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    Ellus Leather Denim 2010 ft. Cintia Dicker
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Ellus Leather Denim 2010 ft. Cintia Dicker

Fortunately for the Brazilian denim label Ellus, finding a lovely model for their photo spread wasn’t a difficult prospect.  For the campaign for Ellus Leather Denim 2010, Ellus tapped the lovely local Cintia Dicker, a model quite indicative of the dynamic genetic influences of the nation of Brazil.  This freckle-dotted redhead looks to be more like a product of Germany or Ireland than a South American beauty, and it is this mixing of cultures and genes which develops the perfect look for, well, jeans.  Ladies, Dicker is joined here by Jesus Luz, who we’re sure many wouldn’t mind looking at either…  As for the progressive, 3D-style look of the shoot– that is the work of photographer Jacques Dequeker. [ellus via fashiongonerogue]

Ellus Leather Denim 2010 Gallery