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    Alloy Yachts Vertigo 220 Superyacht
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Alloy Yachts Vertigo 220 Superyacht

Naval architect Philippe Brand has completed work on a masterpiece of yacht design, the Alloy Yachts Vertigo 220 Superyacht.  This massive 220-foot sailing yacht is lined with luxury from bow to stern, capable of carrying captain, crew and company around the world in the highest of fashion.  The Vertigo 220 is powered by a pair of 1400 hp main engines that combine with bow and stern thrusters for a massive amount of thrust to compliment the wind at its sails.  In contrast to most yachting designs, the interior is not overly compartmentalized, it is open and airy, making for a grand approach to luxury yacht living.  This is a masterful work of design by Brand, a superyacht that we’d love to experience for at least a weekend.

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