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The Lighting Art of Yochai Matos

yochai matos light installations 2 The Lighting Art of Yochai Matos

Israeli artist Yochai Matos uses light as his paintbrush.  His installations span hundreds of fluorescent bulbs from simple white to an array of colors, communicating striking emotions, simple slogans or symbolic suggestions.  Our favorite, “Flame (gate)” above, is a tear in the natural world, conveying hopeful emotions of the world beyond.  We’d love to stumble upon this while walking through the woods at night.  Also, we’d love to introduce Mr. Matos to the people at United Visual Artist— they share plenty of common ground, we’d love to see what they could accomplish in tandem.  (be sure to hit the video below!)  [yochai matos via todayandtomorrow]

yochai matos light installations 1 The Lighting Art of Yochai Matos


Yochai Matos Gallery

Yochai Matos Video

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