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Best EDC Wallet: Top 26 Slim Wallets and Money Clips (Reviewed)

If you’re looking for the perfect EDC wallet with a slim design, then look no further. Follow this list for 26 of the best slim wallets for men in 2021.

Best Slim Wallets for Everyday Carry 2021

We’ve already looked at minimalist wallets that strip out the junk you don’t need making for streamlined carry. Then, we moved onto RFID wallets, which are similarly small items intended to guard your personal information against digital thieves. Now we’re going to look at slim wallets EDC buffs will love, which take the minimalist ideology to a new extreme.

Instead of focusing on supreme organization, small size is the ultimate goal with slim wallets for men. Then again, the entire goal isn’t just simplicity. But to make you forget you’re even carrying it. And to allow it to fit absolutely anywhere – including the laughably small pockets they put in women’s jeans.

Why You Should Get an EDC Wallet

Oftentimes, selecting a slim wallet is all about asking what you’re willing to give up when it comes to wallet storage so that you can keep the profile low. Additionally, slim EDC wallets are used solely for carrying your plastic or just your IDs, leaving your cash loose to be snapped into a money clip.

The purpose of such a slim design is to avoid ruining the lines of your clothing. But it also helps to prevent you having all your goodies in one place.

Many – particularly international travelers – have found that having separate places for cash, cards, and personal information ends up saving them a lot of hassle. And from potentially losing their whole life with one mistake, or one back alley mugging.

Coolest Slim Wallets For Men

For their effortless everyday carry, these 26 slim wallets hold the gold.

1. Fidelo Minimalist Wallet

Fidelo Minimalist Wallet
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For a minimalist wallet, Fidelo offers just about every feature you could think of. First, there’s the aluminum wallet chamber. Then, a removable leather case. Finally, there’s an elastic cash band to hold things together.

2. Dash 4.0

Dash 4 Slim Wallet for EDC
via dashwallets.com

A wee, windowed, nylon pouch that protects from invasive RFID signals yet takes up the least pocket space possible, here’s where you hide your emergency stash.

3. Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip

The Ridge Wallet Money Clip RFID Slim Wallet EDC
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The Ridge Wallet comes in carbon fiber, polycarbonate, titanium, aluminum, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Here you have an EDC card-carrier complete with backside money clip for an all-in solution.

4. Wally iPhone Wallet


Certainly not more secure than a regular wallet, Wally sticks to the back of your iPhone to keep everything in one spot. Sadly, it also means if one disappears, the other is gone too.

5. Solid Design Slim Wallet

Solid Design Slim Wallet

Sweet aluminum makes up the RFID-dumping body, while a band holds a few cards and cash in place. Truly, forgettably light.

6. Mosiyeef Pop Up Wallet with Money Clip

Mosiyeef Pop Up Wallet with Money Clip
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If you’re looking for a cool slim wallet then Mosiyeef has you covered. With a sleek metal case, the Pop Up Wallet with money clip has style and practicality. Just press the button on the bottom, and the cards pop up for easy access.

7. Whipping + Post Picker’s Wallet

Whipping + Post Picker's Wallet

All full-grain leather with pockets for cash, cards, ID, and your strummer, it’s the guitar hero’s way to roll.

8. Jack Sutter TGT Wallet

Jack Sutter TGT Wallet

Italian leather with an elastic strap that’s woven in the United States, TGT (Tight) wallets have a plethora of pockets, all in an understated body no one will soon forget.

9. Trayvax Axis

Trayvax Axis

A tacticians wallet made with a bi-fold design, it’s a little thicker and heavier, as it’s mostly stainless steel worked to perfection in the United States. The extra heft means quality that doesn’t even know how to say “Die” much less when.

10. SlimFold Soft Shell

SlimFold Soft Shell EDC Wallet

The material used here was originally intended for motorcycle clothing, and it shows. Stain-resistant, tough to tear, easy to expand or contract, waterproof, and simple to wash, it’s even a traditional bi-fold for more traditional storing.

11. Herschel Men’s Charlie RFID

Herschel Men’s Charlie RFID
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Want to keep things more casual? Then check our Herschel’s Charlie Wallet. Not only does it offer RFID blocking security, it also comes in many colors, and designs.

12. Fantom Quick Access

Fantom Quick Access

An interior mechanism fans out your cards for quick picking with just a finger flick, then slides them back into the carbon fiber or aluminum frame. Though the basic model is thin as a string bikini, there’s three sizes in total, in the event you prefer your slim with some meat.

13. RUNBOX Slim Wallet for Men

RUNBOX Slim Wallet for Men
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Not fully sold on the idea of having an ultra simplistic wallet? No problem. RUNBOX offers a slim wallet EDC-style for men that has all the appeal of a minimalist wallet. But you still get that bifold closure.

14. Supr. Slim 2

Supr. Slim 2
via gearhungry.com

Leather and elastic integrated into one of the most basic card and cash carriers on the map, the slim wallet purist has arrived.

15. Winter Session Folding Card Wallet

Winter Session Folding Card Wallet

Remember that old adage about brown and black being a fashion faux pas? Well, forget everything you ever thought about combining the two. Because Winter Session’s Folding Card Wallet is proof black and brown work great together.

16. ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet

ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet
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For those that need a heavy duty wallet, ARW’s Carbon Fiber Wallet is an excellent option. So, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. Or your information, because it includes RFID blocking tech.

