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    Alen 55 Yacht is a Weekend Cruiser’s Dream Boat
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Alen 55 Yacht is a Weekend Cruiser’s Dream Boat

This 55-foot cruiser yacht is like a boutique hotel room on the water.  The Alen 55 Yacht is a high-design take on the traditional center-console boat, featuring elegant teak lining, leather interior wall panels and lacquered surfaces inside. With the center-console design, a deep bulwark walkway allows safe and easy access around the front and back of the boat, so passengers up front are “in” the boat, not “on” the boat at cruising speed.  Its built to seat eight comfortably upstairs, with room below for passengers to sleep soundly overnight.

The Alen 55 Yacht is powered by a pair of 800hp Volvo engines, capable of carrying pilot and passengers to a cruising speed of 30 knots with 35 knot bursts as needed.  This speed isn’t intended just for fun, but to traverse long distances for weekend cruises around the waterways of your choice.  We’re partial to the Antilles, but we’ll leave that part up to you.

The arrival and pricing of the Alen 55 Yacht is to be decided, and the pricing will largely depend on just how deep you wish to go with customizations.  At its stock level, this is a dreamy weekender boat, both the source of a passenger’s enjoyment and the place they rest their head at the end of the evening.  All that horsepower, teak and legroom is just the icing on the cake.

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