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    The 20 Manliest Subscription Boxes for Men (2023 Edition)
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The 20 Manliest Subscription Boxes for Men (2023 Edition)

Online ordering is easier than ever. Now, you can take the guesswork out of what to buy and when to order it with a monthly subscription. We’ve set you up with 20 of the most versatile and practical subscription boxes for men.

Subscription Boxes for Men

We live in a world where instant gratification has taken over. No matter what you need, with a simple push of a button, you can have it sent to your door. This means you never have to worry about restocking your cabinets or closet, because there’s a box that will do it for you.

The subscription box craze isn’t going anywhere. In fact, these boxes are just getting better. Not only are they convenient, they’re often very easy on your wallet.

No more going out of your way and spending a fortune on a product or clothing that you end up hating. With a subscription box you’ll get samples of larger products for a fraction of the cost, or you have the chance to return them hassle free. Plus, you aren’t locked into anything, you can cancel at any time.

So, get ready to enjoy new flavors, edgy products, and the latest fashions with some of the best subscription boxes curated with men in mind.

20 Best Subscription Boxes for Men

1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Simple Loose Leaf Tea
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Tea is a favorite drink across the world. Because of the expansive adoration of tea there is an abundant variety to try.

You’ll never be stuck with a limited grocery store selection again. Simple Loose Leaf Tea makes it their mission to provide subscribers with an endless supply of teas each month.

The convenience of a subscription box is nice, but loose leaf tea also offers a wide range of health benefits as well. Unlike with a tea bag, loose leaf absorbs water and allows for more vitamins and antioxidants to steep into the final product.

With Simple Loose Leaf Tea, you can expect quality products from all over the world, and choose from multiple shipping options. You can start off with a sample pack or choose from a black, green, or herbal tea box.

2. Gentlemen’s Box

Gentleman's Box
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Do you ever have trouble choosing new fashion accessories or clothing items? Or are you the type of man who loves to look great but you lack the time to expand your wardrobe? Then Gentleman’s Box is right for you.

Gentleman’s Box is designed for the dapper man looking to add some flare to his day-to-day ensemble. You get to choose from two plan options, the classic, and the premium.

With the classic plan, you’ll get a monthly box that features 4-6 accessories and essential items. Your box will also come with a Gentleman’s Post Booklet that gives you fashion tips and descriptions of each item. And each box is based off of a different fashionable gentleman to give you extra inspiration.

With the premium plan you can expect a quarterly box of lifestyle items. You’ll receive 4-6 new items based off of a theme such as “outdoor adventure,” and “commuter.” So, instead of spending a fortune on a potential hobby, you can try it out with Gentleman’s Box.

3. BattlBox

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Calling all outdoorsmen! Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or a novice looking to test the waters, BattlBox has you covered.

BattlBox comes in multiple sizes from Basic to Pro Plus. So, depending on the kit you choose, you’ll receive anywhere from 2-9 items chosen with a specific theme in mind each month.

Not only will you receive quality outdoor accessories, BattlBox provides a pamphlet with a description of each item. If you’re looking to bolster up your survival or camping supplies, this is the subscription box you need.

4. GQ Best Stuff

GQ Best Stuff
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Since 1931, GQ has been bringing men top tier fashion and grooming advice. Now, the men’s fashion magazine has even more to offer. GQ Best Stuff is a subscription box for men with a touch of class.

As GQ is a trusted fashion magazine for close to a century, there is little risk in signing up for one of their quarterly boxes thanks to their expertise. Your box will be chock full of the latest and greatest of men’s fashion, accessories, and lifestyle products.

Thanks to GQ, you can have some of the best stuff for men every 3 months. You’ll never go without having the newest and coolest items around.

5. Gainz Box

Gainz Box
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If you’re a true gym rat then you’re likely more interested in spending time at the gym and not preparing for it. Luckily Gainz Box has a monthly subscription box that will keep you in the gym and out of the store.

When you subscribe to Gainz Box your gym gear will quickly grow. The company offers you an ever growing amount of fitness accessories ranging from health conscious snacking options, workout apparel, exercise gear, and nutritional supplements. You’ll be able to try new products, test out new companies, and rack up on some of the most trusted items and name brands available.

