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The MetroShip Contemporary HouseBoat

metroship contemporary houseboat 1 The MetroShip Contemporary HouseBoat

City life can get a bit cramped, and rural life can certainly be a bit boring.  If you could use a change of scenery, one that you can change on a whim, MetroShip’s contemporary houseboat may be just the ticket.  This floating home includes all the niceties of modern living, from a full wireless environment to a relaxing hi fi theater to energy saving utilities.  Its design is simple, clean and contemporary, with stylish hardwood floors and asian-influenced rolling windows with white glass panels.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a loft-style houseboat like this, with the ability to change your address at any given moment?  [more at freshome]

metroship contemporary houseboat 3 The MetroShip Contemporary HouseBoat

MetroShip HouseBoat Gallery

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