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    Best Flannel Shirts: 9 Flannels for Men Reviewed (Fall 2023)
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Best Flannel Shirts: 9 Flannels for Men Reviewed (Fall 2023)

We love mens flannel shirts, but also know that finding the right one can be a challenge. But fear not, you’ll be ready for chilly weather this fall with these stylist flannels for men–each reviewed for quality, style, durability, warmth, and price.

Best Flannel Shirts for Men 2021

Mens flannel shirts, no matter the color, form a wardrobe essential that’s extremely versatile, timeless, and dependable. It’s the go-to item to keep the chills of winter at bay when layered under a winter coat or over a hoodie. It will heed your call to duty during fall when worn with rolled-up sleeves and unbuttoned over a casual T-shirt.

The versatility of a flannel shirt is probably only second to an Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt. It can quickly switch from ultra-casual when layered over a T-shirt into a business casual look that’s accepted in some offices when paired with a matching tie.

A typical flannel shirt takes the beating of constant wear with great grace and will be a top pick in a man’s rotation from one season to another. It’s time you owned one or several flannel shirts, and we’re here to help.

Short on time and need a nice warm mens flannel shirt now? Skip to read about your favorite flannel brand below:

9 Best Mens Flannel Shirts for the Money

You need a dependable flannel shirt that you can rock for years to come. The best flannel shirts for men are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

Picking the best from thousands of options is no mean feat. But you can thank your lucky stars, as we’ve done the leg work for you. We’re glad to present you with the best mens flannels that you shouldn’t be without no matter your budget or body type.

1. Legendary Whitetails | Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

Legendary Whitetails Men's Buck Camp Flannel Shirt
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Legendary Whitetails Men’s Flannel Shirt is a traditionally styled flannel shirt. It has signature corduroy details on the collar and cuffs making it look cool while adding stability. It’s perfect for wearing alone or layered over a t-shirt. The classic one-pocket design on the left gives an enviable clean look and convenience to store your small essentials like cash and smartphone.

Legendary Whitetails flannel shirt is made from 100% cotton, is soft, breathable, and has moisture-wicking properties. The brushed cotton clearly offers maximum comfort.

The shirt has a relaxed fit, hence providing enough room to move around with ease. What’s more, you’ll be awed by the extensive stretch of man-flattering colors that it comes in to earn a spot on the coveted list of the best flannel shirts for men.

This legendary shirt spells “versatility”, so feel free to wear it to the office or outdoors with confidence.

2. Amazon Essentials | Regular-fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-fit Long-Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt
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A good quality shirt does not necessarily need to be the most expensive. This Amazon Essentials Plaid Flannel Shirt goes to prove this point. Made from 100% cotton, it offers maximum comfort and breathability.

It has a regular fit providing ease of movement and a classic look. And the wide range of colors means you can get your preferred hue.

Given their friendly price, you can consider stocking a number of Amazon Essentials to jump into at a moment’s notice.

3. Wrangler Authentics | Long Sleeve Mens Flannel Shirts

Wrangler Authentics | Long Sleeve Mens Flannel Shirts
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Crafted with style, comfort, and function in mind, this relaxed-fit cotton flannel shirt is a must-have. Renowned for the manufacture of denim wear, Wrangler Authentics has carved a nice niche for itself, churning out outfits made from other fabrics including flannel.

This shirt is perfect for layering, under or over, on chilly days or in cold winter months. It can be buttoned up and worn as a shirt or left unbuttoned to serve as a light jacket.

Mens flannels from Wrangler Authentics are, as a rule, extremely versatile and can be worn to work or on a day out with friends. You’re a hard worker who needs this packhorse that’s one of the best flannel shirts for your daily rotation.

4. Rothco | Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt

Rothco Extra Heavyweight Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt
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Rich in military heritage, Rothco is the key supplier of military products made for survival and comfort in the great outdoors. From jackets to canvas bags to easily portable equipment like the folding camping shovel, Rothco has managed to be a jack of all trades without compromising quality.

Rock your fancy with a host of elegant plaid flannel shirts to choose from Rothco. This red flannel shirt is a real heavyweight in the great outdoors and it is made for survival in the woods in deep winter. It’s ultra-warm and incredibly comfortable.

The double-pockets gives it a cool style with the curved hem adding to the nice and casual design. If this isn’t one of the best flannel shirts for men, what else is?

