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    21 Best Denim Jeans For Men For Every Occasion
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21 Best Denim Jeans For Men For Every Occasion

Denim jeans are part and parcel of what our fashion lives have become. Getting an outstanding pair to complement your weekend wear would be great. But having a wardrobe collection of stylish and durable denim is easier said than done and can be outright frustrating.

Traditionally, denim jeans are known to be durable, rigid, and heavy. With time, the need for something lightweight and stylish but just as durable became evident. This led to revolutionary improvements by textile makers. Manufacturers had to come to terms with changing user preferences for stretchy and lightweight fabric.

Denim Jeans For Men

From the casual prewashed denim to dark denim pants, the options are close to endless. But we’re making it easy to select the best denim jeans in the market today.

Picking the Best Denim Jeans for Men

With numerous brands splashing out fashionable denim pieces, it can be downright confusing to figure out what would serve you best. But the reward of a fitting pair of jeans for work, leisure, or sports is well worth the effort. Here is a selection of the very best in the world of denim jeans. Let’s go shopping:

Best Skinny Jeans for Men

1. ZLZ Stretch Slim Fit Denim Jeans

ZLZ Stretch Slim Fit Denim Jeans

ZLZ Stretch Slim Fit Jeans are comfortable slim-fit jeans for men featuring a timeless 5-pocket design. It’s triple-stitched for durability and has a sturdy button closure and a zipper.

The high-quality material is super stretchy, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and soft to the skin allowing for free unrestricted movement. Easy to match for the ultimate casual feel. And at a price tag of $30, you’ll be getting more than you bargained for. Lastly, it’s machine washable.

2. J Brand Mick Skinny Fit Jeans

J Brand Mick Skinny Fit Jeans

An ultra-skinny fit made of elastic fabric that gives a perfect stretch. The J Brand Skinny Jeans are sufficiently tight but not too tight as to be uncomfortable.

It features stylish 5-pockets and a dark indigo dye that will stay long without fading despite washing numerous times.

The price is pocket-friendly, and the make is durable and trendy.

3. Zaddic Skinny Fit Jeans

Zaddic Skinny Fit Jeans

Zaddic Skinny Jeans is one of the best denim jeans with a stretchy and skinny fit. It is made from high-quality material that’s sweat-absorbent and soft to feel. Get an expensive-looking pair of skinny jeans at an accessible price tag.

The jeans are extra stretchy as they’re made from elastic fabric that maintains its shape all day long.

They’re trendy with a mid-waist design, button closure, sturdy stitching, completed with tapered legs for a classic casual look. Fit well with tee shirts, a button-down shirt, and a blazer for a professional or casual feel.

It comes in blue, black, and grey colors and is machine washable.

4. Southpole Men’s Flex Stretch Basic Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

Southpole Men’s Flex Stretch Basic Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

Made from active flex fabric that stretches out excellently, Southpole’s Skinny-Fit Denim Jeans is a comfortable fit.

These denim jeans feature a leg opening of 14″, have a button closure, and are machine washable. Get a pair for an elegantly casual look over the weekend.

5. Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans

Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jeans

Levi’s has been a leading brand for jeans since 1953, and it’s no surprise that they have an absolute stunner in the category of skinny fit jeans.

It’s contemporary wear that’s comfortable and narrow through the leg to bring out a leaner look. Wearing these, you’ll be relaxed in skin-fit jeans that are not too tight with ample pocket space.

Features a stylish 5-pocket design, belt loops wide enough to accommodate all belt sizes, the iconic Levi logo embossed in leather at the back waist.

The price is an absolute bargain. And it comes in a wide variety of colors and features a snap closure. Machine wash and tumble dry.

Pair with your snickers and step out in confidence with a brand that’s defined denim for generations.

Best Straight-fit Denim Jeans

6. Lee Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

Lee Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

For over 100 years, Lee has been designing and stitching clothing that conforms to your body, allowing you to move through life freely.

This is a classic pair of jeans tailored to a perfect regular fit through seat and thighs. You’ll be comfortable in these throughout the day. A timeless five-pocket design makes it stylish, while its quality construction provides a durable outfit for just about every occasion.

