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26 Best Slim Wallets For Men For Any Pocket (2021 Edition)

We’ve looked at minimalist wallets that strip out the junk you don’t need for streamlined carry, and RFID wallets, which are similarly small items intended to guard your personal information against digital thieves. Now we’re going to look at slim wallets, which take the minimalist ideology to a new extreme.

Instead of focusing on supreme organization, size is the ultimate monkey in a slim wallet. The entire goal isn’t just to be simple, but to make you forget you’re even carrying it and allow it to fit absolutely anywhere; including the laughably small pockets they put in women’s jeans.

Coolest Slim Wallets For Men

Selecting a slim wallet is all about asking what you’re willing to give up when it comes to wallet storage so that you can keep the profile low. Often, wallets of this type are used solely for carrying your plastic or just your IDs, leaving your cash loose to be snapped into a money clip.

The purpose of this is to avoid ruining the lines of your clothing, but also to prevent having all your goodies in one place. Many – particularly international travelers — have found that having separate places for cash, cards, and personal information ends up saving them the hassle of digging through a bulky wallet, or from losing their whole life with one mistake, or one back alley mugging.

For their everyday carry, these 26 slim wallets hold the gold.

Dash 4.0

Dash 4 slim wallet 960x640 26 Best Slim Wallets For Men For Any Pocket (2021 Edition)
via dashwallets.com

A wee, windowed, nylon pouch that protects from invasive RFID signals yet takes up the least pocket space possible, here’s where you hide your emergency stash. Purchase: $20

Wally iPhone Wallet

Wally iPhone Slim Wallet 960x960 26 Best Slim Wallets For Men For Any Pocket (2021 Edition)
via distilunion.com

Certainly not more secure than a regular wallet, Wally sticks to the back of your iPhone to keep everything in one spot. Sadly, it also means if one disappears, the other is gone too. Purchase: $20+

Solid Design Slim Wallet

via slimwalletjunkie.com

Sweet aluminum makes up the RFID-dumping body, while a band holds a few cards and cash in place. Truly, forgetably light. Purchase: ~$25+

Hover Leather

via kickstarter.com

Slim doesn’t need to mean that half your cards need to go into the bin. The Hover leather handles 10 cards easily, with a stash for cash, all in Tuxedo blackPurchase: $35

Whipping + Post Picker’s Wallet

via toolsandtoys.net

All full-grain leather with pockets for cash, cards, ID, and your strummer, it’s the guitar hero’s way to roll. Purchase: $35

Jack Sutter TGT Wallet

via tightstore.com

Italian leather with an elastic strap that’s woven in the United States, TGT (Tight) wallets have a plethora of pockets, all in an understated body no one will soon forget. Purchase: $36-$51

Trayvax Axis

via everydaycarry.com

A tacticians wallet made with a bi-fold design, it’s a little thicker and heavier, as it’s mostly stainless steel worked to perfection in the United States. The extra heft means quality that doesn’t even know how to say “Die” much less when. Purchase: $40-$50

SlimFold Soft Shell

via packinglite.co

The material used here was originally intended for motorcycle clothing, and it shows. Stain-resistant, tough to tear, easy to expand or contract, waterproof, and simple to wash, it’s even a traditional bi-fold for more traditional storing. Purchase: $45

Machine Era Ti5

via starterstore.de

Lightness and RFID blocking are done by the titanium body, which can also serve as a bottle opener in a pinch. If you want unkillable, here it sits. Purchase: $48

Fantom Quick Access

via kickstarter.com

An interior mechanism fans out your cards for quick picking with just a finger flick, then slides them back into the carbon fiber or aluminum frame. Though the basic model is thin as a string bikini, there’s three sizes in total, in the event you prefer your slim with some meat. Purchase: ~$48

Owen & Fred Navy and Brown Card Wallet

via owenandfred.com

Horween leather that’s been hand-stitched domestically, with a price tag you’d find on an import, you might have it on you right now and not even realize it. Purchase: $49

