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    B-And-Bee Camping Pods Coming to a Music Festival Near You
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B-And-Bee Camping Pods Coming to a Music Festival Near You

Not everyone likes camping, and not everyone can afford glamping, but what about a hexagonal sleeping cell fitted with a king-size bed? It may not sound that good, but the pictures prove that it’s actually quite a luxurious option for those who want to attend music festivals without having to get down and dirty. Conceived by Belgian designers  B-AND-BEE, the honeycomb design also means that you can fit plenty of the sleeping quarters in a relatively small amount of space.

As the designers point out on Gizmodo, it’s also a great way to avoid the overpriced hotels which like to charge more when the festival season kicks into gear. “We thought, why not stack a honeycomb, not for bees, but for festival goers to offer a very comfortable, cozy alternative for the overbooked and overpriced hotels during festival times?” The interior is simple, but features a nice wooden finish, and has plenty of space to escape to for the night.

In the spirit of music festivals, the outside also features some cool artwork, and would be a perfect place to let people express their own artistic ideas – just so long as the decorating happens during daylight hours. I’ll leave you with a quote taken from the designers website which sums the idea up fairly well: “This stackable honeycomb structure, designed and built in Belgium, will give festival lovers all around the world the sweetest dreamzzz…”

B-And-Bee Camping Pods 2 B-And-Bee Camping Pods 3


B-And-Bee Camping Pods 4 B-And-Bee Camping Pods 5 B-And-Bee Camping Pods 6

Honeycomb Camping by B-And-Bee | Gallery

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