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    Paper Sculpture Fashion by Zaharova and Plotnikov
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Paper Sculpture Fashion by Zaharova and Plotnikov


When hired to develop costume designs for a jewelry editorial for L’Officiel magazine, artists Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov delivered an idea more enthralling than the jewelry it was intended to promote.  Their Paper Sculpture designs framed the model in pure, geometric white fashions with a bold black tie front-and-center.  After a glance at all nine of the images, focusing on the jewelry is certainly the hard part.  Working with the firm forms of paper is not new to the team of Zaharova and Plotnikov, as their portfolio is rich with paper-styled designs.  This series, the duo’s latest and greatest, is a stand out work that most every designer can take inspiration from. [zaharova x plotnikov on behance]




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