heuer Grand Carerra Pendulum Watch drives a clear continuation of that respect.  While the brand now walks solo without the face of Tiger Woods on its marketing material, Tag Heuer instead relies on what made its brand relevant in the first place– innovation.  The latest innovation by Tag Heuer is in the new Grand Carerra Pendulum Watch, a concept driven by a pendulum as its time regulator.

Much like the classic grandfather clock with its swaying pendulum, this watch features a similar encased system to regulate and perfect the measurement of time.  The pendulum is shown on the left side of this watch’s face, held within an outlying metal circle and seemingly suspended from gravity.  If the concept of a pendulum-driven watch is a bit foreign to you (it was to us at first), we’re sure you’ll want more detail on this watch’s mechanics. No?

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