Supr. Slim 2

via gearhungry.com

Leather and elastic integrated into one of the most basic card and cash carriers on the map, the slim wallet purist has arrived. Purchase: $49

Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

via wallets-online.com

Coming in carbon fiber, polycarbonate, titanium, aluminum, and whatever else they can get their hands on, here you have a card-carrier complete with backside money clip for an all-in solution. Purchase: $45-$105

Aecraft Slim

via aecraft.com

3mm of vegetable tanned leather are all it takes to make up the Slim from Aecraft, but combine that with a hint of elastic for a keychain and you’ve got a nice EDC combo. Purchase: $53

Winter Session Slash

via armitageandmcmillan.com

So simple, yet so right, the Slash is 4 oz of vegetable tanned Horween that’s been waxed down and hand stitched with Irish linen thread. Very much what you see is what you get, and that’s a hell of a thing. Purchase: $65

Jack Spade Waxwear Vertical

via lyst.com

The long, vertical wallet is a rarity reserved for those in camelhair coats who have manservants to handle their money. Should you be one of these people, or merely want to live as they do, try this waxed canvas survivor. It’s class, but also dreadnought design. Purchase: $75

Shinola Magnetic Money Clip

via lyst.com

It’s called a money clip, but the fold is all wallet. However you want to think of it, it’s Horween leather hand-sewn by Hadley Roma of Largo, Florida. So call it a cash cow for all we care, just carry it. Purchase: $75

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

via guysgab.com

Everything in it’s place, Bellroy designed every pocket and pouch with a specific goal in mind. Follow their advice and you’ll have an environmentally certified leather piece that begs to disappear between your car seats. Purchase: $80

MAKR Canvas Zip

via flatspot.com

Though a bit of a poofy pouch, the innocuous look and high flexibility of the Canvas Zip help us look the other way when it comes to the bulk-bringing YKK zipper. Since it’s cloth, it packs down tight with a little time in your pocket. Purchase: $80

Hard Graft Wild Pocket

via hardgraft.com

Made in England, home of bespoke gear, the Italian wool felt on the inside cradles your cards, and the premium leather exterior cradles your ego as admiring glances are shot your way. Purchase: $85

Noah Lambert Uni-Fold

via unfinishedman.com

One piece of vegetable tanned leather from Wickett & Craig, held in shape by two simple, sturdy seams that are hand-stitched out of Barbour’s Red Hand 5 cord linen thread, it’s functional art given form. Purchase: $90


via everydaycarry.com

Two great tastes, getting a key organizer that wants to be a wallet – or the other way around – is an EDC dream come true, rendered in aircraft-grade aluminum with carbon fiber backing. Purchase: $89-$99

Balanst Minimalist Privacy Wallet

via thegadgetflow.com

Though a bit thicker than other choices, it’s the ability to stash everything in a safe spot without bulking up that appeals to those who need both RFID-blocking and eyesight blocking in their pocket. Purchase: ~$107

Böle Card Case

via boletannery.com

There’s a 15-year warranty attached to this Swedish marvel, but it’s more likely to last a lifetime. A satchel with a strap the size of your pocket and nothing more, it refuses to fail after years of serious mistreatment. Purchase: ~$108

Mark Cross Flat Card Case

via lyst.com

Luxury brands in the United States tend to have lives that are nasty, brutish, and short. When you run across a 150+ year survivor, like Mark Cross, you trust their Saffiano leather and sealant, because it will outlive – and probably outshine – all of us. Purchase: $225

Valextra Grip Spring

via valextra.com

Built for carrying dual currencies without adding bulk to your carry-on, the magnetic sleeves and odd folds take a few minutes to get used to, but then the utility becomes second nature and you’re able to fall in love with this grained leather phenomenon. Purchase: $395

Slim Wallet Conclusions

Have you picked a slim wallet from our list? How did it pass the test of time?

Are there other wallets we might have missed?

Hit us up in the comments below, we’d like to hear from you.

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