And as a bonus, you’ll receive a special anniversary gift every 3 months for being a returning customer. Isn’t that sweet?

6. The Comic Garage

The Comic Garage
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Any true fan of comics and graphic novels knows they have never been solely marketed to children. In fact, without the ardent adult fans of comic books, we would be without some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of our day and age.

The Comic Garage serves to bring you the best comic books new and old. Pick between two plan options, the Super Box, and the Ultimate Box. You’ll get 10 comics with the Super Box and 24 with the Ultimate Box.

And as far as publishers are concerned, you can choose between the two biggest in the game, DC and Marvel. Or go with both if you want the best of both worlds.

7. SpiceBreeze

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Want to step up your game in the kitchen? Then you’ll need more than salt and pepper. Spice up your life with SpiceBreeze and you’ll never make a boring dish again.

Your kitchen will now be home to over 100 recipes from around the world brought to you by SpiceBreeze. And each recipe is quick and easy, so you can cook up a wonderful meal with confidence.

Turn your next date night into a culinary sensation when you sign up for any of the available kit options. The Wanderlust and Family kit come with 2 recipes and can serve 3-4 or 6-8 respectively. SpiceBreeze offers an even larger kit, the Plus, that comes with 3 recipes and serves 3-4 people.

8. Flaviar

via Flaviar

Growing your home bar just got a lot easier. Flaviar offers the perfect subscription box for men that enjoy a good libation while relaxing at home.

You can look forward to quarterly samples of your favorite spirits from a vast number of distilleries. And when you find a spirit you particularly enjoy, you can order the bottle right off of their website. Or order individual sample packs to try anytime you like.

Flaviar also throws in one bottle of your choosing each quarter. Your cup will be overflowing when you subscribe to Flaviar.

9. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club
via Dollar Shave Club

Sometimes your basics need to be just that: basic. When it comes to shaving the extra frills are often overkill.

Luckily, Dollar Shave Club offers solid shaving and skin care accessories in a subscription box. You’ll never have to think about buying fresh razors, or having the right lotion on hand. Dollar Shave Club takes care of all of that for you.

This way every 2, 3, or 4 months, you’ll have a delivery of fresh blades, and all your skincare needs at your door.

10. Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club
via Craft Beer Club

The exciting world of craft beer can be difficult to navigate at times. There are so many outstanding breweries and new ones pop up all the time. It starts to feel impossible to taste test even the most popular.

Beer of the Month Club brings craft beer lovers highly rated beer from some of the most awarded microbreweries. You can choose from a monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipping option.

You’ll not only receive amazing beer but you’ll also get pairing notes and information about what inspired the beer.

11. Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post
via Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post offers some of the coolest products available all wrapped nicely in a monthly themed box. Feel free to skip or switch your box at any time; it’s incredibly easy to start, or end.

Simply log onto Bespoke Post’s website and take a quiz to help narrow down your interests. And voila! Bespoke will carefully put together a box specifically curated for you.

Your options range from fashion, outdoor accessories, bar supplies, everyday carry, and the list goes on. Bespoke Post only sends out the best products out there and for 45$ a month, it’s a fantastic deal.

12. Birchbox Grooming

via Birchbox

The beauty industry has a flaky history when it comes to marketing to men. Thankfully guys are finally getting more options to better take care of their skin and hair.

Birchbox not only offers a female drivin skin and hair care subscription box, they also offer ones geared towards men.

You’ll set up a grooming profile when you subscribe that will help Birchbox employees be able to choose quality products for your needs. So, no matter your skin or hair type, you’ll have something new to try each month.

It definitely beats hitting up the drugstore to try out new products.

13. Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon
via Shaker & Spoon

Going out to the bar for a properly made cocktail isn’t always an option. And sometimes you just want to entertain at home. If wine and beer aren’t cutting it and you really want to make an impression you need to brush up on your mixology skills.

