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    Tomos Classic XL Moped
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Tomos Classic XL Moped

The moped is back.  If you’ve been following along, however, it never really went anywhere in the first place.  For many years, the mopeds of the 1970s and 80s have been faithfully maintained and driven by a cult of small-motor enthusiasts throughout the world.  Today, one of the most revered brands in vintage mopeds has released a new moped– for the first time in 30 years.  Tomos is back, and has revealed a new moped in a limited run to its UK adherents– the Tomos Classic XL Moped.

The new Tomos Classic XL Moped is a compact pedal-start moped with a 49cc engine and a 27 mph top-end.  While this model is for sale only in the UK at present, those numbers translate quite well to the United States.  Reason being, a two-wheeled vehicle with less than 50ccs of displacement (and a ~25mph top end) doesn’t require a motorcycle license in most states.  Anyone can hop aboard and pilot their way through the city streets of downtown USA without additional paperwork.  This is one of several reasons a moped like this is so attractive to young people in modern cities.

A second reason the Tomos Classic XL moped is so attractive is its efficiency.  This low-displacement engine can get over 100 miles to a gallon for the right driver.  It barely sips fuel, using what equates to a lawn mower engine to cruise to up to 25 mph.  A third reason these mopeds are so adored by the Moped Army (which is a real thing) is how easy they are to maintain.  Anecdotally, Tomos mopeds are often considered the easiest to maintain, to modify and to upgrade.  Bikes like the venerable Puch Maxi of the 1970s (we have one in our garage) are a close second, but few bikes are as easy to maintain as a Tomos.  Those who are completely ignorant of engines and vehicle maintenance can get a quick handle of how to operate and maintain a moped like this.

The Tomos Classic XL Moped is available in a limited run in the UK for around $2,150 after conversion to USD.  There’s no news on a US arrival yet, but the sheer number of Tomos riders in the US might force their hand.  For those who want cheap, easy and efficient transportation in the modern city, this is a brilliant way to go.  For moped fans like us, it is very exciting news…

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