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    20 Cool Hoodies for Men to Wear in 2023 (Buying Guide)
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20 Cool Hoodies for Men to Wear in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Looking for the best hoodies for men? We’ve got 20 unique hoodies for you to consider, each fitting a different style and price point. Whether you’re looking for cool sweatshirts that focus on sustainability, or you just want something stylish that doesn’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered.

Cool Hoodies for Men

There has never been a better time to be alive for the comfort-loving man. Formal wear, the blue-eyed boy of the sartorial world, is languishing in the closets, while the best hoodies for men are having a field day paired with casual sweatpants and sneakers. Business casual is going to the next level in the WFH (work from home) environment.

To this end, it pays to have cozy and stylish loungewear that elevates your mood and productivity. The hoodie is coming to its own, outgrowing that faded, outsized, sloppy look, which is perfect for the sofa or pub. It is now a trim fitting, presentable, and sleek wardrobe staple.

This does not mean that the comfy cozy sweatshirt is a poor choice of a hoodie. If you however need a public-facing number that looks great on the sofa and during a conference call, then you will need to shop for one of these best hoodies for men listed below.

20 Cool Hoodies for Men

The best hoodies for men combine comfort, style, and function to create one of the most popular outerwear among men. Finding one for yourself may be a daunting task with the many options available. That’s why we’ve created this post to help find your preferred hoody.

So without further ado, the top 20 cool sweatshirts for guys:

1. Neutrale Natural Dye Hoodie

Many brands like to espouse the “timeless” qualities of their clothes, but few center their entire brand around it. Madrid-based Neutrale seeks to disconnect itself from the endless churn of the fast fashion machine. They eschew flash-in-pan fad fashion and seasonal sales in favor of wardrobe basics that just work every time you reach to put one one.

Neutrale’s Natural Dye Hoodie is just such a garment, featuring an unpretentious cut that flatters the wearer without getting to high-concept about it. At the same time, thoughtful design ensures nothing goes to waste visually or materially, with “just-right” fits that aren’t overly baggy or bulky.

They make great layering pieces, but also pop on their own with a range of gorgeous naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton. These dyes are entirely biocompostable, dramatically reducing the impact of their Spain- and Portugal-based factories.

Other clothes by Neutrale might even feature aggressively recycled material compositions, and everything is carbon-neutral thanks to offsets. So say goodbye to fast fashion, and line your wardrobe with what might just hit all the most important points of the best hoodies for men. Ships worldwide.

2. Wahts Vance Hooded Sweatshirt

What’s up with the Iberian peninsula and cool sweatshirts? Clearly, a sea change is taking over the fashion industry, and Wahts seems to be getting out ahead of it in style.

Take their collection of Vance hooded sweatshirts, for example. They’re the quintessential cold weather basic without being basic. However, a closer look reveals a plethora of modern accoutrements that show someone gave a damn while they were at the drawing board designing this one. 

The interior features an ultra-soft and comfy loopback finish, while the ribbed cuffs and hem hold heat in and form a svelte silhouette without cinching or restricting your movement. We particularly like the ribbed triangle insert and grosgrain tape along the neck as subtle stylish flares that make this hoodie nicer than it has to be.

Made from 100% organic cotton, ethically produced by living wages and transported exclusively by land to further slash emissions, and you’ve got one of the best hoodies for men that will make you feel as good as you look. Available in 7 colors across 6 sizes, you can’t go wrong with it. Ships worldwide.

3. Wawwa Organic Hoody

At this point, you might be picking up on a theme developing: sustainability. With the world the way it is, this is one fashion trend that’s likely to remain in style. Wawwa has embraced this with arms wide open. From material concerns to business practices, this is a cool hoodie company that cares.

For one, every sale from their 1+1 collection of accessories, they will match a donation of that item to vulnerable and less fortunate community members. And when it comes to the rest of their catalogue including hoodies, these are produced in Manchester with dignity. Factory workers receive pay above the line of what’s considered the real living wage.

