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    9 Penny Pinching Metal Wallets to Fit Any Budget
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9 Penny Pinching Metal Wallets to Fit Any Budget

The concept of a wallet is nearly obsolete. The bulky, bulgy, uncomfortable and uncouth boulder of previous decades is a thing of history. But need you do away with the wallet entirely? As the days of the door stopper fade, the rising star that’s on everyone’s radar is a sleek, slim, metal replacement.

The metal wallet is ideal for this age of fast action and digital theft protection. This ultra modern accessory is more likely to provide RFID protection. It is typically designed with a minimalist bent, perfect for back pockets and swift removal. It slips easily from hand to pants to bag, and back again, for a multifaceted, go everywhere, do everything, versatility. If you have not yet equipped yourself with one of these little wonders, or you have, but one is just not enough, read on for a selection of the finest metal wallets on the market today.

MaxGear™ Stainless Steel Card Holder Case


Shaped like a tiny briefcase for your credit cards and petty cash, the MaxGear is crafted from quality aluminum and stainless steel. Lightweight and stylish, it carries up to six cards but still slips easily into and out of your pocket, bringing businesslike efficiency wherever you go.

This bit of pretty hardware is more than just a beauty though, with RFID protection, the MaxGear works over time to keep you safe. Slim and durable, the case closes with a security latch lock. For the industrialist in a rush, this is the wallet of choice. Purchase: $9



With steel plates, nylon webbing, RFID resistance and a life time warranty, you know the Trayvax Summit is American made. A minimalist with only two components, your cards and cash will be well secured by the nylon strap and held securely against the melonite finished steel. Fitting up to eight cards inside and five bills strapped on, the Trayvax is low profile and understated. Without drawing a crowd, it provides you with the convenience of simple design and a streamlined appeal. Guaranteed by a lifetime warranty, Trayvax is the perfect package for the outdoor enthusiastPurchase: $20

Brew Clip Bottle Opener Wallet


The Brew Clip Bottle Opener Wallet is better than any pickup line your idiot college roommate ever fed you. A great conversation starter, the Brew Clip opens bottles efficiently, while also protecting your cash from theft and your cards from RFID scanners. It even clips to your pocket when not in use, so that you can party it up without a care.

Constructed of stainless steel with nylon for the exterior, the brew clip is long lasting and durable. This is the wallet for the cosmopolitan with a bottle in hand and a life to live.

Machine Era Slim Wallet


This space age beauty is formed of rocket grade titanium. Nearly weightless, it will still take a blast without a scratch. The Machine Era Slim Wallet is a beauty of ergonomic design. Carrying up to seven cards at a time, the conveniently located thumb slot allows you access them with ease and efficiency, doubling as an unobtrusive bottle opener, so you can relax after a long day of crunching numbers. This is the cash case for mathematicians and trail blazers. Purchase: $42

A3 Aluminum Wallet


With a plethora of color choices and multiple possible configurations, the A3 is a wallet tailored to your exact preferences. Three unbroken aluminum plates secured with buna-N rubber straps make up this unique design. Two rectangular plates add structure and security, while the innovative triangular plate gives easy access to cash and high traffic cards. This is the wallet for the urbanite with a strong sense of self and a flare for efficiency.

Sapling Stealth Series


Machined from a single piece of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the Stealth Series is grip textured and RFID secure. Bead blasted and ionized, this cash case provides a grip and style lacking in other designs. It carries up to eight cards secured in place under an elastic band. Available in gold, black, or silver, with optional engraving available, this is a stylish choice for any trend setter.


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Possibly the most futuristic wallet on the market today, the Silo Mesh Card doesn’t even look the part. A multitool unto itself, this sucker serves as a smart phone stand, a bottle opener, and an RFID buffer. All as a flat grid barely larger than your cards themselves. The Mesh Card is made of titanium steel, with a removable silicone band. If you already have a wallet you love, get this one to be your top plate. If you just can’t get over the idea of a wallet that functions like a boss but is barely there, this is the find for you. Purchase: $89

Ridge Titanium Wallet


The Ridge Titanium Wallet is like having an intangible tank in your front pocket. Light and slender, but ready to withstand anything, get ready for greatness with this beauty at your side. Holding up to twelve cards, the Ridge Titanium pieces screw together and are attached with elastic straps for ultra adjustability. It comes with an optional money clip or cash strap, and effectively blocks wireless theft. The Ridge Titanium is the wallet for the Mogul on the go. Purchase: $115

Grovemade Minimalist Wallet

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Hand finished and formed of brass, vegetable tanned leather, and elegant steel, the Grovemade Minimalist Wallet is US manufactured in Portland Oregon. The full grain leather has individual unique blemishes from its natural origins, the beginnings of a character that will only develop more fully with time and use.

Fitting five cards and a bill or two, past and future collide in this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The Minimalist brings the established beauty of the leather wallet forward in time, freeing it from the bumbling bulk of past incarnations, and melding it perfectly to tomorrow’s shiny slim designs. For the smart set with a nostalgic flare, this wallet is the choice to put all others to shame. Purchase: $139