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    YachtPlus Superyacht by Foster + Partners
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YachtPlus Superyacht by Foster + Partners


Planning to make your own mark on the high seas?  If money was no object, the YacthPlus by Foster + Partners would be the ultimate sea-faring signature.  This mammoth, 41-meter super yacht stretches across the waters in the highest of fashions, sparing no expense on furnishing or feature.  YachtPlus is lined with natural hardwood decking, floor-to-ceiling windows, top-of-the-line electronics and smart, progressive styling.

The YachtPlus line of boats will include the Ocean Sapphire and the Ocean Emerald.  We’re glad to see that these ships are not just glossy renderings, but real builds that are roaming the seas right now.  While they’re not yet in full production, these real, working prototypes are solid signals that YachtPlus will soon be owning the seas.  For now, pricing and release details remain unknown… [yachtplus]





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