While there are several cool hoodies for men on offer, we’ll focus on their Organic Hoody. Available in 3 colors, these are actually made to order, taking about a week to produce. That means Wawwa is able to dramatically reduce stock waste–a problem that plagues even the most conscientious labels.

Moreover, it ensures a higher degree of quality control. And you will notice the difference the minute you don this 420 GSM organic cotton hoodie. It’s quality down to the barest thread, and doesn’t cost an arm or leg to boot.

Wawwa shows us that sustainability is viable on all fronts, something that other brands get wrong. Tship to pretty much everywhere in the world.

4. Longevity London Organic Cotton Classic Hoodie

 Longevity London Organic Cotton Classic Hoodie Shop Now

When in despair, reach for your black hoodie—but not just any hoodie, mind you! The quintessential black pullover has gotten an upgrade with Longevity’s Classic Hoodie. 

You’ll find no additives or cheap fabrics here; this garment is made of an organic loopback cotton blend, proudly made and sourced in Britain. The Classic Hoodie is as soft as it looks, sporting a pleasantly oversized silhouette for maximum comfort. Its loose fit is further complemented by loose stitching and a large kangaroo pocket for your handheld items 

If the name didn’t tip you off, Longevity’s products are made according to sustainable practices. Like our other selections, they don’t follow seasonal trends either. 

To give you the quality you deserve, they instead focus on versatile collections that will endure, using a neutral color scheme that’ll belong in any wardrobe. 

Whether you’re out for a walk or heading into work, you’ll stay snug as a bug in a rug with this piece. 

5. Oliver Cabell Core Hoodie

Oliver Cabell Core Hoodie Shop Now

If you prefer a more nuanced look, then Oliver Cabell has you covered. The Core Hoodie is an irresistibly cozy piece just waiting to be added to your wardrobe. Available in only one color, light gray has never looked so good nor so soft. 

At a glance, there’s not much to stay about the Core Hoodie—and that’s a good thing. 

Its charm lies in its simplicity. Oliver Cabell focuses on high-quality material over stylish yet scratchy fabrics that are epidemic to fast fashion. As with many of their other products, the Core Hoodie is made of a pure cotton French Terry fabric. Its soft edges are tipped with ribbed cuffs, a simplistic hood, and a kangaroo pocket.

Overall, the Core Hoodie is a high-end piece that foregoes the more outrageous markups you’ll find with other luxury goods. While this doesn’t make Oliver Cabell cheap, paying for quality work ensures your new hoodie will be in your wardrobe for years to come. 

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6. Percival Hoodie

Percival x Champion collection Shop Now

When it comes to the best hoodies for men that are both sporty and fashionable, look no further than Percival. The London-based brand collaborated with Champion to bring us a figure-fitting pullover hoodie that delivers just the right amount of luxury for everyday use.

Each hoodie in the Percival x Champion collection is paired with a unique color and motif. The solid white version we’ve featured above is one of our faves. It’s nice and simple, and we love its clean-cut silhouette. 

(While there’s nothing wrong with an oversized hoodie, something that sits closer to the skin will not only look more professional—but it’ll pair well with most, if not all of your bottoms.)

In their own words, Percival is “subverting the classics” to give their customers clothing that can either be stapled pieces or somewhat more seasonal. The Percival x Champion collection is the latter, offering several hoodies that are neither too plain nor too pricey to see the light of day.

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7. L’Estrange London Monochrome Hood

L’Estrange London Monochrome Hood Shop Now

L’Estrange is another London-based brand dedicated to redefining men’s fashion for the better. Their ethos is centered on simple, high-quality staples any man can benefit from. Their Monochrome Hood is proof of this, striking a perfect balance between versatility and comfortability. 

L’Estrange is definitely on the pricer end. However, as with our selections, quality work is best when it comes to building a unique wardrobe. 

Rather than burn a hole in your pocket with a steady supply of low-grade clothing, Monochrome keeps it simple with a 100% cotton blend investment that’s worth every penny. The soft, breathable fabric adds to its open zipper design, further complemented by two classy internal pockets and an external chest pocket.

By focusing on the process rather than the end product, L’Estrange manages to deliver a piece that’s suitable for work, home, and outings.

