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    11 Best Hiking Fanny Packs For Serious Travelers
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11 Best Hiking Fanny Packs For Serious Travelers

The extensive list of names by which fanny packs are referred to around the world is by far the purest indicator of their diverse uses.

Call it the waist pack, the hip pack, belt bag, belly bag, gee pack, or the bumbag if the Britons have enough influence over your lingo, the multiple names also signify wide-ranging popularity, acceptance, and commonality. 

Whatever moniker you use for it, as far as you are referring to a small fabric pouch won around the waist and hanging around the hips or the belly, then that is the fanny bag.

Hiking Fanny Pack

Fanny packs come in various forms, shapes, sizes, and designs. This little bag got crazily popular in the 80s and the 90s but somewhat fizzled out going into the 2000s. It has undergone a reincarnation to become part of every traveler’s treasurable companion in the recent past.

Uses For a Hiking Waist Pack?

  • Hiking: Hikers have some of the most unparalleled selection of outfits to facilitate their ruthless journeys up steep climbs. The fanny pack serves them well as storage for snacks, water bottles, and camera accessories. For this exercise, a waterproof pack might come in handy.
  • Biking: Bikers find a fanny pack useful, particularly because their shorts have no pockets. Not even the influential backpack can serve them as best as a fanny pack. Easy access and portability are key considerations. For bikers, the fanny pack has to be small enough so that it doesn’t weigh you down or hamper quick rides.
  • Running: Leisure runners are particularly fond of fanny packs. You can put in small items that you need to access quickly on the go. Again, avoid something too large, bulky, or unnecessarily heavy.
  • The Carnival goer: A beautiful sunny day out on the beach could get better if your fanny pack has a few personal items. You can as well carry it out on a walk around the neighborhood. It’s also a good pick to pack a few personal items on a sports day.
  • Traveling: There are a number of ways a traveler can use a fanny pack, just as there are several reasons why they need one. But bottom line is that the hip bag will ensure quick and easy access to EDC and some of the important travel items.

How We Picked Hiking Fanny Packs

Before you randomly pick any waist pack in the market, consider the following factors to ensure you land the best hiking fanny packs.

  • Size: The size of the fanny pack you choose is mainly determined by the purpose. For workouts, running, and biking, you need a smaller fanny pack than you might need in a festival.
  • Material: Water-resistant material is most suitable and preferred for hiking fanny packs. Bikers, runners, and generally people working outdoors will find such fanny packs very useful.
  • Compartments: A fanny pack that has many compartments may help you to get more organized and access items more easily. However, it may also mean you have a bigger fanny pack, making your load heavier. If you get a small fanny pack with several useful compartments may as well serve you in a great way.
  • Strap size and type: The best way to pick a strap is to have one that helps to perch your fanny pack perfectly around your waist. It should also be easy to detach and adjust per your needs. Also, check out for a good strap material that feels comfortable all day long.

The Best Hiking Fanny Pack on The Market

1. Evoc Hip Pack Pro 3L

Evoc Fanny Pack Pro 3L

British sports utility company Evoc comes as a natural first choice for easy-to-carry storage bags. They have a wide selection of items for various needs and situations.

TheEvoc Hip Pack Race 3L is a medium-size hiking fanny pack that doesn’t feel bulky or overwhelming while on an outdoor expedition. It comes with several compartments in different sizes for various uses. There is only one bottle holder placed to the right edge of the backside.

The pockets are a combination of mesh and nylon, with a few being zip-open purposely for easy access and proper aeration. The straps are comfortable and adjustable to a medium waist width.

This hiking fanny pack has a close resemblance to the Evoc Hip Pack Race 3L and they share several characteristics, especially in the layout of the compartments. The inside wall of the tool-compartment is sewn using simple mesh for breathability.

This pack is equipped with plenty of space, stable and comfortable fitting for rugged rides.

2. Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith is a pioneer in the fanny pack category and has been building them for more than 35 years. You can trust their craft.

The Mountainsmith Lumbar pack is well designed in a combination of lightweight and durable material. It’s made from a flexible material that is stronger and more resistant to tear and abrasion. This makes the Mountainsmith fanny pack water-resistant and comfortable when hitched to the waist.

