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    Huercal-Overa Tower by Castillo-Miras Arquitectos
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Huercal-Overa Tower by Castillo-Miras Arquitectos

An historic observation tower in Huercal-Overa has been restored to its original glory and adapted even further by Castillo-Miras Arquitectos. This monolithic tower has served as an observation lookout for generations, giving visitors a panoramic view of the surrounding rocky, mountainous terrain.  After falling into disrepair, Castillo-Miras Arquitectos restored the original tower and added a new modern wing without detracting from its historic values.

The new elements of the tower are the rusty steel spiral stair section and the information center at its base.  The original stone path snakes toward the tower as it climbs, accented with basic steel supports that accentuate the original pathway.  The spiral stair section features open windows that provide a preview of the panorama guests will enjoy from its peak.

The modern addition is contrasted from the original tower by color, but its uniformity reflects the simplicity of the tower’s design.  Adding something so contemporary to something so historic can be quite a challenge, but Castillo-Miras have succeeded in honoring the original and the new spirit of Spanish design.  [via designboom, photos by Fernando Alda]

Huercal-Overa Tower Restoration Gallery