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Your Camera Strap Sucks. Long Live the Hard Graft Atelier Hang Camera Strap

That branded strap that came with your DSLR? It belongs in the garbage. If you’ve dealt with a stock strap from a Nikon or Canon DSLR, you know what I mean. They tend to unstrap themselves in heavy use, letting your DSLR go tumbling to the ground (or worse). They display your camera model to thieves in busy areas. They’re uncomfortable and unwieldy. The first thing you do when you receive a new DSLR is to take the camera strap and just toss it directly into the trash. Then invest in a nice camera strap to secure your investment.

Rant aside, you can’t go wrong with a camera strap like this. Hard Graft, the adored leather craft workers from the UK, have revealed their latest camera strap. The Hard Graft Atelier Hang Camera Strap is a tough, stylish and functional camera strap for your digital sidearm. It’s a blend of vegetable-tanned Italian leather and fine wool felt, stitched by hand and clasped by metal split rings. If it’s anything like the Hard Graft wallet in my pocket, it’s going to last a long time — it’ll most likely outlive your current camera too.

At $165 USD, the Hard Graft Atelier Hang Camera Strap isn’t cheap. It’s probably not the strap you want for an entry level DSLR. But if you shoot full frame and do a lot of traveling, it’s a sound investment.

Another alternative to the strap that comes with your camera are the Black Rapid sling straps. They’re not as pretty as the Hard Graft straps (honestly, nothing is!), but they provide a pretty cool bit of functionality for the pro photographer. They have a sliding strap that allows for quick positioning of the camera. The attachment slides up the strap, but the strap stays in place, allowing for easy access of the camera as needed. It’s something I’d love to see in the next Hard Graft camera strap. That and a 1/4-inch tripod attachment screw to attach directly to the body. Either way you go now, however, is a huge upgrade from the piece of junk that comes with your DSLR.

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