The waist belt is finely padded to make it soft on your body. It is also flexible in all directions to fit a wide range of body sizes comfortably. It’s stylish and pleasantly compliments the entire design of this plush hiking fanny pack.

This tour and hiking fanny pack is suitably versatile. You can pack an assortment of necessities in the various compartments. The straps attached to the bottom panel compression allow you to shrink down and tighten your load closer for easier movement.

You can still stream your music with a set of headphones linked through the passthrough headphone ports.

In its entirety, the Mountainsmith is a hiking-friendly fanny pack that is well enhanced by the multi-purpose design.

3. MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack

MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack

A distinctive advantage of fanny packs is that you can undertake routine chores since your hands are free. With a fanny pack such as the exquisite Maxtop, you are well-positioned for a more productive day on your hike.

This one is wearable in many dimensions. You can hang it around your waist with the pocket side to your front or backside. You can also have it in cross-body style. It will also serve you well if you wear it slanting across your chest or your back. If you choose to hang it over you, you are still right. The strap is given a wide adjustment range and can fit a waist size between 20’-50′.

The large main pocket will take in most of the essentials you need to access quickly. You can place a standard water bottle, your identification documents, among other items.

The inner zippered pocket is made scratch-proof, with sensitive items such as the phone and camera in mind. Then there is a slightly hidden pocket at the back where you can store your valuables. This gives you more convenience.

With a selection of more than 14 colors available, there is no reason why you wouldn’t rock this super cool hiking fanny pack.

4. Dakine Hot Laps 5L Fanny Pack

Dakine Hot Laps 5L Fanny Pack

The 5L label on this Dakine fanny pack isn’t just hypothetical; it’s real. This is a big hip pack in which you can pack a 2-liter water bottle. It has two main compartments.

The front compartment is functionally dived with some skillfully designed pockets. Your smartphone will sit remained unharmed in one of the pouches lined with a thin fleece layer that feels soft and tender.

The fin on the right side of this fanny pack has a mini pocked made from stretchable mesh. It’s meant to take in small items. The fin on the left hip comes with a loose magnetic holder to attach anything that fits.

With everything strapped neatly in place, you have fewer items dangling around, which makes the Dakine Hot Laps 5L a suitable choice for a hiking fanny pack.

This is a creatively designed hiking fanny pack that is priced quite competitively. It also fits comfortably and lies stably in contact with the body.

5. Nike Heritage Hip Pack

Nike Heritage Hip Pack

Nike is synonymous with outdoor venture apparel. A fanny pack from the company is certainly something worth testing.

The Nike Heritage Hip pack is a small carrier that will not burden you while on a long walk. It equally makes a good hiking companion, especially when you want to stay neat and kempt all along.

The padded adjustable strap gives you enough room for adjustment to any size. The pockets are well zippered to keep your valuables secure. If you are looking for a small hiking fanny bag, the Nike Heritage Hip pack is an appropriate pick, particularly because it allows you to reduce the luggage you need to carry on a hiking trip.

6. Everest Multiple Pocket Fanny Pack

Everest Multiple Pocket Fanny Pack

The Everest Multiple Pocket fanny pack will surprise you by just how much it can handle. You can have one that has at least two zippered large pockets or pick the one with four zippered pockets. The larger size with four zippers outrightly hands you the power to carry an array of items stress-free.

The zipper pockets are stylishly arranged in a staircase format for easy accessibility. The strap belt is just the right size to hook up on any waist, and it also fastens with convenient proficiency.

The Velcro strap pocket to the right hip side of this fanny pack is an elastic size. You can secure your phone or other smart device and run a pair of earphones to your ears without resistance.

This good hiking fanny pack measures 14 “L x 6.5 “W x 3” D. It’s made from fortified polyester to serve you for a longer time. This is also a suitable material selection for light to medium weight loads.

If you want an accommodative and convenient hiking fanny pack, the Everest Multiple Pocketfanny pack is one of the best choices.

7. Lymmax Four Pockets Fanny Packs

Lymmax Four Pockets Fanny Packs

The four-pocketLymmax Fanny Packis designed to take in lots of your valuable items as you may need on a biking, hiking, running, or any other sporting event. Stash in your passport, cellphone, coins, keys, cars, and anything else that could otherwise occupy your hands and deny you the freedom you would need.

