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Get Comfy in the 16 Bossest Robes For Lazing About

You can get by with any pair of ratty sweatpants and a hoodie if you’re looking to lounge around the house, but doing it right, doing it in style, and doing it with the utmost comfort means gearing up properly. We think that true comfort just happens, that sloth is not a serious undertaking worthy of our attention. We believe that while it’s important to prime your car, pack your best for everyday carry, and attack winter head-on with loads of layers, we can wear whatever cast-offs are laying around and expect to be really comfortable.

Putting this fallacy to bed, it’s important to think about how much of your life is spent hanging out in your comfortable clothes. Every morning, most every night, weekends, “sick” days, and any time you’re not actively out in the world or entertaining, odds are you’re ensconced in your casual clothes.

That’s more wear and tear through time than your best jeans, your nattiest boat shoes, and your lucky suit. That means you should be getting quality relaxation gear. To do this, start with slippers and one of the 16 best robes for serious idle hours.

Jockey Waffle Robe


Though basic in look and price, there’s something to be said for quality that doesn’t cost. Cotton and polyester come together here in a way that’s fun and functional, good for being worn after a bath or just because. Contrast piping adds a touch of style, while the waffle weave creates a better, breathable thermal cover than most more expensive items. Purchase: $40

Gap Cozy Sherpa Robe


Made for those who want a robe that is more of a sweatshirt than a trenchcoat, the Sherpa Robe is a simple, affordable, stylish item that manages to make its humble polyester body feel plush and soft, yet allowing it to last through many washes without losing its lustre. It’s a spa item brought home for your own personal pampering.

Del Rossa Fleece Robe


Fleece is a tricky fabric, in that cheap fleece looks and feels as nice as the good stuff, but quickly goes flat and breaks down. Though it doesn’t cost triple-digits, the Del Rossa doesn’t skrimp, using 15-ounce polar fleece that is both warm and nearly weightless. Like wearing an airy blanket, it breathes and retains heat so you rarely end up sweating into this sweet softness. Purchase: $66

Soho House Robe


Literally used at the Soho Farmhouse spa and cabins, putting it on immediately gives a feeling of languish that will wash over you. The softness is unreal and floats along your skin like gossamer, lowering you gently to rest. Purchase: ~$67

Reigning Champ Loopback Cotton-Jersey Robe


Made in Canada at the home of Reigning Champ, it’s entirely constructed out of cotton-jersey material which absorbs moisture and then dries it out, making it ideal wear for after a shower or luxurious bath. The cut drapes ideally whether you prefer a snug fit or letting it all hang out, and the self-tie belt offers up a supreme cinch every time. Purchase: $145

UGG Robinson Shawl Collar Robe


Polyester fleece on the inside with an exterior that is a mix of spandex and miles of cotton, UGG has mixed the best of synthetic textiles with natural fabrics for a look and feel that won’t fade, falter, or spoil after years of loafing. Purchase: $145

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe


Thinking you know what 100% organic cotton feels like is nothing compared to the softness you’ll get when it’s Aerospun. The Aerospinning process makes an absorbent weave that is also feather light, with a slick feel that’s smoother than the average fluff. It’s cloud comfortable for after the bath, or just putting up your heels after a long day. Purchase: $148

UGG Duffield Deluxe Robe


A truly sumptuous robe cut in the Jersey style, the secret here isn’t the cotton or even the plush additions at the neck and cuff. What really sets off alarms is the tiny bit of spandex that gives a little extra motion and stretch to the body, providing a sense of being gently swaddled in opulence. Not only that, but it manages to make the housecoat sexy. Purchase: $195

Majestic International Silk Dot Robe


There aren’t any gaps in Majestic’s robe game, so if you don’t prefer silk and wish to nab a terry cloth or luxe robe, then you’ll be delighted with the results. Those who require the touch of pure silk in a dapper drape with a look that is refined yet masculine should spend the funds to get a true Silk Dot, lest they be thought common. Purchase: $200

Pendleton Whisperwool Robe


The true American classic has been revived and reimagined with all the features you’d expect – shawl collar, big top pockets, a chest pocket for your Lucky Strikes, and even that plaid to make pops proud – but is now 100% virgin wool. No itchiness, no abrasions, just warmth and comfort that feels like it’s barely there while it covers all the necessities with a timeless cut. It’s even machine washable for extra convenience. Purchase: $224

Wings+Horns Cabin Fleece Robe


A shocking level of tailoring goes into this triple-decker robe made out of a Japanese fabric that is quilted on the inside for an added sense of softness and padding. Unlike traditional choices, it has a few sweatshirt features such as the hood and cuffed sleeves, allowing it to operate as a base layer should you want to check your mail or shovel the driveway without needing to change clothes. Purchase: $230

Barneys New York Wrap Robe


The camel cashmere and wool meld that only Barneys can provide, this long, slow drink of water is stunning to the touch, with a hint of silk in the lining that makes it heaven to wear. So good, it begs to be seen. Purchase: $259

Shinola x Sleepy Jones Muhammad Ali Robe


When it comes to gear, no one tops the Detroit juggernaut of Shinola. When it comes to sleepwear, Sleepy Jones holds sway. Put these two together in this limited edition item and you’re getting cotton oxford fabric lined with terry cloth that looks like the robe of the One True Champ, Muhammad Ali. Though the production of these has ended, hints of a revival are in the works, and there’s always the secondary market. LEARN MORE

Otis Batterbee


Merely because you are at home resting on your laurels, you should not suddenly decide it is acceptable to be unfashionable. The pure cotton body of this easy wrap is fetchingly adorned with a hexagonal print that is contemporary and feels ready to entertain a paramour at your residence, should the opportunity arise. Purchase: $295

Sleepy Jones Glenn


Believe it or not, the Glenn is designed less for lounging than it is for action. Artists, artisans, and home-workers of every stripe prefer this brushed cotton beast as their business attire. Soft yet tough as barbed wire, it gives you a mobile fit with lots of space for movement, or added room for curling up with a piece of Proust, just to exercise your mind. Purchase: $298

Kari Robe


Utter class in a demure form, the buttons are all mother of pearl and the piping is pure silk chiffon, perfectly complementing the all organic cotton body. Though cut small and slight, the Kari is evidence that there are still tailors who know how to make a minimalist masterwork. Purchase: $325