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    LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike
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LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

A sleek new e-bike is about to hit the streets, the LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike.  Designed and hand-assembled in Italy, the LEAOS is as much a design statement as it is an urban commuter vehicle.  All of the guts of the LEAOS bike are contained within its carbon fiber monocoque body, from the battery to the cables that connect the handlebars to the power source, the brake levers to the brake pads.  From a passer’s by perspective, it is a stealthy little ebike with a visual sensibility of “less is more”, and we’d love to give it a ride.

The LEAOS e-bike is available in two iterations, the LEAOS Pure and the LEAOS White, two colorways that both feature the system’s MPF middle motor drive.  That advanced motor and the internal battery pack can drive the LEAOS to as high as 28 mph, either as a pedal-assist or pure electric power.  Its base model cruises beyond 15 mph, and both are fully street legal– although the 28 mph model may require a moped license in most areas.

The LEAOS Carbon Fiber Electric Bike is available now, and buyers can order using the configurator on the LEAOS website.  The price is understandably high for this technology, as it is still in its infancy and has yet to see the price drops that come with the scale of critical mass.  The base model, with speeds of up to 15 mph, starts at nearly $7,000 USD after conversion.  If it keeps your car in the garage more often and gets you to and from work every day, that cost begins to justify itself.  Stay tuned for more about LEAOS models in the future…

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