Shaker & Spoon have everything you need to channel your inner mixologist and whip up some amazing cocktails without ever leaving your house. Except to buy the liquor, unfortunately the box won’t come with that.

However, you’ll get recipes artfully crafted by world-renown bartenders, and all the additional bits and pieces to stir up something incredible.

14. The Rare Cigar Club

Rare Cigar Club
via Cigar of the Month Club

Brought to you by the Premium Cigar of the Month Club is the Rare Cigar Club. This subscription box is a great choice for any cigar aficionado looking to try something new.

Each month you’ll receive rare, hand-rolled, limited production cigars. So, not only are you getting some of the best, you’re getting the hard-to-come-by cigars as well.

15. SprezzaBox

Sprezza Box
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SprezzaBox brings you quality men’s clothing accessories and grooming products straight to your doorstep every month. It’s definitely a good deal for the well dressed man.

As for men who are unsure of their style skills, Sprezza has your back there as well. You’ll not only receive new, stylish, men’s fashion but you also have a chance to sign up for their quarterly sock and tie service.

Every box contains a style guide to help you curate your own closet. You’ll elevate your wardrobe in no time at all with a little help from SprezzaBox.

16. Jerky Snob

Jerky Snob
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Snacks are great. Healthy snacks? Even better. So, what about healthier snack options delivered to your house each month? The best.

Jerky Snob wants to help you eat cleaner while you snack. The founders were tired of finding subpar jerky products at their local grocers. That’s when they decided to create a subscription package that would bring you some of the best jerky around.

It’s like having a birthday every month with presents arriving like clockwork. You can choose from 2, 4, and 8 bags each month. They’ll even throw in some tasty bonuses every now and then.

17. Scentbird

via Scentbird

Choosing a good cologne can be tough. There is a daunting amount of fragrances to choose from that will have you spending a copious amount of time smelling sample colognes. Eventually everything will start to smell the same. There’s only so much our noses can handle.

Whether you have a scent you love and just want to switch it up, or are tired of the drugstore body sprays, Scentbird will have you smelling fresh in no time.

You can expect samples from some of the leading names in men’s fragrance. They only send highly reviewed scents, so you’re certain to find some new colognes you’ll love.

18. Basic Man

Basic Man
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Basic Man is a subscription box for men that has all your essentials in one package. When you sign up they will send you a box with one pair of briefs, a shirt, and socks.

These items are meant for everyday wear. So, comfort is a given. The shirts fall somewhere between an undershirt and a regular tee. The briefs are breathable and odor resistant and made from a bamboo poly blend. As for the socks, they are great for the office or lounging around the house.

You’ll look as good as you feel with Basic Man.

19. Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box
via Mystery Tackle Box

Avid fishermen wanting to step up their fishing experience need to check out Mystery Tackle Box. The name alone is exciting to hear. Who doesn’t love a mystery box?

You’ll fill out a questionnaire to help determine what products are best for you. This questionnaire is based on who fish you’re looking to catch and where you’re fishing.

Along with top of the line tackle, they will send you expert advice, and limited edition gear. If you want to catch more fish you should look into Mystery Tackle Box.

20. Carnivore Club

Carnivore Club
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If charcuterie and a glass of wine excite you then Carnivore Club will really spark your interest.

You can look forward to a new selection of artisan cured meats with their monthly subscription box. Choose from the classic, snack, or wooden crate plan to experience all Carnivore Club has to offer.

Along with your meats you’ll receive a meat-eater’s handbook, recipes, and pairing. It’s a perfect subscription box for meat lovers or men wanting to impress with their knowledge of fine meats.

Subscription Boxes for Men: CONCLUSION

If you ever had any doubt whether subscription boxes could be manly, we hope this article has dispelled the notion. Whether it’s something to snack on, something to upgrade your wardrobe, survival tools, or the finer things in life, you’ll find them in one of our recommended subscription boxes for men.

We wanted to give you a variety of options to choose from as there is an ever growing amount of subscription boxes for men on the market. They make great gifts, but you shouldn’t shy away from treating yourself.

Do you have any experience with subscription boxes? Which would you recommend to your fellow readers? Sound off in a comment below.