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    Code X Yacht: Swiss Luxury Catamaran
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Code X Yacht: Swiss Luxury Catamaran


Head to Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, you just might be lucky enough to catch the Code X Yacht slicing up the surf.  This contemporary catamaran spans 47 feet and 7 inches and travels at up to 80 knots as powered by twin Ilmor formula one engines (that’s 710 hp a piece!).  In addition to those combustion engines, the Code X Yacht also features two electric motors that can cruise at a leisurely 9 knots.  These electric motors can be powered for up to 2 hours by a stored charge from the yacht’s roof solar panels.

It’s design is truly refreshing in the world of luxury yachts– this modern motoryacht features an angular chrome shape, a glass canopy over its’ deck and the aforementioned solar panels between the catamaran spires.  The Code X Yacht isn’t just progressive and green, it’s got the horsepower to get up and get the hell out in a hurry.  We’ll take two, thanks… [code-x]



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