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    10 Most Amazing Airbnb Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake, California
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10 Most Amazing Airbnb Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake, California

On some weekends, over 100,000 tourists troop down to Big Bear Lake to enjoy a unique and fun getaway in Southern California. For a city with a population of just over 5,000 people, that’s an awful lot of tourists — so you’re right to wonder where to get fine accommodation in this small tourist city.

AirBnb Big Bear Lake, Southern California

Tucked in the San Bernardino Mountains, this serene alpine city offers stunning views of nearby mountains. It’s two hours away from the city of Los Angeles. And, for over 2,000 years, indigenous Serrano people dwelled here until explorers came in the 1800s.

Big Bear has become popular for an array of recreational activities including water sports, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, ziplining, cycling and mountain biking, alpine slide at Magic Mountain, and stargazing.

Top Airbnb in Big Bear Lake

Thanks to Big Bear Lake’s vibrant tourism sector, there are a variety of accommodation options available here. From traditional hotels, lodges, vacation rentals, cool solitary cabins, and luxurious homes. You’ll be easily spoilt for choice. But that’s where we come in. Read on for our selection of some of the most amazing Airbnbs you can find and book around Big Bear Lake today.

1. Whiskey Ridge A-Frame Chalet

Whiskey Ridge A-Frame Chalet

This warm A-frame boho-styled cabin sits in one of Big Bear’s most coveted addresses. Attention to detail and perfection came to play when the meticulously designed cabin was set up. Hence it stands head and shoulder above other properties.

Enjoy the perfect romantic getaway as you sample the generous spaces on the 8,800 square ft property. Ample parking, a wood stove, spacious loft area, a magnanimous bathtub, and a panoramic deck view decorate this private abode. It’s also ideal for a family hideaway. Here, you can conveniently shut the world outside as you nest in the alpine woodlands.

Lux Boho A-Frame Cabin

Proximity to a plethora of recreation facilities in Big Bear Lake is a feather in the cap of Whiskey Ridge Chalet. The Big Bear Ski Resort is less than 5 minutes away. You can access the Alpine Zoo, The Village (the main hub in town), Big Bear Lake, and numerous biking and hiking trails in below ten minutes.

Instagrammers have every reason to want to crash in this picturesque cozy crib. The extensive A-shaped windows allow natural light to invade the cabin while allowing for stunning views of the pine-scented mountainous neighborhood.

You’ll find this a worthy escape to return to after a packed day of hiking in the mountains or fishing at Big Bear Lake.


2. Airbnb Big Bear Lake Wilderness Haven

Airbnb Big Bear Lake Wilderness Haven

This wilderness cabin is ideal for large groups, couples, and families as it can remarkably house up to 11 people. As a guests, you can also bring a limited number of big or small canine buddies, little cuddly felines, or whichever pets you own. After a busy day, dine at the outdoor picnic table under the pines or on the porch. Then pass away the night with friends and family under a tranquil star-studded sky while lounging on the deck.

THE WILDERNESS HAVEN-By Lake, Village & Ski Resort

Featured amenities on this cabin include a charcoal grill, internet access, a fully stocked kitchen, a wood stove, cozy lounges, and three bedrooms. Did I forget to say decent parking is available here as well?

Convenience is a significant selling point of this cabin since it’s located just three minutes’ drive from the gorgeous Big Bear Lake and the Pine Knot Village. The Snow Summit Ski Resort is nearby, and so are several hiking trails.

3. Lakeside Midcentury Airbnb Big Bear Lake

Lakeside Midcentury Airbnb Big Bear Lake

The lakeside cabin is a stunning bundle of supreme comfort and architecture. Draped in a midcentury decor theme, the design will knock your socks off.

Highlighted amenities include internet wifi access, a pool table, board games and puzzles for all ages, concierge services, and smart TV.

You could opt to lounge in the spacious deck on the cabin, swing leisurely in the hammock underneath a cluster of pines, or indulge in a favorite indoor pastime game. Sprawl yourself on the luxurious couch and watch a movie or chit-chat with friends. And if you want total relaxation, dip yourself in the warm tub as you watch the evening fade away.

