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    The Black Denim Jacket: Mens Style Guide to the American Classic
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The Black Denim Jacket: Mens Style Guide to the American Classic

Welcome to our black jean jacket mens style guide. Today, we’re looking at 8 of the best black denim jackets for any style or budget, plus cluing you into why they’re a timeless favorite. Get ready to rock the one of the most versatile pieces of menswear in your all black jean jacket!

Black Denim Jacket Mens

The black denim jacket is a take on the perennial classic blue denim jacket. Demin is a look that has unparalleled longevity and makes an excellent go-to for any occasion when you’re unsure what to wear. A good jacket goes with anything in your wardrobe, making it the O-Negative of the fashion world. In this article, we will look at some of the best black denim jackets on the market today. 

Why You Need a Black Denim Jacket Outfit in Your Wardrobe

Denim jackets are like a fine wine: They seem to get better with age.

But let’s keep it simple. Denim is a versatile clothing option that unapologetically delivers the perfect mix of practicality, durability, and style.  

That is not to mention how denim jackets are the perfect garment for transitioning between seasons. The jacket stands on its own during the interim months between seasons. When it gets warmer in the summer months, flip on over your T-shirt and enjoy the outdoor breeze. Then the lightweight nature of denim makes it ideal for layering beneath a thick winter jacket also. In addition, the color black in the black denim jacket will not clash with virtually every color in your other costumes.

You can’t afford to miss the convenience, versatility, and style that comes from having a black denim jacket in your wardrobe. 

8 Best Black Denim Jackets Every Man Must Have

With a rapidly evolving fashion scene and multiple brands boasting to be the ultimate denim designers, choosing a top-of-the-range black denim jacket can become a painstaking affair. Don’t fret, however, as are here to ease that burden. We have done the research for you, and are proud to present the definitive list of the very best black denim jackets to boost your closet. 

1. Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket | The Timeless Classic Black Denim Jacket

Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket - Black Denim Jacket Mens
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Since 1967, Levi’s trucker jacket is the original and remains the jacket to beat. There have been numerous imitators over the years, but this classic trucker jacket stands tall over the competition. 

This current cut has gone through several variations over the years, however, it manages to maintain those vintage vibes with its ageless design. The jacket is just what you need as you changeover from one season to another. If you had only one jacket for your wardrobe, opt for Levi’s classical trucker. 

It’s a sufficiently durable jacket to pass from one generation to another with the passage of time creating unique stains and a dashing fade that gives it a singular identity. 

2. Levi’s Men’s Sherpa Denim Jacket

Black Sherpa Denim Jacket Mens - Levi's
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The Levi’s men’s sherpa denim jacket is a modified version of their classic trucker jacket, with an added sherpa lining to make it cozy. As a result, this improved jacket comes out as being classical and warm simultaneously, making it even more versatile, especially for the colder seasons. In addition, the cozy quilted inner lining makes for a warmer trucker jacket.

But even with these winter-warmer upgrades, it remains faithful to the original looks and would turn out nicely everywhere on everyone. 

With welt pockets, button closure, and a standard fit, Levi’s Men’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket is another legendary black denim jacket from an iconic brand. 

3. Lee Men’s Denim Jacket

Black Denim Jacket Outfit Men - Lee
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Founded in 1889, Lee comes hot on the heels of Levis Strauss when it comes to denim jackets. As a result, it has grown a reputation for developing formidable workwear with a keen eye on denim wear. 

Lee’s Men’s Denim Jacket was built to survive harsh working conditions. Originally marketed towards railroad workers and cowboys. The twin welt pockets have been added to the iconic design to give you a stylish way to carry your essentials. While retaining the classic button flap pocket also.

The regular fit denim jacket takes a button-closure design. Even to this day, Lee has maintained the vintage look on this denim jacket while infusing a contemporary short-slim cut. 

Make this piece of American history a part of your wardrobe, and you’ll find yourself reaching back to it time and time again. 

4. APC Denim Jackets | Our Top Shelf Black Jean Jacket Recommendation

APC Denim Jackets - black denim jacket outfits men's
If you like your denim jackets to be a little more basic without sacrificing style, then Paris-based APC has you covered. They took the concept of a black denim jacket and infused it with a trendy minimalistic design.  

APC has employed the famous selvedge denim material that uses premium quality to craft a superior denim jacket. It’s not cheap, but the quality is immediately apparent.

The jacket’s closure is by buttons and adorns a teddy collar. APC’s denim jacket is completely lined for a warm feel. It has zippered pockets on the outside and inside pockets for securing your personals. 

Step up in one of these denim jackets that shouldn’t miss a place in your closet.

5. Nudie Jeans Billy Jean Jacket

Best Black Denim Jacket Mens - Nudie Jeans
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Produced by the Sweden-based Nudie Jeans, their unisex Billy is a high-quality black denim jacket made from premium dry denim. This dry denim breaks in beautifully as you keep wearing it. 

A slim-fit design, it complements the wearer’s body shape perfectly. With a button-up front and plenty of pocket space, this black jacket is perfect for all seasons. 

Built with sustainability in mind from 100% cotton, it has buttons elegantly matched with threads. 

6. Wrangler Men’s Rugged Wear Unlined Denim Jacket | Our Favorite Budget Pick

Black Denim Jacket Outfit Men Wrangler
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Wrangler is another name synonymous with quality denimwear. The Wrangler Men’s Rugged Wear is classic wear and a best seller that has remained evergreen in style over the years. A comfortable black denim jacket that’s constructed with high-quality cotton and sophisticated workmanship. 