It comes in various styles, midweight to heavyweight denim, with different washes, styling, and fits. With a wide range of tastes to choose from, you can tirelessly rotate a couple of Lee denim jeans from your wardrobe and remain trendy.

The jeans feature Lee’s theme label at the back of the waistband. A zipper fly and a button closure complete this must-have straight-fitting pair of jeans.

7. Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans

Here’s another good one from Levi’s brand. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of these iconic blue jeans that have been a favorite to many since 1873. It’s a golden oldie whose lure has refused to fade.

It’s a regular fit from top to bottom and sits at the waist. The fit is so perfect; other jeans manufacturers ape its specifications for their designs.

Features a button closure and a button fly and is a great fit for just about every occasion. Provides for extended size for those who need a big and tall fit.

8. Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic Regular-Fit Flex Jean

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Regular-Fit Flex Jean

For over 70 years, Wrangler has unleashed fashion-forward jeans wear that excellently serve their clients’ casual wear needs. This is one of those products that drive on the company’s rich heritage.

The jean is versatile and durable as its constructed from denim flex material that lasts long. It’s a regular fit from seat to the thigh and is topped off with classic 5-pocket styling where one pocket can fit your watch, with two front pockets and three at the back.

It comes out as bold and stylish and is suitable for a wide variety of occasions, whether it’s an evening date to casual weekend wear.

Durability is guaranteed by sturdy finishes, zipper fly, and button closure.

A timeless design that deserves a place in your wardrobe.

9. Ralph Lauren Polo Men’s Hampton Straight-fit Denim Jeans

Ralph Lauren Polo Men's Hampton Straight-fit Denim Jeans

Polo Ralph Lauren offers retro-styled straight-fit jeans for men with modern-day styling to deliver a cool and valuable product.

It’s made from high-quality material guaranteed to last for several years.

Here’s a straight-fit pair of jeans from a trusted brand name that you’d not be disappointed at trying out.

Best Slim-fit Denim Jeans

10. Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

What makes Levi’s 511 a leading slim-fit wear is their sophisticated stretch technology. It’s synonymous with slim-fit, just as Levi’s 510 is synonymous with straight-fit jeans.

The jean sits below the waist and is slim through the body from the hips down to the ankles.

Advanced stretch material allows for great flex and comfort, making it comfortable to wear all day long. You’ll find this a perfect substitute for skinny jeans.

Grab a pair or more of this contemporary wear. The price and durability are unbelievable.

11. Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Jeans

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Jeans

An Amazon brand continuously improved through customer feedback; it’s a great men’s slim-fit jeans at an affordable price tag.

The design features the classic 5-pockets and super stretchy material that allows for a tight but comfortable fit from hip to ankle. A 14.5″ leg opening makes for a firm grip for this outfit that sits below the waist.

It has a zipper closure and is good for a machine wash.

12. Volcom Men’s Vorta Slim-Fit Stretch Denim Jeans

Volcom Men’s Vorta Slim-Fit Stretch Denim Jeans

A modern fit impressively constructed to offer unrivaled recovery. The slim-fit jeans have a leg opening of 15″ and are machine washable. It features several improved designs such as a dual buckle button, a redesigned back pocket shape, off-stitching on the left back pocket, and new zippers.

To top off an already great pair of jeans is an indigo-dyed stone embroidery and the conspicuous white and black threads.

It’s available in a spectrum of colors; Dark grey, vintage blue, medium blue, blackout, and rinse.

Best Tapered Jeans For Men With Big Thighs

13. Lee Modern Series Slim Tapered Jeans

Lee Modern Series Slim Tapered Jeans

Lee offers you a chance to stock more than a pair of these tapered jeans that pairs a fantastic fit and pocket-friendly pricing in one bundle.

Made with Active Comfort Denim, an advanced flexible material that allows for that stretch for your optimum comfort, you’d want to have it on whenever and wherever.

Features a classic 5-pocket design, a zip closure, and a 14.5″ leg opening.

It’s available in an unbelievable array of colors and washes. You can therefore pick several pairs to spice up your outdoors; after all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

14. Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered Blue Tsukiya Wash Denim Jeans

Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered Blue Tsukiya Wash Denim Jeans

Here’s a stylish old-fashioned attire that’s making a terrific comeback on the contemporary fashion scene.