17. Shinola Five Pocket Card Case

Slim Wallets EDC Shinola Bolt
via www.shinola.com

Want an EDC leather wallet that has all the perks of heavier duty metal models? Shinola’s Five Pocket Card Case offers all the allure of a leather wallet, but with the protection of RFID. And the lighting bolt on the front is a nice touch.

18. Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve slim wallet
via guysgab.com

Everything in its place, Bellroy designed every pocket and pouch with a specific goal in mind. Follow their advice and you’ll have an environmentally certified leather piece that begs to disappear between your car seats.

19. MAKR Canvas Zip

MAKR Canvas Zip
via flatspot.com

Though a bit of a poofy pouch, the innocuous look and high flexibility of the Canvas Zip help us look the other way when it comes to the bulk-bringing YKK zipper. Since it’s cloth, it packs down tight with a little time in your pocket.

20. Hard Graft Push Card Case

Slim Wallets EDC Hardgraft
via www.hardgraft.com

When you’re in a rush you don’t want to fuss with your wallet. And although slim wallets already boast practicality, the Push Card Case from Hard Graft takes it a step further. With just a push, you can easily access the contents of your wallet.

21. Buffway Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Buffway Slim Front Pocket Wallet
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If you’re wanting a minimalist wallet with timeless appeal, then Buffway’s extra slim wallet is right up your alley. Not only does it come with ample storage space, it remains thin, and compact. Everything you want in an EDC wallet.

22. KeyClip

KeyClip Slim Wallet
via everydaycarry.com

Two great tastes, getting a key organizer that wants to be a wallet – or the other way around – is an EDC dream come true, rendered in aircraft-grade aluminum with carbon fiber backing.

23. Travando Austin Slim Bifold Wallet

Travando Austin Slim Bifold Wallet
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Get ready to throw out all you thought you knew about a classic bifold wallet. Travando has given the bifold a facelift, making it more streamlined, and sexier than ever. Instead of an uncomfortably large bifold throwing your spine out of alignment, you won’t even know this wallet is there.

24. Böle Card Case

Böle Card Case
via boletannery.com

There’s a 15-year warranty attached to this Swedish marvel, but it’s more likely to last a lifetime. A satchel with a strap the size of your pocket and nothing more, it refuses to fail after years of serious mistreatment.

25. Mark Cross Flat Card Case

Mark Cross Flat Card Case
via lyst.com

Luxury brands in the United States tend to have lives that are nasty, brutish, and short. When you run across a 150+ year survivor, like Mark Cross, you trust their Saffiano leather and sealant, because it will outlive – and probably outshine – all of us.

26. Valextra Grip Spring

Valextra Grip Spring
via valextra.com

Built for carrying dual currencies without adding bulk to your carry-on, the magnetic sleeves and odd folds take a few minutes to get used to, but then the utility becomes second nature and you’re able to fall in love with this grained leather phenomenon.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Cool EDC Wallet

Have you ever found yourself taking your essential cards, and identification out of your wallet so you can carry less stuff? Or do you just hate the back pain from sitting on top of a giant bifold wallet? Then it might be time to switch to something smaller, and more streamlined.

But if you’re still wondering if a slim EDC wallet is right for you then take a moment to consider what you need from a wallet in the first place.

Simplicity vs. Functionality of EDC Wallets

After reviewing the above list of slim wallets for men, you know that simplicity doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing functionality. And if we’re being honest, simplicity in wallet form means you’re actually enhancing functionality.

Let’s explain further…

When you have a giant wallet there’s the inevitable struggle to quickly produce the necessary contents from the abyss. Have you ever sat and watched a woman dig endlessly through her purse to grab her keys? That’s you, but with a wallet.

So, by having more compartments for money, change, and cards, you’re really sacrificing functionality. However, a slim wallet is perfectly designed for everyday carry. And you’re free to grab and go even in a rush.

How Much Stuff Are You Keeping in Your EDC Wallet?

Okay, we hear you, you’ve got a lot of stuff in your wallet. But do you really need all the clutter?

When you switch to a slim everyday carry wallet you’re going to have less space for clutter to build up.

So, take a page from Marie Kondo’s book and toss whatever you don’t need, or doesn’t “bring you joy.” Because in truth, you could be walking around with several expired gift cards, coupons you’ll never use, and receipts you keep hoarding.

Once you’ve tossed the junk, if you’re only left with IDs, and a few cards, then it’s time to make the switch to cool slim wallets.

Slim Wallets EDC Craftsmen

Quality of EDC wallets

When you’re considering a new wallet, you’ll need to take the time to choose the material.

Since you’re cutting back to the essentials with a slim wallet, you’ll want one that can stand the test of time. So, quality and durability are important.

While you can easily find a beautiful EDC leather wallet, there are even more options available. From metal, to heavy plastic, and even carbon fiber.

With such a vast variety of materials to choose from, you can definitely find a quality wallet that fits your needs.

Versatility of slim wallets for men

Thanks in part to the expansive list of materials used to craft the best slim wallets for men, they’re extremely versatile.

Without a giant wallet throwing off your silhouette, you can effortlessly carry all your necessities with any style. And it doesn’t matter the occasion or activity.

So, if you’re someone who travels frequently, or lives an active lifestyle. You’ll greatly appreciate the versatility of a slim EDC wallet.

What’s Your Favorite Slim EDC Wallet?

Have you picked a slim wallet from our list? How did it stand the test of time?

And are you happy you ditched the bulky wallet?

Hit us up in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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