Made for comfort, it can be worn on its own or layered amidst various other clothes to keep off the chills when temperatures dip. The rugged feel and sturdy brass button closure attest to the meticulous attention to detail it displays.

This is a wardrobe staple for its class and versatility. 

7. LZLER Classic Ripped Slim Fit Denim Jacket

Mens Slim Fit Denim Jacket - LZLER
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LZLER has come up with their own high-quality men’s jacket which storms onto our list. This slim-fit ripped denim jacket is made with sturdy stitches, a zipper, and buttons, making it the perfect choice for anybody who leads an active, outdoor life. The craftsmanship is clear, in this stunning black denim jacket.  

A versatile jacket that can be worn in a variety of environments and also with numerous outfits. The jacket will be at home in the woods on a hiking trip or for a relaxed atmosphere outside the home. It also has some stretch as it’s made from 80% stretchy denim.

Due to its slim-fit design, consider ordering one size larger than normal, particularly if you have a broad, athletic physique. 

8. Kedera Distressed Denim Jacket (Mens)

Distressed Denim Jacket Mens Kedera
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Kedera’s black denim jacket (mens) makes a great gift idea for your boyfriend, dad, or brother. Made from 65% cotton and 43% polyester, this distressed trucker denim jacket is both soft to the feel and cozy. It features a button closure and two pockets on the chest. 

It comes in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large, making it a jacket for everybody. The design of this jacket makes it a perfect casual wear item for any time of the year.

Choosing a Black Denim Jacket: Men’s Outfits Buying Guide.

All denim jackets are not created equal. With that in mind, we’ll highlight what you need to look out for when purchasing a black denim jacket that you’ll be proud to buy a denim jacket with looks, lifespan, and functionality. And you can finally match a stylish black denim jacket with the best cool denim jeans in your closet.


It should be obvious, but the place to start when thinking about buying a new jacket is the fit. We cannot overemphasize the importance of getting the right fit for a denim jacket. 

A perfectly fitting denim jacket sits slightly above the hips and should allow room for layering with a sweater underneath when the need arises. However, it should not be too loose or baggy when worn without.  

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When it comes it menswear, you get what you pay for. Although there are exceptions to the rule, high-quality denim jackets will ordinarily be accompanied by a pricier tag. A jacket that’s been priced to please will often have the looks, but you might be paying to enjoy it for a shorter lifespan.

Denim made from uncompromisingly high-quality fabric and other components will often cost more. However, the higher the price tag, the higher the likelihood of you ending up with a piece that could just outlive you. 


Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to a black denim jacket. If you want to buy a good jacket, then you need to make sure you are buying the real deal. Denim, like jeans, come either as raw or as “washed” denim. Washed denim refers to denim that’s been washed during production. In contrast, raw denim is denim that hasn’t been washed. 

Washed denim has a softer feel and can be worn straight after purchase. It’s also less likely to shrink or fade.

On the other hand, raw denim has a more rigid texture and more vibrant colors. As a result, it feels rather stiff when you first wear it. Eventually, the boldness of the color will fade and the garment will shrink into a perfectly fitting black denim jacket. 

Generally, whether it’s raw or washed denim, remember that heavier denim is an indicator of quality. 


Two main issues will dictate the quality of your black denim jacket. First, the materials used, and secondly, the workmanship employed. 

Check out the seams and ensure they’re tightly sewn and free from any manufacturer blemishes. Sloppy workmanship can ruin a jacket even if the materials used to construct it are high caliber.  

Zippers marked “YKK” are of high standards. The denim material should be of good weight. Razor-thin denim may not last as long.

A fabulous outfit that will last for ages is the outcome of top-notch craftsmanship combined with premium quality material.

A Brief History of the Denim Jacket

Denim is a durable look that has stood the test of time. The use of denim in clothing has been around a while before the denim jacket premiered in the 1880s. First designed by Levi Straus in the United States, they were a staple for cowboys, ranchers, and minders across the country. Levi Straus introduced the world to his Type I denim jacket in 1905, however, it was the Type III jacket – launched in the 1960’s – that set the trend for Denim outerwear. It is that same look that has become synonymous with denim jackets ever since. 

Men's Denim Coats & Jackets

The “Type III” denim jacket was designed to be the mother of all “denim jackets,” and it didn’t disappoint. Its signature components were a tapered design and bar tracks that pin down sleeve apertures and chest pockets. 

But what is so great about this piece of clothing? I mean, is it enough that a black denim jacket is lightweight and stylish? It goes further than that. A denim jacket is versatile and rugged, which means it offers a double-sided win. A black denim jacket might be the manliest of clothing options, conjuring images of hardworking Americans and it is that which ensures denim remains unchallenged as the primary item in the wardrobes of many men

If your wardrobe is yet to host a go-to black denim jacket, relax. We’ll guide you through the best options and brands out there so that you can dress to impress and nail it every single time. 

All Black Jean Jacket Guide: Conclusion

It seems like the black denim jacket isn’t retiring from the fashion scene any time soon. It’s functional and ageless, and it keeps attracting new suitors from across the generations. 

A black denim jacket is a versatile garment that can be conveniently layered in a wide variety of clothes. Under a trench coat, it can help you brave the winter months. Throw it over your T-shirt on a summer evening as you take a stroll. 

When buying a black denim jacket, apart from your budget, you need to pay close attention to the fit, quality, and fabric used to make the outfit. A good quality denim jacket is worth its weight in gold.

Let us know which of our top picks for a black denim jacket has worked for you. Then, hit our comment section below with your comments.