Gorgeous Lakeside Midcentury Cabin - Dock+Hottub

For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s ready access to the lake. You can take a Kayak or launch your boat at this water body and go fishing in the pristine waters of Big Bear Lake. The alternative is watching the golden sunset from the comfort of a private dock boat. You can hike through the various trails or ride to the Village about five minutes away. Nestle around the indoor or the outdoor fireplace to refresh yourself after a day out conquering the Snow Summit.

The 13,000 sq ft A-framed cabin is suitable for couples, families, or large groups and can host up to 8 people. Indoor and outdoor recreational activities within and without the cabin are plenty. Its location near the main areas of attraction makes it a top choice Airbnb Big Bear Lake.


4. Bright Airbnb Big Bear Lake Family Cabin

Bright Airbnb Big Bear Lake Family Cabin

This is an excellent abode for a small family or group of friends. The lovely family cabin has a homely feel and consists of 3 bedrooms. What’s more, the cabin’s living room has an authentic rock fireplace and features large framed windows that offer breathtaking views of the mountainous outdoors.

Bright Family Cabin - Close to Village & Big Bear Lake

There’s a deck area for taking in the fresh mountain air while dining or watching the night skies. Big Bear Lake, Magic Mountain, the Village, and the Alpine Slide are all walkable from this haven.

To beat the chilly mountain weather, you can use the coffee maker to brew your favorite beverage or heat snacks in the available microwave.


5. Alterra Cabin Airbnb in Big Bear Lake

Alterra Cabin Airbnb in Big Bear Lake

Engulfed in glass windows from floor to ceiling, the Alterra Cabin’s cozy, mid-century design renders the rooms awash with sunlight. Besides, the windows enable you to assimilate the scenic mountainous terrain.

The A-frame structure is fitted with an expansive deck that provides stunning views of the Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Best for 4-5 adults, it’s also an awesome spot for a romantic rendezvous or a relaxing getaway for family and friends.

Alterra House Mid-Century A-frame - Big Bear California

Amazingly, the cabin, set in a tranquil neighborhood, is just a walking distance to the Village, the skiing area, and the San Bernardino National Forest that’s packed with a meshwork of hiking trails – so don’t forget to pack your best pair of hiking boots.

To keep away the chills, the Cabin has an effective wood stove. The main floor has two bedrooms with a third bedroom set up in the loft for additional privacy. Perched up the cabin is a reading loft that habituated readers can find addictive. The views from the loft bedroom are outlandish.

In the evenings, you can sip your hot chocolate as you reflect on the activities of the day at the lake or in the alpine mountains. For indoor entertainment, there’s a collection of board games, puzzles, music, books, and a smart TV to help you kick back as you get cozy around the woodstove.


6. Bonita Airbnb Big Bear Lake

Bonita Airbnb Big Bear Lake

This architectural masterpiece presents an array of engaging activities designed to spice up any family gathering or friends’ reconnection. It’s an idyllic mountain hideaway, crafted with attention to detail. Bonita Cabin offers scenic views of the lake and mountain landscapes from its expansive deck and four bedrooms.

It’s designed with group activities in mind by including a hot tub, a pool table, and a horseshoe pit. The Lindley-built cabin espouses a rustic theme by incorporating logs in the design, which gives the house character.

Big Bear Lake - Bonita Cabin

The three-storied unit, which sits on 2,800 sq ft, is generously spacious. It features log-themed furniture that naturally dovetails with the surrounding woodlands. Sitting on well-manicured gardens, the masterpiece has three bedrooms on the entry floor, extra space on a lower level for group fun activities, and a luxurious master bedroom at the top level to complete the magic that Bonita is.

You could lazily lounge in the deck area breathing in the mountain air as you appreciate the pine-packed landscape. Alternatively, nestle around the fireplace, or engage in horseshoes or other games if you’re the active type.

