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    Laser-Cut Wool Placemats by Alljoy Design
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Laser-Cut Wool Placemats by Alljoy Design

During my travels to Ireland last month, Mrs. TheCoolist asked me to find her a gift that was uniquely Irish, something that couldn’t be found elsewhere that would resonate with her.  I didn’t expect to return home with placemats, but I never imagined I’d discover a set of placemats and coasters that were this cool.  At the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street in Dublin, I was introduced to these incredible Laser-Cut Wool Placemats by Alljoy Design.  These modern, geometric placemat designs immediately caught my attention, having grabbed a set of four with coasters before my return trip home to The States.  Needless to say, Mrs. TheCoolist was thrilled.

AllJoy Designs Laser-Cut Wool Placemats are designed in a repeated geometric pattern, symmetrical on two axes and sized for small contemporary dishware.  They measure slightly smaller than 8×12-inches, with less than a quarter-inch in height.  Their tough wool construction allows them to handle both hot and cold dishes, giving a little elevation between the meal and the table to protect your dining table.

While few of us (and this is coming from a guy here) know the average sizes of placemats and dishware, I should emphasize “small” here.  These laser-cut placemats are smaller than typical American tableware, but I see that as a good thing.  They occupy less table space while emphasizing smaller dishware, relating very much to modern food trends of less-is-more.  If you’re serving a full Thanksgiving dinner, you may not opt for a set of these.  If you’re cooking something a bit more progressive and refined, this is the perfect set for your table.  In short, if you’re serving any artfully-prepared dishes, these wool placemats are the ideal canvas.

These laser-cut wool placemats are available directly from Irish Design Shop’s online store, or you can pick them up yourself if you’re lucky to be visiting Dublin.  They’re available in gray, blue and yellow for about $17 USD, with accompanying coasters available for about $10 USD.  They are an exclusive item to the Irish Design Shop, and as The Mrs. asked, they are inherently Irish.  They’re produced in Dublin using Irish wool and precision laser crafting techniques.

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