It’s made from polyester and carved in a nearly rectangular shape that curves around, curving around the fins to join the belt. There is a flip pocket on the left backside of this cool fanny pack that alters the design slightly to give it a friendly look from behind.

The allowance for its strap belt adjustment is anything between 22″-43″. With the soft material, this one looks and feels relaxing when strapped around the waist for any activity.

8. Freetoo Hiking and Workout Fanny Pack

Freetoo Hiking Fanny Pack

The Freetoo fanny grants you the kind of freedom you need to hike, bike, walk or run with no handheld items in your palms.

A set of five zippered pockets in different sizes adorn this spacious pack. In the largest pocket, you can comfortably pack your 500ml water.

There is a very artistic taste to this fanny pack that is reflected in its lovely curvy shape. It’s made of 1000D polyester, and the heavy-duty zippers will work for you a very long time into the future. The zipper pools are kept clean and elegant. The small hidden zipper inside the main compartment will stealthily keep your most treasured items.

You can adjust the belt strap to any size range between 23.6-45.3 inches. This is enough allowance for both plump and slender individuals.

How you choose to wear the Freetoo Hiking and walkout fanny pack is a choice you are left to make. It’s good enough for a shoulder strap, across the chest, the back as well as front or back of your waistline.

9. ProCase Fanny Pack

ProCase Cool Fanny Pack

The ProCase Fanny pack is just the perfect choice for a hiking fanny pack. With a total of six pockets beautifully put into a design that is catchy to the eye, the ProCase Fanny pack is an ideal choice. It’s suitable for any outdoor mission.

There is one large compartment to store large items. You can use this one for your large water bottle. The side pockets organize in cascading pattern from the largest to the smallest, giving this pack an orderly and efficient, easy-access design. The zippers are also placed visibly and run smoothly on their rail to open and close with precision.

The material of choice for the ProCase fanny pack is nylon. This is an agile choice that guarantees users durability, water-resistant qualities, and resilience.

ProCase is a storage and packing specialist for large and small items. Their expertise, craftsmanship, and innovative approach are all evident in this hiking fanny pack.

10. Ubon Hiking Fanny Pack

Ubon Hiking Fanny Pack

The Ubon Hiking fanny Pack is an exceptional bag on this list. With its rugged and bumpy design, this fanny pack isn’t shy to proclaim its tough stature.

It takes an unconventional design that incorporates lots of expandable space. A separate zipper expands this bag from this fanny pack from the bottom when the need arises.

Built for durability from oxford fabric, this fanny pack is water-resistant and withstands wear and tear expediently. It’s also one of the most flexible in this list, wearable by people with a waist size between 28-60 inches.

This is a large fanny pack that can hold lots of tools and necessities, and this explains why it has an elastic rope dangling from a holder near the water bottle. It’s used to hold your water container in place as you walk, run or hike.

11. Noola Fanny Pack

Noola Cool Fanny Pack

There is yet another eccentric fanny pack for all your hiking trips around the world. It’s the Noola fanny pack. It’s unequivocally beautiful and thoughtfully designed for hikers and mountaineers too.

One of the easily notable features is the hidden water bottle holder that blends into the rest of the carrier. A cursorily hidden earphone outlet will also help you to keep your musical steps during the hike.

The Noola fanny pack will help you to keep order and stay organized with its six well-distributed pockets. They vary in size, so you can choose what to carry along and what to leave. You can carry along a small umbrella or even a small camera in this pack without much hassle.

The waist strap is can be extended and adjusted to fit any range of wearers between 19.7″ to 47 inches. With smooth-riding zippers, plenty of space, and finely finished hems, this is no doubt a hiker’s dream fanny pack.

Fanny Packs: Conclusion

Any hiking experience brings with it several lifetime lessons worth keeping. What you pack for this expedition becomes part of the lessons and the experiences you pick. Certainly, a suitable, comfortable, and convenient fanny pack comes in handy. It facilitates your hiking day by ensuring you pack key essentials to serve you all day long.

Pick out your hiking fanny pack by considering its overall usability.

  • Size and weight should be part of your top consideration since you will need to strap your pack around your body.
  • Also, be keen on the number of pockets in your fanny pack as well as the designs.
  • Choose a fanny pack with pockets that are easy to access.

Let us know how it went in the comments below.