7. Stokhaus Cabin

Stokhaus Cabin

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, this 60s-inspired chalet embellished with an antiquated Swedish fireplace will be the perfect cabin to rent out on your holiday. Ideal for 2 to 4 people and nestled in the mountainous pines, the style is authentically vintage, from the pine-paneling to the lofty ceiling and the retro-themed kitchen.

Stōkhaus - Retro Retreat in the Pines - Big Bear

This cabin was originally constructed in 1966. Since then, it’s been renovated, taken cognizance to reflect the spirit and style of the times in which it was built. The A-frame cabin boasts acres of space on the interior and an extensive redwood deck from which you can catch a glimpse of the majestic mountains. A luminous orange fireplace plays the centerpiece in the living room that features heavily vintage decor.

The cabin has a lower and upper sleeping area with down and wool beddings provided. There’s a kitchen, ample parking, and a generous loft space reminiscent of the architecture of the 60s. You can visit the nearby Ski Resort, Big Bear Lake, or hike on the mountains’ trails as they lie close by.


8. Big Bear Treehouse

Big Bear Treehouse

Tastefully decorated with a clever mix of vintage and modern furniture, Big Bear Treehouse is a magnificent Airbnb destination for a family getaway or a romantic escapade.

It features a generous interior, two palatial bedrooms, and a well-stocked kitchen in which you could readily fix yourself something for dinner. You may enjoy your meal within the cabin or explore the outdoors, where you can sit under the whistling pines and wash down your meal with some coffee.

Big Bear Treehouse - Forest Backyard, Mid-Century

You get to sample the scenic San Bernardino National Forest from the wide-angled windows of the master bedroom. The loft area has the other bedroom that’s also luxurious, well-lit, and jealously guarded by the towering pines surrounding it. The foliage around the house creates a feeling of being outside while still enjoying the comforts of being at home.

The National Forest’s hiking trails are within a walkable distance from the cabin, with the restaurants, community market, skiing, and the lake being surprisingly close, just minutes away. Tucked away from the noise of modern urban city life, it’s the perfect place to rejuvenate as you chill by the cozy fireplace. The cabin can handle up to five people.


9. Nordik Treetop Cabin

Nordik Treetop Cabin

Enjoy a luxurious treat up in the trees as you relax in this Treetop Cabin that lies barely five miles from all that Great Bear city has to offer, including the Bear Mountain Resort. Drawing its inspiration from Scanadnivanian culture, the beauty of this cabin shows in its simplicity in design.

Nordik Eskape-Romantic Scandinavian Treetop Cabin - Big Bear California

The cabin comprises a one-bedroom in a two-level house. A fireplace warmly welcomes you into the spacious living room. The living space is characterized by panoramic windows and an exaggeratedly high ceiling creating a spacious loft area. There’s a well-equipped kitchen for ready use when you retire back to your cabin from skiing, hiking, ziplining, fishing, or taking a walk in the winding nature trails in the National Forest.

The bedroom is luxurious, and you may want to watch the sunset from the balcony as you sip on your coffee or choose to swing in the hammock as you unwind. If that’s not enough, the host offers sleds and mountain bikes if you’re interested.


10. Kitchy Chalet

Kitchy Chalet

This A-frame cabin is a stylish cocktail of mid-century modern architecture that worked to concoct the perfect mountain chalet. The Black-A frame’s signature wall-to-wall carpet and A-frame ceiling gives the cabin character that makes it posh. Within a few minutes’ reach of the iconic Snow Summit and the Great Bear Lake, the cabin’s location is phenomenal.

The Kitchy Cabin: Your Gorgeous Mountain Getaway

A well-equipped kitchen, a hammock to leisurely chill on while you read a book or unwind, a deck that provides a superb view of the picturesque woodlands, a hot tub, and a whole lot of comfy sitting areas make this cabin a hotbed of luxury.

The master bedroom has an inviting balcony to survey the scenic landscape as you’re perched among the treetops. It also includes a tempting hot tub and a warm fireplace. With hiking trails literally outside the doorstep, this is a perfect retreat in the woods.


Other Big Bear Lake Airbnb Cabins

Did you happen to stay in another great place that is not on our list? We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your experience. Hit us up in the comments below.