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8. Reigning Champ Men’s Mid Weight Terry Pullover Hoodie

Reigning Champ Men's Mid Weight Terry Pullover Hoodie
Buy now

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Supreme hoodie in your closet and not have to taint your non-capitalist lifestyle? If you want heavy-duty, athleisure wear, with no hint of heavy branding, go for the Reigning Champ men’s hoodie. With it, you get a Supreme hoodie high caliber knit, sans the illusory clout that its fanbase gets for spending hundreds of dollars on an item.

The makers of Reigning Champ, CYC Design Corp, have been the Supreme brand sweats long time manufacturer. They have made their hoodie to match the simplistic look of Supreme products, making them from 100% cotton. The Reigning Champ midweight hoodie might not have Supreme’s high resale value and celebrity endorsements, but it is the closest you can get to the athletic wear that Supreme wear embodies.

Its fabric is French terry, a plush soft texture knit with similarity to that of the jersey, with soft piles of yarn on one side and loops on the other. It is supremely comfy for loungewear, but you can hop onto a video call in it.

This line of cool sweaters is super thick, has a perfect fit and excellent details, making it a top choice for the business casual look. You can wear an alternate French terry hoodie every day and still feel good about yourself. With it, you get industrial-strength ribbed side edges, accommodating hems, and mint shape for the hoodie.

9. Everlane Felted Merino Hoodies for Men

Everlane Felted Merino Hoodie

This Everlane sweater is a mature man’s staple, which will look fab with tailored separates. It will give you that suitably grown smart and casual look elevating you far above the cringey overgrown adolescent domain. The felted merino hoodie is a 100% wool dressy type of sweater. It has a prized feather-soft feel and is very insulating.

Its fibers will create heat-trapping air pockets, making this gorgeous hoodie an excellent winter and fall item. The merino wool gives the hoodie a lightweight feel, but it will wick moisture from the skin, keeping you warm and dry in frosty weather. Wool is also significantly waterproof and will outlast all its cotton counterparts.

This sweater will keep its look and shape, not looking saggy after long-term use. The Everlane felted merino hoodie has non-scratchy wool, processed to a soft density. Its trimming has a little elastane and nylon to give it a little stretch.

It has drawstrings to scrunch the hood and pouch pockets for your everyday use items. The waistband details and ribbed cuffs accentuate its minimalist look. This hoodie is a dry clean only item.

10. Amazon Essentials Men’s Standard Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Standard Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt
Buy now

This hoodie oozes hipster vibes. It is perfect for a punk casual look and will go along well with your chinos or slim skinny jeans. The thick frames glass type with the trendy undercut will love its ability to make a statement without the help of a logo.

The Amazon Essentials everyday wear item has a neutral dark olive hue that will pair well with just about any shade of baseball caps or sneakers. This machine wash pullover staple’s fabric is 52% cotton and 48% polyester blend. It is not as cozy as a 100% cotton item, but the polyester in it gives it a good level of stretch and water resistance.

The hoodie has the charm of most Amazon Essentials brand clothing items in that you can style it in multiple ways and achieve a look as good as that of items at higher price ranges. Its other features include fitting long sleeves, a drawstring hood, and kangaroo pockets.

11. Carhartt Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt

Carhartt Men's Sweatshirt
Buy now

This Carhartt hoodie is one of the best-selling items on Amazon, an impressive feat. Like most Carhartt sizes, it has a large fitting. It is the perfect hoodie for the man that wants more layers to stave off the morning chill. Its fleece is mid-weight giving it the versatility you need for high output activities.

The heavy feel of the fabric makes it thick and roomy but not droopy. You can therefore bundle up and not look like a walking cream puff. If you are a minimum layering type, order one size from your normal fitting, since its fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It will not shrink significantly, even after a hot cycle.

This Carhartt Hoodie has a medley of colors including new navy, black, French blue, auburn heather, and carbon heather. If you want more cotton on your cold-weather wear, order its 70% cotton black or heather grey variant from the Carhartt store. Its rib-knit cuffs are elastane reinforced for more stretch, and it has a massive Carhartt logo on its left sleeve.

