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9 Best Beanies for Men With Style (2021): Men’s Beanie Hat Ideas

Want a hat with some real utility? Today, we’re presenting nine of the best men’s watch caps to help you stave off the cold, wet, windy weather. Plus, who can resist the casual appeal of a good beanie?

A lot of guys think they can conquer winter weather with nothing more than a hoodie. While there’s plenty of use for a good hoody, we’re willing to bet your ears are still cold without something like a good men’s watch cap to cover them up. 

Best Beanies for Men

Not only do beanies keep you warm, but they also offer a stylish solution to bad hair days. This is because they’re incredibly flexible stylistically–you can wear them with anything, from pajamas to wool suits.

Whether you like bold and bright colors, or just something neutral that’ll work with any outfit in your closet, the perfect beanie is out there! But how can you be sure of which one is right for you, with so many choices out there? We got you, with our ranking of the best men’s watch caps below.

The 9 Best Beanies for Men to Look Cool and Stay Warm

Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s always a watch cap to satisfy your needs. And to make it easier for you to choose a good beanie, we’ve compiled this list of the best men’s watch caps that are warm and stylish.

1. Carhartt Acrylic Knit Cuffed Beanie

Carhartt Acrylic Knit Cuffed Best mens watch cap

Carhartt sells some of the longest-lasting, most stylish, and overall best men’s watch caps. And our pick of their stock is the Acrylic Knit Cuffed Beanie.

Made of 100% acrylic, the beanie features a rib-knit construction giving it a cozy, stretchy fit. This means you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect size for your head; it’s practically one size fits all.

Moreover, Carhartt’s watch cap works well for almost every occasion. From embarking on wilderness adventures to strolling down the city streets, this warm and comfy cold-weather essential is a perfect choice to keep your noggin toasty while looking your best.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite color; the Carharrt Knit Cuffed Beanie comes in different hues ranging from alabaster heather to deep winter white, black to iron ore, and ocean blue to wine, just to mention a few. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

It’s not the cheapest beanie on the market, but we say it’s worth splurging if you’re only going to get one.

2. Columbia Men’s Whirlibird Watch Beanie Cap

Columbia Whirlibird best mens watch cap

Columbia Men’s Whirlibird Beanie, which comes as a classic, functional and ultra-light beanie, is renowned for its unmatched moisture wicking and heat retention properties. Being ultra-light and packable makes it a go-to-staple for outdoor enthusiasts looking to shed ounces in their pack.

Styled to mimic the traditional classy caps, this cashmere-soft acrylic beanie will keep your head warm no matter where you are. Its minimalist design features a micro-fleece liner that, in addition to feeling extra soft on your head, also provides exceptional temperature control and wearability.

Given Columbia’s known attention to detail, it’s unsurprising their best men’s watch caps built with top-shelf material and meticulous craftsmanship. The result offers lasting warmth, breathability, and comfort any day, anytime.

Depending on your color preference, you can get this classic Columbia beanie in shades of black/graphite marled, night tide, black/white, and collegiate navy.

3. Timberland Men’s Short Watch Cap

Timberland Best Men's Watch Cap

Timberland’s short watch cap fits the same mold as their tees, boots, gloves, and pants. That is to say: Timberland makes one of the best men’s watch caps around in terms of style, durability, and warmth.

This perfectly warm 100% acrylic watch cap offers a stretchy fit, but it maybe falls short of accommodating larger heads or especially bushy hair. But if it fits, you’ll love the iconic label sewn on its double-layer fold-up cuff to complete your signature Timberland look.

This classy headpiece comes in a range of colors including charcoal heather gray, dark sapphire, grape leaf, wheat, and many others besides.

4. Rothco Genuine USN Wool Beanie

Rothco Genuine U.S.N Wool Men's Watch Cap

If you fancy a simple 100% wool beanie that won’t leave a dent in your wallet, the Rotho Genuine USN Wool beanie is your perfect choice.

We appreciate Rothco for designing one of the best men’s watch caps to keep your head cozy even under extremely cold temperatures. We also appreciate its unmatched durability courtesy of 100% wool construction. It’s also made in the USA, which offers a level of confidence above and beyond what you’d expect in this affordable price range.

Wool is naturally moisture-wicking, meaning that even if you work up a sweat you won’t have to worry about it getting swampy under your beanie. It also means you can get away with washing it less, translating to a longer-lasting watch cap.

The USN Wool Beanie comes as an ideal option to take on challenging adventures with an added touch of style. It’s available in black, coyote, and navy blue. Top off this beanie with your favorite pair of Rothco pants, boots, and a warm parka coat, and you’re good to go.

5. Brixton Heist Beanie

Brixton Heist Beanie Best mens watch cap

If you own any outfit from Brixton, be it pants, t-shirt, or jackets, you know how cool and cozy they are. And to round-out their collection of men’s wear, they came up with the Brixton Heist Beanie. Made in America, it is the antidote to low-quality watch caps from overseas that dominate this price bracket.

Designed light but durable, this watch cap is a staple that works well for any occasion. It features 100% acrylic rib-knit construction that offers a perfect stretchy fit, yet won’t wear out fast. The Heist Beanie also sports a well-rounded crown for a low profile yet stylish look on your noggin.

Brixton offers the Heist in flexible colorways that range from bright to neutral. These include a handsome mustard, athletic orange, or city-slicking gray, black and olive hues.

6. Polo Ralph Lauren French Bulldog Cuff Hat

Polo Ralph Lauren French Bulldog Best mens watch cap

Polo Ralph Lauren rarely disappoints when it comes to quality and style, and their French Bulldog Cuff Hat is no exception.