5. Dickies | Long Sleeve Flex Flannel Shirt for Men

Dickies Men's Long Sleeve Flex Flannel Shirt
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Made from stretch flannel, comprising of cotton with some traces of spandex, this classic Dickies red flannel shirt has some stretchability making it easy to move in with extreme comfort. The 99% cotton composition makes the fabric remarkably breathable while easily absorbing moisture keeping you dry all day long.

The fabric is brushed thus making it soft and smooth on the skin. The Faux-horn buttons give out some vintage vibe. This shirt is easy to manage as it’s machine washable earning it a place among the best flannel shirts for men.

For the organized, the shirt pockets have a pencil or pen slot to help keep one organized. A must-have wardrobe item.

6. Carhartt | Rugged Flex Hamilton Plaid Flannel Shirt

Carhartt Men's Rugged Flex Hamilton Plaid Flannel Shirt
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Built with flexibility and comfort in mind, Carhartt’s signature plaid woven shirt made from stretchy flannel. It features rugged flex technology that provides just enough stretch to allow for various types of movements. Fabric composition is made such that it has reduced shrinkage after washing.

It’s got an attractive price for the value it brings and comes in regular, big, and tall sizes to fit several body types. The shirt comes in five handsome hues: Military Olive, Navy, Dark Khaki, Greige, and Dark Cedar

Pair it with slim chinos and layer it with a jacket for your social gatherings in winter.

7. Uniqlo | Men’s Flannel long-sleeve Shirt

Uniqlo Men’s Flannel long-sleeve shirt

This Japanese brand is renowned for producing quality shirts at bargain prices. Uniqlo is fast becoming a popular menswear brand world over thanks to its quality crafted wardrobe basics.

Mens basics are Uniqlo’s specialty, and they produce some of the best flannel shirts in the market. They feature brushed cotton, making for super soft shirts with great heat retention ability.

The curved hem design with a slightly shorter front makes the shirt look balanced when worn untucked. And you get a clean look thanks to its one-pocket design.

8. Filson | Alaskan Guide Shirt

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt
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Filson is one heavyweight of a brand that matches its legendary status with products that are timeless and stylish. This clothing label specializes in heavy flannel shirts and thick blanket coats and is a source of one of the best flannel shirts.

The Alaskan flannel guide shirt is specifically crafted to conquer the outdoors as it is made from dense 8 oz cotton flannel. Its fibers are in a tight weave construction which ensures durability and warmth. Brushed on both sides, the material has a soft and comfortable feel to the skin.

Like most good red flannel shirts, Filson’s offering is insanely versatile. Pair it with slim jeans or fitting chinos, and complete the classic look with hiking boots. Then get ready to conquer the outdoors. This fundamental workshirt is wind-resistant and constructed for longevity.

This is a great choice for the fashion-conscious person during chilly days, as it keeps you warm while giving you that fashion edge. Make it a cornerstone piece in your wardrobe.

9. Carhartt | Relaxed Fit Sherpa-Lined Plaid Shirt Jacket

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Flannel Sherpa-Lined Snap-Front Plaid Shirt Jacket
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Made from heavyweight cotton flannel, this Carhartt sherpa-lined mens flannel shirt has a sherpa fleece lining to provide extra warmth. It has an interior chest pocket, to hide away those valuables, keeping them safe and maintaining their integrity.

The shirt has been triple stitched on the main seams, making it strong and sturdy. Buy one ASAP and keep it cozy over winter.

Mens Flannels: Buyer’s Guide

You deserve value for money anytime you step into a store for an important purchase. You’ll want to get a flannel shirt that you’ll always want to go back to.

Here’s what you need to look out for when buying a flannel shirt.

Types of fibers

Historically, flannel shirts used to be made from wool. Cotton and synthetic fibers are ubiquitous in the production of flannel these days, however. Different types of flannels depend on the type of fibers used, the type of weaving done on the fibers, and whether or not the fabric is napped.