12. Lexiart Men’s Fashion Athletic Hoodies

Mens Fashion Hoodies - Lexiart Men's Fashion Athletic Sweatshirt
Buy now

This item is for a gym warrior kind of man. It will play up the body carved from stone, showing off all its glory through its breathable and thin material. The Lexiart men’s athletic hoodie is a stylish summer or springtime evening wear, which will elevate even the dullest of khaki shorts.

It is lightweight and will not work as frosty weather wear. Lounge in it around the house or take it to the gym. That said, it is a perfect layering item for the heavier sweatshirt or jacket. This form-fitting hoodie looks as good as Henleys on muscle men, but it has a sportier vibe.

Its fabric is a light cotton blend that gets softer after each wash. You can either hand or machine-wash its solid color. It has short and long-sleeved variants in black, dark grey, green, and khaki hues.

13. Geek Lighting Hoodies for Men Heavyweight Fleece Sweatshirt

Stylish Hoodies - Geek Lighting Sweatshirt for Men Heavyweight Fleece Sweatshirt
Buy now

The Geek Lighting hoodie is a fantastic alternative to the winter jacket. If you are not the peacoat wearing smells like pine, whimsical man, you will love this hoodie’s toasty nature when winter comes. It’s the recreational guys, an evening for soccer games, as its interior is fully lined with sherpa fleece.

This fleece lining gives it a soft, warm-as-a-hug coziness and a tufty finish. It keeps the hoodie’s interior soft and warm to touch while keeping out the chills. Sherpa fleece mimics the qualities of lamb’s wool, providing excellent warming qualities. Unlike natural wool, it is a polyester-based fleece, and is therefore not just wind resistant but repels water.

The fabric will resist static and piling and have a stretch to it. You can wear the Geek hoodie indoors and outdoors since it has excellent heat keeping abilities. It will work as a first fall day staple and casual frosty cold outerwear. It will wick moisture, keeping sweat away from your skin. The Geek Lighting hoodie is 55% cotton, has hand warmer pockets, and a robust zipper.

14. The North Face Men’s Half Dome Pullover Hoodie

Cool Sweatshirts - The North Face Men's Half Dome Pullover Hoodie
Buy now

The best hoodies for men are highly susceptible to winter season disappearances, falling prey to females that want to snuggle up in them. Livid men are waging war on this phenomenon with campaigns such as #TakeHisHoodie. If you do not intend to lose your toasty hoodie to an eagle-eyed bird, avoid the North Face men’s half dome sweatshirt.

This dome pullover hoodie from The North Face is a mid-weight fleece and has a standard fit. The fleece is 53% cotton and 47% polyester, and it is warm enough as an outer layer for treks and hikes in chilly weather. It is breathable and comfortable, and windproof.

Its recycled fabric blend has a soft feel to the skin and is an easy-care fabric. Besides its obvious good looks, the hoodie has the iconic North Face logo printed on the center chest. Its kangaroo hand warming pockets are bar tracked, while they rob the cuffs for extra handiness.

15. Coofandy Men’s Hooded Plaid Jacquard Pullover

Cool Hoodies for Guys - Coofandy Men's Hooded Plaid Jacquard Pullover
Buy now

The Coofandy plaid jacquard hoodie‘s design is so epic it looks like a big-ticket brand item that should have a French name on it. Its plaid jacquard texture gives it a fluid dreamy drape and a soft hand feel. It elevates the hoodie far above the plain fleece item, adding a ton of magnetism to a trans-seasonal wardrobe.

It is a suitable item for almost every season, as daily, athletic, or sportswear. This hoodie is perfect for the man that wants the casual and sporty suave sleek look. With it comes tons of compliments and warmth. That said, it might not put you in your best light if you need an upper body workout. Its expensive look and feel will help step up the hi-top trainers and distressed jeans easy weekend vibe. Excellent for any party.