Built with 100% merino wool, this watch cap offers unmatched heat retention regardless of where your adventures take you. With merino’s soft texture plus its moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties, you’ll find the Bulldog is comfortable to wear day in and day out.

Adorning the fold-over brim is the iconic Polo logo, embroidered in full color for a touch of class. It really pops against the cool navy blue or stark black options available for this watch cap. And because it dresses up or down with equal ease and is so comfy and warm, don’t be surprised when this becomes your daily driver once the temperature drops.

7. M-Tac Tactical Beanie for Men

M-Tac Tactical Best mens watch cap

Any man who wants a hard-wearing black beanie at a pocket-friendly price should consider the M-Tac Tactical watch cap. It comes as a snug-fitting skull cap made of high-density polyester that doesn’t put pressure on your forehead and scalp, preventing chafing and discomfort.

The ultra-light M-Tach beanie is perfect to wear under your hoodie, helmet, or parka without limiting air circulation or causing excessive sweating. It’s clearly built for the outdoors, and is ideal for camping, running, hiking, snowboarding, and ice skating, among other adventures.

So if you’re looking for the optimal balance of durability, tactical style, and light weight, this is the affordable black beanie for you.

8. Danish Endurance Merino Wool Beanie

DANISH ENDURANCE Merino Wool Best mens watch cap

Danish Endurance throws their hat into the ring with a beanie of exceptional quality. Made from pure merino wool as well as high-quality recycled materials, their watch cap is soft, stretchy, and sustainable.

Their novel material blend yields a sweat-wicking, skin-friendly fabric that feels soft and breathable on your head all day. Another plus is that all the itchiness of lower-quality wool is completely tamed out for guaranteed comfort.

For brand identity, Danish Endurance features a sleek stitch fold label on the upper left front of its folded brim. Available in black and gray, this stylish watch cap pairs well with your entire wardrobe.

9. Momoon Casual Knit Long Slouch Wool and Velvet Beanie

Momoon Casual Knitting Wool Velvet Beanie

The classic Long Slouch Beanie from Momoon offers an outstanding casual knit that is at once eye-catching and comfy. The woolen knit is complemented by a soft inner velvet lining, offering superior warming and a soft, stretchy feel.

While the fit is relaxed, it’s snug enough not to slip, even in heavy wind and rain. And when you’re fending off the elements, you’ll love having a little extra length to fully shield your brows and ears. The dual velvet/wool construction breathes well, wicking away moisture even when you work up a heavy sweat. 

Think wool caps are itchy? Think again; the relaxed fit and soft velvet lining make the Momoon one of the plushest-wearing and overall best men’s watch cap on our list. It comes in multiple different shades of gray, black, brown and blue; there’s even a variety of knits to choose from to perfectly suit your style!

Picking Cool Beanies for Men

A good beanie is a true staple to accentuate your sense of style and fashion on a cold day. However, before adding any watch caps to your winter wardrobe, be sure you know whether or not the beanie really suits you. Our buyer’s guide below will help you make the right call.


The shape of your face will determine the ideal cap’s shape you need to go for.

If you have a round or square face, choose a beanie without a turn-back cuff. Additionally, you should get a loose fit variant to add a bit of height to your face. Additionally, you should try wearing your beanie slightly back off your face instead of pulling it down over your ears.

On the other hand, if you have a longer face, get a beanie with a turn-back cuff. Go for one with a tight fit and which sits snugly on your noggin to avoid adding more height to your face.


The type of fabric that a watch cap is made of will determine whether you’ll stay dry and warm. Wool beanies are the best for staying dry, due to their natural anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties. Merino is the choice stuff, owing to its soft, non-scratchy texture and attractive finish. While it tends to be the premium material for hats, it also requires the most care–you can’t really throw it in the washing machine and expect it to come out the same. Let it dry out completely before wearing it again after a rain-soaked day, and deal with any stains or soiling with a soft bristled brush.

Acrylic is significantly less breathable, and not really recommended for warmer climates. However, it’s a good option for folks who are allergic to wool or otherwise have sensitive skin. Acrylic is hard-wearing, and won’t fade, stain, or deform. It’s low maintenance, and often low-priced.

Polyester most often constitutes stretchable, one size fits all watch caps. It fits snug, and can be pulled to fit the shape of your heat for full coverage and warmth. Polyester is exceptionally durable, yet still breathable. It’s a nice compromise between the best qualities of wool and acrylic.


Sure, beanies are meant to keep you warm during as the mercury plummets. But at the same time, it doesn’t hurt to look stylish. In fact, there are some really cool-looking watch caps that drape on your head making an unmistakable fashion statement.

For this reason, pick your watch cap the way you’d pick out an outfit, keep the design and style in mind.


Most brands that manufacture beanies offer a wide range of colors to pick from. So choose wisely which color to buy.

If you’re going for a laid-back, neutral cap, then go for shades of black, grey, or dark blues. If you want to make a resounding fashion statement with your watch cap, then pick a bright color that’ll blend in with the rest of your outfit.

Men’s Beanie Hat Ideas, Parting Words

Who said your winter wardrobe has to be chunky and boring? Our guide has shown you nine of the best men’s watch caps that perfectly balance wearable warmth with fashionable style. All you need to focus on when choosing a watch cap is the shape of your face, your material preference, price, and your preferred colorway.

What’s your favorite beanie?

Got a watch cap recommendation we need to consider? Any firsthand experience with any of the most common hat materials? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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