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    Sea Spectacles: 10 Cutting Edge Boats of the Future
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Sea Spectacles: 10 Cutting Edge Boats of the Future


If you’ve spent any time in a harbor, you’ve noticed one fateful failure: most yachts lack any semblance of uniqueness.  While the sea may be filled with countless cookie-cutter ships, there are some designs that stand out strongly.  To celebrate the works of today’s greatest boat designers, here is a list of 10 yachts that truly push the cutting edge of sea-faring design.

The Solar Sailor Sun-Powered Catamaran


The high seas — unobscured by trees or buildings — is the perfect location to harvest the power of the sun.  The Solar Sailor glides across the water on this axiom, fueled by the sun and its boundless energy.  Solar Sailor is not just one cutting-edge catamaran, but a series of ships powered by Solar Sailor’s system.  Be it a private yacht, a luxury cruise line or a colossal container ship, this system energizes the sea with the power of the anchor of our solar system.

solar-sailor_3 solar-sailor_2 solar-sailor_1

EarthRace Biodiesel Powerboat


Like the Solar Sailor above, this boat is powered by the sun– but with an assist from the fruit of the earth.  EarthRace is a boat built to speed across the planet fueled by eco-friendly biodiesel.  Earth, water and seed were livened by the sun to sprout vegetation, and this vegetation was harvested to fuel the EarthRace superboat across our tiny blue planet.  EarthRace did so– and fast.  This amazing, high design ship sailed the seven seas in a mere 61 days (a world record!) powered without a single drop of oil.  That’s one hell of a feat… and this is one hell of an aggressive ship!   [link]

earthrace-biodiesel-powerboat_3 earthrace-biodiesel-powerboat_2 earthrace-biodiesel-powerboat_1

The Code X Yacht


Captain this catamaran across the clear seas and you’ll be the envy of everyone.  The Code X Yacht isn’t just pretty, she’s fast to boot.  Code X is a 48′ catamaran with 1420 horse power under the hood pushing this sexy beast to 80 knots.  If that’s too quick for your speed, take a look at the connecting piece over the catamaran– that solar panel will power an electric motor to 9 knots, a leisurely speed that’s perfect for entertaining sunset guests.  Fast and furious or green conscious, the Code X Yacht is hungry for the waters in your neck of the woods.  [link]

code-x-yacht_091 code-x-yacht_011 code-x-yacht_031

The Oculus Yacht


Oculus– in latin, the eye.  In this case, the “eye” in this yacht’s nomenclature is centered on the grand eye of the dolphin that inspired this design.  Oculus Yacht is a sea spectacle of the most true order, a shining example of aqua ingenuity in this watery world.   [link]

oculus-yacht_03 oculus-yacht_02 oculus-yacht_01

The Wallypower 118 Super Yacht


It’s official.  Ride the waters on this one, you’re either a Bond villain or a mad scientist.  The Wallypower 118 Yacht is an aggressive, angular poweryacht with the most progressive design on this list.  There is nothing more stylish on the seven seas than this Wallypower, and if you can prove otherwise, do so in the comments!

wallypower-118-yacht wallypower-118-yacht_1 wallypower-118-yacht_2

The Modern Houseboat by X-Architects


Scoop this modern houseboat out of the water and drop it in the hills of Hollywood, it would appear no different than the mid-century designs that grace that landscape.  The Modern Houseboat by X-Architects is a sea-bound home with the metal structure, the floor-to-ceiling windows that would make the architecture world jealous.  Okay, perhaps it’s not that progressive, but this is one houseboat you cannot ignore.  Lovely… [link]

modern-houseboat-x-architects_3 modern-houseboat-x-architects_2 modern-houseboat-x-architects_1

The Sea Shadow Stealth Warship


If you see this one coming, you’re lucky– because it certainly won’t show up on your radar.  The Sea Shadow Stealth Warship is invisible to most radar systems of the 20th century, which is what made it a Navy secret until recently.  This sea-carving catamaran might be yours for a price, at it has faced retirement and is up for consideration by those at the Pentagon.  Can you imagine breaking the waves with this bad ass?  If money is no object, you might just be able to talk the Justice Department into pulling some strings for you… [link]

sea-shadow-stealth-yacht_3 sea-shadow-stealth-yacht_2 sea-shadow-stealth-yacht_1

The Sea Phantom by Maritime Flight Dynamics


Does it look like a killer whale with corporate sponsor decals?  It does to us.  Then again, when you start it up, you won’t be laughing.  The Sea Phantom V-10 is a water-hungry sea beast with plenty of performance history.  Designed by Maritime Flight Dynamics, the Sea Phantom was built to reach cruising speed on the open water, then achieve a wing-bound “flight” to skip across the surface with it’s unique aerodynamic design. [link]

seaphantom_3 seaphantom_2 seaphantom_1

The Eden Luxury Motoryacht


The old woody’s of yesteryear have given way to a fresh new design sensibility in the world of luxury yachts.  The Eden Motoryacht is only typical in it’s size and function, it’s design is as organic and progressive as it comes.  From bow to stern, head to toe, the Eden Motoryacht carries it’s passengers in ultimate sea-friendly style.  We wouldn’t mind being one of those passengers ourselves… [link]

eden-private-luxury-speedyacht-31 eden-private-luxury-speedyacht-21 eden-private-luxury-speedyacht-1

The Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship


The world’s largest cruise ship– you’re looking at it.  While these images of the Oasis of the Seas may have been only renderings, this boat is now sailing on the open seas, passengers included.  The last time such bold claims were made, however, a ship of this sort sunk on its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England.  (side note– if this writer’s grandmother’s train hadn’t derailed en route to the Titanic back in 1912, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.  no joke) [link]

oasis-of-the-seas_3 oasis-of-the-seas_2 oasis-of-the-seas_1

If you had to break waves in one of these mega boats, which would you choose?  We might opt for that Wallypower yacht, we get excited thinking about how that one will break the waves.  Let us know which of these you might take into the wild blue yonder.  Afterward, check out these other TheCoolist features we think you might enjoy:

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