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    TheCoolist City Style: Miami Street Fashion Photography
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TheCoolist City Style: Miami Street Fashion Photography

One of the world’s fashion capitals isn’t far from our office here at TheCoolist. Miami is a fashion haven for designers, models, celebrities and other fashionables that wear their wardrobes on the streets and sands of South Beach. From Lincoln Road to Ocean Drive, the next season’s lines are debuted on the catwalks of the streets.

To explore the looks and lifestyles of Miami, we reached out to veteran street style photographer Phil Oh of Mr. Street Peeper carries a camera around world fashion districts, capturing some of today’s most fashionable people rocking the trends du jour. Like Bill Cunningham and The Sartorialist before him, Phil Oh’s work shows fashion at its most current and confident moment– in the streets of cities across the world.

What’s the scene going on in our city today? Let’s take a look at fashionable Miami, past and present– starting with the lovely Anouck Lepere above…

Miami Street Fashion Photography Gallery

All images used with consent by Phil Oh.