  • Wool Flannel – This flannel is made of wool which is historically the material that has been used to make flannel.
  • Cotton Flannel – it is made from cotton. It is popularly used to make soft and rich flannel garments. Super soft cotton flannel is usually napped on both sides.
  • Synthetic Flannel – They are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon. They tend to be more flammable and are not environmentally friendly.
  • Ceylon Flannel – As the name suggests this flannel was initially developed in Ceylon, modern-day Sri Lanka. It consists of a mixture of 50% cotton and 50% wool.
  • Flannelette – Resulting in a coarser texture, flannelette’s weaving is different from the type of weaving done on true flannel. It is composed of any of the materials used to make flannel.
  • Diaper Flannel – This is cotton flannel napped on both sides and specifically used to make reusable baby diapers. The nap created on both sides of the fabric is crucial for absorbency and comfort.
  • Baby Flannel – This flannel is extra softened by napping the fabric on both sides. It can be made from any fiber used to make flannel though cotton and wool tend to produce the desired softness required for this type of flannel.
  • Vegetable Flannel – This flannel made a brief appearance in Europe in the 19th Century. It however fizzled out later after the more popular synthetic fabrics made from petrochemicals made their entry into the market.

Brushed vs. Unbrushed Flannels

Next, look out for the fabric loft, which is the thickness of the material as a result of brushing the garment on one or both sides.

Flannels can be brushed or unbrushed. Brushed flannels tend to be softer compared to the unbrushed varieties. This softness is created through a brushing process where the loose fibers on the fabric are lifted creating a soft layer called a nap. A brushed flannel shirt is not only soft to the skin, but it’s also cozy to wear making it ideal for the cold seasons.


Historically, patterns on flannel shirts were plaid. Nowadays, however, flannel shirts come in a variety of patterns from floral to checker patterns. Some even come in solid colors.

A well-made flannel will come in rich tones and carefully executed classic patterns.

Classic plaid flannel however is still considered the most popular. I guess old habits die hard.

Your Budget

An inviting price tag can close a sale real quick. But expect a quality flannel shirt to cost you a bit more. Buying top-notch flannel shirts should be regarded as an investment that’ll seriously pay off with years of use. Nevertheless, you can still get top-of-the-range flannel shirts at a reasonable price.

Price is primarily determined by the fibers used to make the flannel. Flannels made from synthetic fibers will tend to be the cheapest while the most expensive flannels are made from wool. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for with flannel

How well the fabric is woven and whether or not the fabric is brushed, on one or both sides, will also tend to determine the cost of the flannel shirt. A high-quality fabric weave and brushing generally tend to increase the price of a flannel shirt and the quality.

It’s also useful to note that generally, clothing items from reputable brands that have had a history of high-quality stuff tend to be pricey.

Construction of the Flannel Shirt

Sturdy stitching throughout the fabric ensures the durability of the flannel shirt. Check for clean heavy-duty cuts, zips and buttons that are well-fitted, and firm cuffs and collars. The color matching should also be on point.

All the touchstones of rigorous tailoring and attention to detail should be evident when you set the flannel shirt before you. Flat seams with tight stitching inside and out on a shirt with well-fitted proportions are what you’ll need to spend your money on.

Try the shirt, and take a hard look at the mirror. See if it’s been made to flatter your physique. The closer it gets to a tailored fit, the better. If it ticks most (if not all) of the right boxes, then your hands are on a masterpiece. Pick and pay, and enjoy a lifetime of service.

Important Terms to Know About Flannel

These terms are commonly used when referring to flannels.


Not to be confused with flannel, this term refers to a pattern that is reproducible on any fabric. It’s mainly used when referring to patterns found on flannel shirts. The term plaid, therefore, might erroneously be mistaken to be synonymous with flannel.


This refers to a process of creating a soft outer fabric surface, called a nap on a fabric. It is done by subjecting a fabric to revolving cylinders with fine wires that lift the loose fibers from the fabric. The result is a soft outer layer that enhances the fabric’s warmth and creates a comfortable feel on the skin. This process is also referred to as brushing.

A Brief History of Flannel

The origins of flannel are believed to be Wales and France. The term flannel itself may have originated in Wales, but ‘flannelle’ was also used in France from as early as the 17th Century.

Originally made from wool, cotton was later brought in during the colonial era. Currently, flannels are also made from synthetic fibers. European flannel is, however, still commonly made of wool though a few cotton varieties are also made.

Best Flannel Shirts for Men: Parting Words

Although mens flannel shirts tend to be pricier, they’re worth every buck as they’ll last for a generation. They’re soft, presentable, comfortable, and most importantly keep you warm over the wintry months. We’ve weighed in on some of the best flannel shirts for men today and what you need to consider before you can go shopping for a pair of flannels.

So what’s your opinion? Do you have a favorite flannel shirt for men? Ever worn one of our featured flannels? Leave us a comment below!

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