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    Corbis Readymech Paper Pinhole Cameras
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Corbis Readymech Paper Pinhole Cameras


Corbis Readymech Paper Pinhole Cameras – Your next camera doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg– nor do you have to leave your computer to get your hands on it.  The Corbis Readymech Pinhole Cameras are made entirely of paper– and can be printed from your nearest printer without costing you a dime.  These visually arresting cameras allow a pinhole’s worth of light to slowly soak your film until you’ve captured your target.  The resulting images are full of all the lo-fi character and warmth that are lost on today’s digital cameras.  Want to give the Corbis Readymech a try?  It’s simple.  Print out one of the many brilliantly designed camera sets, construct it, buy some cheap film and point that pinhole at something beautiful.  Voila, you’ve got yourself some lovely photos– and a brand new hobby. [download for free at readymech]



Corbis Readymech Pinhole Camera Gallery