The Edwin ED-80 Tapered Jeans is an affordable piece that fits well and matches well in numerous settings. Bring in a black denim jacket or pair it with bright-colored sneakers, and you’re good to go.

Made from durable material that allows for comfort and stretch. It’s available at a fair price tag.

15. Levi’s 502 Taper Jeans

Levi’s 502 Taper Jeans

Another awesome product from Levi, the master makers of jeans attire for casual wear. Ideal for guys who need more accommodation at the thigh and butt level yet would still want to maintain a “tapper feel” with legs appearing slim in the wear.

The 502 is a regular fit through the seat and thigh, giving extra room there, then tapering towards the feet. It sits below the waist, features a button closure, and allows for machine washing.

Constructed with extra insulation for added warmth when temperatures dip.

Best Relaxed-Fit Denim Jeans

16. Izod Men’s Comfort Stretch Denim Jeans

Izod Men’s Comfort Stretch Denim Jeans

Izod boasts over 75 years of quality clothing products, and this denim jeans product is no exception. The jeans feature the 5-pocket design that’s stood the test of time, making for an attractive outfit wherever you’d want to step out to.

It is a perfect fit for the man who doesn’t want to be so tightly hugged by a pair of skinny jeans. The relaxed fit has wider leg openings and a regular waist fit that make it extra comfortable.

It’s machine washable, and the pricing is reasonable for all the fashion-statement you make in them.

17. Dickies Men’s Regular-fit 5-Pocket Jean

Dickies Men’s Regular-fit 5-Pocket Jean

Dickies is a reputable name that’s been constructing quality workwear since 1922. As with the rest of their products, this jean is a premium workmanship product geared to deliver value and style with an equal punch.

Made from pure heavyweight cotton, the denim jean features a classical style 5-pocket and tough brass rivets and zippers for durability. A spacious coin pocket is included. Further, the attire is tripled-stitched for durable seams.

Buy these regular-fit 5-pocket jeans purposely constructed to last at a great price.

18. Haggar Men’s Stretch Denim Jeans

Haggar Men’s Stretch Denim Jeans

For Haggar’s Stretch Denim Jeans, the expandable waist is its unique feature. No need to worry if you’re on a weight loss program. The expandable waistband is concealed.

Made from material with high stretch, it’s comfortable to wear. It features stylish front pockets that are off-seam, and it’s also machine washable.

19. Urban Star Men’s Jeans Relaxed Fit-Straight Leg Jeans

Urban Star Men's Jeans Relaxed Fit-Straight Leg Jeans

If you’re looking for the best denim jeans that offer you all the freedom to run around the porch without compromising on style, Urban Star might be making them. Constructed from flexible cotton that fits in well at the waist and delivers a straight fit all the way down. An ideal fit for all body types.

This will be a welcome relief for anyone tired of routinely squeezing into some skinny jeans.

Stylishly constructed with deep pockets, it’s also durable. The seams are reinforced replete with a smoothly operating brass zipper.

Whether it’s a relaxed evening out or some minor sports activity, you’ll find these sweat-free pants a convenient grab.

20. Cinch Men’s White Label Relaxed Fit Jean

Cinch Men's White Label Relaxed Fit Jean

White Label is the most well-known fit from Cinch. It features a relaxed waist and thigh area with a straight leg and an opening of 18″.

Cinch jeans are carefully handwrought to ensure high production standards and finishes. The fit features that ever-green 5-pocket design, reinforced seams for durability, and a sturdy zipper slide.

The cotton is shrink-proof as it’s specially treated before it’s used to stitch the jeans.

Best Denim Jeans for a Gift

21. Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jeans

If you’re looking for a memorable gift idea for a dad, brother, son, or friend, Levi’s Men’s 5050 Regular Fit Jeans will do the trick.

This classic denim that’s stood the test of time is guaranteed to impress. It sits at the waist with extra room space through the seat and thigh. Get hold of this perfect gift idea and put a smile on someone’s face.


There you have it. Our selection of the top 21 best denim jeans for men for every occasion.

Is there another cool brand you think should have featured here as well? Let us know in the comment section below.