16. The North Face Men’s Thermoball Hoodie

Unique Hoodies - The North Face Men's Thermoball Hoodie
Buy now

The Thermoball Hooded jacket is a popular staple of the adventure community. Released in 2013, it has been through several iterations that have made it as practical as any down insulated jacket. The North Face Thermoball hoodie’s filling is PrimaLoft, a synthetic filament developed by the US army. This revolution in insulation closely mimics down filling clusters.

It traps air to retain warmth, giving the coat a warming ability parallel to that of 600-fill goose down. It is a slim fit lightweight jacket with excellent wet weather insulation because of its 15D nylon ripstop shell. Drag it through rock faces and bushes and it will not pull or tear. The shell’s quilt pattern draws away any cold spots and liquids from the hoodie’s surfaces, preventing any soaking.

Its two generous zippered hand pockets have enough room for your essentials and a GPS or phone items. The newer Thermoball Hoodie has an internal chest pocket with a cord on it. The model on Amazon only has a tensioned hem hoodie, a fact that some users are upset about because it does not sufficiently tighten it down.

The Thermoball, however, has a cinch cord fastening for the waist hem that helps trap warmth. The beauty of this product is that it is easy to clean, have, and lug around. It is perfect for use as an active jacket, an outer layer, thermal mid-layer, or casual wear for daily use.

17. Gary Com Heavyweight Sherpa Hoodies for Men

Winter Hoodies for Men - Gary Com Heavyweight Sherpa
Buy now

This thick hoodie is a 55% cotton and 45% polyester item with a plush sherpa fur lining. The sherpa interior makes it almost as insulating as wool. It is breathable and has a soft fleece finish and a velvety feel against the skin. It is warm but not bulky and has extra long sleeves that have a slick cloth lining that wicks away moisture, keeping you cool when hot.

Its sleeves are also cotton padded for enhanced moisture absorption. The Gary Com heavyweight sherpa hoodie is windproof as well and has a larger fitting allowing bundling. The hood has a drawstring for that athletic, fit, keeping your head, neck, and torso all toasty. It also has a hardy front zipper and hand-warming kangaroo pockets.

18. Relwen Superfleece Hoodie

Good Hoodies for Men - Relwen Superfleece Hoodie

This superfleece hoodie from Relwen is so warm, there is the danger that you might never take it off. Relwen creates rugged and edgy clothing items, perfect for late fall wear and the daily commute. The brand’s focus on hard-wearing styles and functionality shines through this sleek military-inspired outerwear with an edge.

The hoodie’s face is a premium 100% cotton jersey, hard to find and incredibly long-lasting. The Jersey cotton fabric is soft and stretchy and has a natural elasticity much like elastane. For this reason, it is not only one of the warmest fall wear out there, but it has a classic form-fit as well.

Its backside has a cozy Sherpa knit while its opening is the throat three-snap type. On this account, the garment sits perfectly on the shoulders, allowing layering without choking your throat. Its hem is a 95% cotton triple rib with 5% elastane. It has a deep, large snap chest pocket for your devices and knick-knacks. You can buy the Relwen superfleece hoodie in heather, navy, light grey, and crimson hues.

19. ASICS X Reigning Champ Paris Edition Pullover Hoodie

Trendy Mens Hoodies - ASICS X Reigning Champ Paris Edition Pullover Hoodie
This pullover hoodie is equal parts cozy and cool. A product of the collaboration between premium athletic wear manufacturer Reigning Champ and Asics, the sports equipment guru, it is the perfect hoodie for the runner. Part of the ASICS X Reigning Champ Paris Edition, the hoodie is a post-run recovery item.

That said, it is an excellent athleisure item and will make you the envy of any designer conscious onlooker. It is a double knit cotton-blend hoodie, thicker than most of its peers. This double knit weave assembly amplifies its form and structure. The sturdy, stable fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, making the pullover hoodie the perfect go-to item when packing.

Its hoodie is soft cotton on the outside, while its interior has a Pima cotton jersey lining for extreme coziness. The Polar Shade hoodie’s chest has a Paris zero-point seal, while its right sleeve has Paris coordinates. Its other premium features include a contrasting drawcord, drop shoulders, and ribbed cuffs. Don’t skip on this one this fall.

20. Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Pullover

The Flint and Tinder hoodie is all-seasons outerwear with a sedating level of comfort. It is the perfect item for the lazy guy that wants to look good without too much of a fuss. You will love its comfortable soft fit so much that you will probably want a few F&T hoodies for your rotations.

F&T hoodies come in tasty neutral shades of black forest, grey, heather grey, and navy. They are 70% cotton and 30% blend sweatshirts, thick, warm, and durable. Staying true to the buy American ideal, Flint and Tinder cotton is Mississippi Delta grown.

The indoors or outdoors sweatshirt has a ten-year guarantee that it will grow with you, mellowing with age but not fading or tearing. All its components, including the drawcords with a metallic tip, tapes reinforced with twill, are all USA sourced.

The Flint and Tinder hoodie’s kangaroo pockets are reinforced and have a lip at the edges to keep your stuff from dumping out. Wear any of its earth tone colors with your closet staples such as the slim chinos, American oxfords, and leather sneakers.


BUYING GUIDE – Best Hoodies for Men

The following are what to look for when picking a cool hoodie that will stand the test of time.


When considering the type of hoodie to buy, you likely want a balance between quality and price. Something affordable but not cheap, and still looks good on you. Plus, you want a quality material that won’t wither or fade within the first few washes.

Your hoodie should come with wash and care instructions. Follow the care instructions carefully to avoid cases such as ironing a nylon hoodie only to end up with holes in the fabric.

Type of Fabric

The fabric you choose for your hoodie should be durable and easy to wash. Cotton is the most popular fabric as it’s a natural fiber and self-absorbent; it keeps the body dry even when you’re feeling sweaty. Cotton is lightweight and flexible, so you won’t feel like your hoodie is an extra burden.

Fleece hoodies are the perfect choice for winters. This material is a combination of cotton and wool, making for a soft skin feel. Fleece hoodies are suitable for outdoor activities in cold climates, such as when camping or climbing high summits.

Nylon hoodies are glossy and light, which makes them perfect for indoor or summer parties. Water doesn’t penetrate through nylon easily, so nylon hoodies work great for those cloudy days when it might rain at any moment.


The warmth of your hoodie typically depends on the type of fabric, how the fabric is woven, and the thickness of the fabric. Most brands list their hoodies’ fabric thickness by ounce per square yard (oz/sq yd). The higher the oz/sq yd, the thicker the fabric. To keep snug and warm, look for a hoodie at least 6oz/sq yd or above.

Related Reading: How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather without Breaking the Bank


Depending on your taste, preferences, and where you will be wearing your hoodie, there are various styles to choose from. For instance, you can select a zip-up hoodie for a slim-fit style or you may prefer a pullover hoodie that’s more comfortable loose fit. Depending on what’s in your wardrobe, you can pair your hoodie with a scarf for an urban look or add a parka for an outdoor style.


To save or to splurge? What’s the difference between a $30 hoodie and a $300 hoodie? Hoodies come in a wide range of prices. Some designer hoodies may cost as high as $1,500. Fun fact: the Greek fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou, reportedly owns a mink sweatshirt with a $26,000 price tag.

With the rising popularity of the hoodie as a fashion statement, expect to see wide price variations. Meanwhile, standard prices at most of the big retailers range from $25 to $80.

Like all other clothing garments, the pricing of a hoodie will depend on the cost of materials, cost of labor, shipping, the designer’s branding, and many other factors that go into production.

With the above criteria in mind, you’re all set to find yourself some of the best hoodies for men in the market today.

The Final Word on Cool Sweatshirts

The hoodie, one of the world’s most villainized items, is now a fashion front row item. It has left its moody teenager looks behind, developing into a mainstream athleisure wear product. No longer a mugger or teen misfit uniform, you can now wear the best men’s hoodies to the office.

Choose high-quality fabric, and construction products that will last you through the seasons (tough), and enjoy the classic comfort that only the best sweatshirts for men can give.

  • What do you prioritize when shopping for hoodies?

  • Do you value sustainability, high fashion, comfort, or something else?

Leave us your thoughts in a comment below and tell us what are your favorite hoodies for men, and why.

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