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16 Best EDC Belts for Adding Utility to Your Outfit

Outside of holding up our pants, few of us think much about the belt around our waist. Odds are pretty good that you snapped up the first cheap strip of leather that caught your eye and have never gone back. Perhaps you’re among the more dapper set who’s opted to have a selection of stylish belts that are properly paired with shoes, but even so it’s not like you wanted more function out of them, merely a better sartorial style. Well, it’s time to change your midsection game with a smarter EDC belt that adds features and options to any outfit.

Sitting right near our hands, the belt is the ideal place to put extra gear that might otherwise be weighing down our pockets, or build in new ways to solve daily problems without putting more stuff in our bulging EDC load. Smart tactical belts are ideal for this purpose as their whole goal is to help us on our journeys. Police and military personnel have known this since the days of yore when they began carrying swords and knives on their belts, and it’s time the rest of us learned to follow suit. Here’s the best belts to help you optimize your hip-hugger.

Condor Tactical

via sandipointe.com

Though this is excessive if you aren’t headed into the field or on your way to a firefight, the Tactical belt from Condor has accessory pouches where you can stow your flashlight or other gear. These can be removed from the nylon body if you so choose, and the entire belt can fit over your more standard belt for extra storage on the go. Purchase: $15+

UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement Pistol Belt

via AliExpress.com

Not the finest belt out there, this is a cheap way to get a utility belt for your quick shooting matches, camping, or hiking adventures. It has a quick-release snap for easy on and off action, and comes pre-loaded with a pair of removable pouches that can take extra magazines, or be used for multi-tools of whatever kind the situation demands. Purchase: $16+

5.11 TDU

via galls.com

Quadruple-stitched fade and fray fighting nylon is what makes up the TDU from our heroes at 5.11 Tactical. It’s reinforced to work more like a tactical backpack strap than a belt, and even has the added feature of no metal parts, so there’s no need to shed it as you head through airport security. Purchase: $26+

Trayvax Cinch

via youtube.com

Not the toughest gunslinger ever to draw, the Cinch is made more for simplicity and weight reduction. At 2,000 pounds worth of strength, due to the milspec nylon webbing and hardened aerospace aluminum buckle, it’s more than enough for concealed carry and keeping your trousers up where they belong, plus the lifetime warranty adds a promise that failure is not an option. Purchase: $27+

Grip6 No Holes Belt

via youtube.com

No worthless flaps to dangle off, no holes that only work for a few inches of size, and no big, bulky buckle to ruin the slim lines of your dapper duds, we can’t think of a reason you’d no want this milspec nylon and aluminum work of art at the ready. Purchase: $30

Mission Belt

via ianmichaelcrumm.com

The Mission borrows from the simplicity of old boy scout belts by providing a slide in, clicking mechanism that works for waists of any and all sizes, with an array of eye-catching looks that work hand in glove with the sturdy construction to provide a durable, mechanical belt that’s more than your average waist cincher. Purchase: $35+

Jones Tactical EveryDay/Travel Belt

via blackpalm.net

A flexible, lightweight polymer belt that is meant to provide sturdiness for holding up your pants, along with the ability to add pouches should you so choose, this isn’t intended for concealed carry of a firearm, though Jones other options will happily accommodate anyone looking for that. The design uses an aluminum cobra buckle for those who want more grit and grip to their belt, without needing to go full tactical. Purchase: $40

BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s Belt

via sellware.net

Completely made of nylon and designed to withstand use with parachutes, the Rigger offers more than 7,000 pounds worth of tensile strength, allowing it to double as a rescue rope or cinch in dire circumstances. All the buckles and size adapters reach PIA-H-7195 parachute standards, so they’re tough enough to bet your life on. Purchase: $41+

The Wilderness Instructor

via hawaiireporter.com

Since 1983 The Wilderness has been improving on their original instructor belt. Their newest model has a carbon steel V-ring that is coated to prevent reflection for enhanced stealth during ops. In a pinch, it’s strong enough to work as a rappelling grab, though should never be used in place of a full harness if you can avoid it, despite the 8,000 pounds of static strength it can suspend. Purchase: $50

Hanks Gunner Belt

via hanksbelts.com

A 100-year warranty should tell you how steadfastly Hanks stands behind this full-grain leather masterwork. Though it is stylish enough to pass as just another piece of fine leather around your waist, it can handle a CCW and still look damn dapper with your best double-breasted suitPurchase: $50+

Brown Coat Tactical EDC

via browncoattactical.com

The belt and Raptor buckle are both made with pride in the USA. Milspec and scuba webbing provide dual layers of hold strength, and the low profile of the buckle isn’t as cumbersome as a cobra, though almost as useful in a tug-o-war situation. Purchase: $65+

Bushido Tactical Operator

via unfinishedman.com

Starting with a Cobra buckle that attaches to the true milspec nylon, the Operator is reinforced with special parachute nylon to add rigidity that is perfect for concealed carry. The 90-degree buckle fold makes alteration easy and gives you as much or as little customization as you require. Purchase: $69+

Special Operations Equipment EDC Belt

via youtube.com

SOE never fails to make a nice product that is a combination of stylish and functional. Using sturdy nylon in an array of attractive colors for making any outfit look good, we prefer going with a cobra buckle and velcro lining, but shop around their other choices if something else is better suited to your tastes. Purchase: $70+

Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt

via moa1911.com

ESS is well aware that a belt is only as good as its buckle, which is why they opt to go with an AustriAlpin cobra D-ring that works with the military-grade nylon to provide 4,000 pounds of pull strength even when closed. If you find yourself on a mountaintop or just riding a cherry picker, the extra hold and convenience is a true life-saver. Purchase: $72+

RattlerStrap Paracord

via offgridweb.com

Ideally, you already know that paracord makes a stellar accessory. Here, you’re going to have 100-feet of 550 utility cord in a nice woven aesthetic that clasps tight thanks to the titanium buckle at the end. With no need for set sizes, it’s excellent for those of us who tend to fluctuate in weight. Should situational awareness demand that you unravel it, RattlerStrap is happy to replace it at no cost. Purchase: $97+

Slidebelts Survival

via prweb.com

When you need more than a belt, this has an LED flashlight, firestarter, bottle opener, and even an AUS-8 steel knife for self-defense or sparking up a fire. Heat resistant and capable of nearly 1,500 pounds of pure pull strength, it’s a survival kit for your pants. Purchase: $150

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