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    8 Unique Wood Wallet Choices for Men in 2023
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8 Unique Wood Wallet Choices for Men in 2023

Wood is an extremely versatile material and can make a wide range of items. Wooden items are treasured for their natural beauty and their ability to age with grace. That said, wooden wallets are not the most popular of wallets, but they are the most striking and memorable. They are gaining popularity as more men go for these subtle but statement-making EDC pieces, qualities that wood drips of.

Best Wood Wallet

Another perk about going for wood is that it’s also durable and will last years of use. A wood wallet will match most accessories, adding its vibrant yet earthy feel to your day. If you are looking for a wallet with a unique character, below are eight of the best wood wallets for a simple, legacy, and fuss-free look. But first…

Why Buy a Wood Wallet?

I’m assuming that since you’re reading this, you most likely are bent towards getting a wood wallet. But just in case you’ve not absolutely made up your mind and are wondering why you need these seemingly plain-looking purses, here are a few reasons to buy a wood wallet.

  • Wood is recyclable and renewable. It is also a natural material, so it is not toxic.
  • Sustainably sourced wood encourages reafforestation
  • Wooden wallets are hardy and durable
  • Wood’s aesthetic appeal is unmatchable
  • Wood stores carbon. Manufacturing wooden products also use less fossil fuel than the production of metal wallets.
  • Exposure to wood has a positive effect on your emotional and physical state
  • It is naturally insulating, so it will not freeze in your pocket in cold weather

Top 8 Wood Wallets (Our Picks)

Wood is natural and unique. It produces elegant one-of-a-kind wallets. If you are looking for a wallet that will keep heads turning, we have you covered. Read on to find out why these wood wallets below are the best there are in the market.

1. Carved Alloy Wood+Resin Wallet

Carved Alloy Wood+Resin Wallet
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If you are thinking of buying a wood wallet, you need to visit Carved. Here is a warning though; prepare to be dazzled and some impulse buying. Why? Carved wallets are stunning works of art. According to buyers, they are not just gorgeous masterpieces but are flexible and have a soft leather feel.

Carved started in 2011 as an iPhone case maker. Using their new CNC machine, two friends, Grant Sassaman and John Webber combined their wood and veneer expertise to create solid wood cases of such attraction that they were all the rage on social media.

Today, Carved creates wooden power banks, docks, and speakers, but their pièce de résistance is the Carved wood wallet. First, they make these precision machined wallets from one block of laser-etched anodized aluminum. These artists will then add their out-of-this-world gorgeous wood and resin slices onto the back of the hardy block of aluminum.

A significant feature of these wallets is that Carved wood and resin slices are one-of-a-kind pieces. You will not find copy Carved wallets. These art pieces are a product of dry, burled, and stabilized raw wood. The artists at Carved will mold resin colors to the wood, slice it, harden it, sand it down, and then finish the making of the wallet.

The final product is a conversation piece that brings natural aesthetics into your day. The Carved Alloy wallets have a compact minimalist look and are as thin as your iPhone. Each can hold at least five cards and some cash.

You will insert your cards inside the metal plate, and the wallet straps will hold your bills. Both sides of the wooden wallets have connection rails that will protect your hands and keep the strap in place.

2. Rift Wood Company Bolivian Rosewood Wallet

Rift Wood Company Bolivian Rosewood Wallet

Bolivian Rosewood is exquisite. A dense and solid exotic wood, it has a characteristic brown and red background. Interspersed in its dark tan shade are even darker streaks of brown that give it a magnificent color variation that is highly prized. The Rift Wood Company Bolivian Rosewood wallet brings these exceptional characteristics to your pocket, via this handmade product.

The Rift Wood Company is a veteran of the wood products industry, making high-quality merchandise such as wooden business cards. This enterprise focuses on design and innovation, creating bold wooden wallets that make a statement. The Bolivian Rosewood wallet can hold over six cards and some cash bills.

It is a tough wallet, specifically made for the back pocket. You can sit on it, and it will not crack. Besides its durability, the Bolivian Rosewood wallet is also super slim. They make these wallets from a single piece of wood. A cool, single-knit band will hold your cards and cash in place. The company has over 11 colors of the single knit elastic strip to match any occasion or sentiment.

The slim wallet has a smooth hand feel. Its ebony color and exotic grain make it a perfect gift that will last a lifetime of use. Bolivian Rosewood is not only magnificent in looks, but it is harder than white oak.

3. Kerf Wood Wallet

Kerf Wood Wallet

Unlike the Kerf Apple Card case, which fits a single card, the Kerf Card wooden wallet has a more practical carrying capacity. It can hold your credit cards, an ID, and a few cash bills. It might not have the Apple Card case’s fancy cigarillos box look, but it is an elegant wooden wallet in its own right. The Kerf Card wallet is one of the slimmest, most compact wallets in the market today.

It has such a small footprint that you can fit it in your jean’s 5th pockets. What is most outstanding about Kerf artisanship is that you can choose your wallet’s hardwood cases from seven varieties. Some premium rare woods available for the wallet include maple, walnut, spalted maple, cherry, sycamore, purpleheart, and mahogany.

The company’s history goes back to 2013. They were the first wooden phone cases. Kerf has a reputation for high-quality workmanship and materials, and they focus on sustainability. Their products have reused and recycled materials. Since then, they have branched off to other products such as elegant wooden lights, charger docks, and studio cases.

Their wallets have precision perfection in design and look. The Kerf Card wallet combines two pieces of gorgeous hardwoods with an elastic band. Since they allow their buyers to mix and match the hardwoods to their taste, you can create your unique, durable wallet easily.

Their elastic bands come in brown, red, and blue shades. Additionally, you can ask them to engrave a three-letter monogram onto your wooden wallet to personalize it at no extra cost.

4.Corature Ultra Slim BiFold Wallet

Corature Ultra Slim BiFold Wallet
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The Corature bi-fold slim wallet is a unique wooden wallet, made entirely from cork. Did you know that the wine industry uses over 13 billion wine corks annually? Here is a sad fact that every wine collector or drinker should know. Most of these corks will end up in a landfill.

The production of wine corks is an interesting and lengthy process, which involves the bark of a Cork Oak tree. These Mediterranean species take about 25 years to mature. Only then, will bark harvesters, strip them of the bark by hand using an ax. Fortunately, they do not need to cut down the tree, only leaving it to rejuvenate itself for nine years before another harvest.

Cork Oak trees have a lifespan of at least two centuries. Corature bi-fold slim wallet’s material is therefore sustainably sourced, beautiful, and functional. Its distinct bark texture gives it a unique texture, quite different from other wooden wallets.

It has a vintage and natural look and is water-resistant. The Corature bi-fold slim wallet has enough space for 6 cards. It also has a banknote full-width slot. Its price tag is quite fair price for a natural vegan product. The Corature bi-fold slim wallet has a two-year money-back guarantee.

5. Armour Supply co bamboo wallet

Armour Supply Bamboo Wallet
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Armour Supply makes some of the most coveted EDC items, and their bamboo wallet is no different. It’s a top-of-the-range wallet, a feat of design and artisanship as the popular Titanium Edition Wallet. This wallet however has 100% genuine bamboo in it. It is not only a hardy wallet but light as well and has a useful anti-RFID feature, which prevents personal data theft.

The Armour Supply bamboo wallet can hold a maximum of 12 cards at a go. You can store 5 bills in its useful money clip or cash strap features. Armour Supply uses Aviation metallic plates on their wallet’s internal compartments to reinforce them and keep them rust-free. Their money clips are 304 stainless steel and are spring-loaded for ease of use and reliability.

Building their wallets like tanks, Armour Supply will give you useful ECD items on purchase of their wallets. Some goodies that you will receive alongside this exceptional bamboo wallet are a multi-tool card, a bottle opener, and a key holder. They will also send some replacement screws and a mini screwdriver for setup and repairs if your wallet needs any.

Best of all is that this wooden wallet has an Armour Supply lifetime guarantee. This company also has a distinguished customer service tradition, so you have every reason to ditch your old hefty leather wallet for the Armour Supply Co bamboo wallet.

6. VULKIT Pop Up Wallet, Slim Minimalist Credit Card Holder

VULKIT Pop Up Wallet, Slim Minimalist Credit Card Holder
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The Vulkit pop-up slim wallet combines the aesthetics of wood and the tough but light nature of aluminum. The result is a compact, affordable, and elegant wallet that will make a statement and earn some double-takes every time you hold it. It has a slider mechanism that pops your cards out to ease access. All that you need to do is to trigger the pop-up slider feature with your fingertip.

If you need a wooden wallet with RFID wavelength blocking capability, buy the Vulkit pop-up card. It will keep your personal data safe from electronic pickpockets. Its wooden board has an attractive bamboo and wood grain board backed by an aluminum shell.

This wallet can hold 6 flat cards, some cash, an ID, and your driving license. Its silicon straps are hardy and tight, keep your cards organized and secure.

7. Ippinka Wood Wallet

Ippinka Wood Wallet
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Ippinka is brand renowned for its exceptional handmade wooden items. It is the brainchild of Gokhan Eryaman and has been at the forefront of wood products manufacture since 2011. Their premium oak wooden wallet has an exquisite walnut wood grain and color. It has a hard case design and can hold 8 cards in its hollow center.

The wallet has a handy elastic band that will hold all the hard case wallet items together and in place. At the wallet’s center is a circular cutout that adds to its charm and makes it easy for you to access your wallet’s contents. Just slide the cards out through the circular gap.

Most of the Haydanhuya wood wallet buyers love its natural look and its hardiness. This wallet will protect all the cards in your back pocket and keep them from folding when you sit down. Give this wallet adequate care and it will last a long time. That said, the Haydanhuya wood wallet is thicker than your average minimalist wallet.

8. Corkor Slim Cork Wallets

Corkor Slim Cork Wallets
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Corkor Cork wallets are handmade in Portugal. They excel in artisanship and are made to last. Can a cork wallet last years of use? The Corkor slim cork wallets can. Even though they are made of cork oak tree bark, they will not crumble or crack. You will love their supple feel. They are so soft they feel and look like genuine leather wallets.

The interesting thing about cork is its weightlessness. It is mostly air. In fact, close to 90% of the premium cork that makes Corkor Cork wallets is air. For this reason, these wallets look like leather but are feather-light. Corkor wallets are therefore stain, scratch, and water-resistant. To give their wallets a long life, Corkor reinforces the goodness of cork with excellent edge sewing.

The wallet’s seams are tight and stable. This wallet is a vegan minimalist item and will take very little of your pocket space. It has 2 card slots in its interior compartment and a flat bill feature. It has an exterior card slot as well. You can have it in brown, black, or light brown hues.

The Final Word on Wood Wallets

Wood wallets are like art pieces. Simply unforgettable. You will be proud to have one in your pocket in formal or informal settings.