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    The Ultimate Men’s Skincare Routine for Beginners
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The Ultimate Men’s Skincare Routine for Beginners

Men’s skincare often consists of 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash. The results are lackluster, and you run the risk of denying your skin of nutrients it needs to thrive. You’re an individual, so why shouldn’t your skincare routine be unique as well? We went ahead to provide you a breakdown of skincare tips on establishing a regimen that works for you.

Men's Skincare Routine

Importance of a Skincare Routine

Going back to Biology 101 you might recall that the skin is the body’s largest organ. Skin takes up a vast area of the body and faces constant exposure. You’ll want to take measures to ensure your skin is well taken care of.

You skin can range in sensitivity levels and thickness. Some areas of your body are less prone to superficial injury, while others, such as your face, are constantly experiencing exposure.

Men Skincare Routine: What Matters

Implementing a skincare routine might seem like a burden when you find solace in an all-in-one product, but it’s actually easy and will help you age gracefully. Proper skincare will also help you to avoid dreaded acne, and even skin cancers.

1. Cleansing

Cleansers have come a long way in the last few years. In fact, men’s skincare in general has come a long way. Gone are the days of body washes with names fit for a sports drink. Now cleansers come in bars, gels, and creams with names that match the ingredients making up the soaps. Recently more thought and compassion has gone into developing face and body washes.

A cleanser will always be your first step in a skincare routine. If you’re using a facewash, you’ll want to wet your face with clean water then massage the facewash onto your face–just make sure you avoid your eyes and mouth! Furthermore, it’s important to use a cleanser that’s right for your skin; if you have any allergies or sensitivities you should keep those in mind when choosing a product.

When using a body wash the same rules apply, so find products that are right for you. Bar soap or gel body wash can dehydrate your skin. If you’re using a bar or gel look into following up with a lotion. A moisturizing body wash will be more sensitive and hydrating.

For best results, you’ll want to use a separate product from the one you choose for your face. Face and body wash don’t consist of the same ingredients and your face is more sensitive than your body. Your face will dry out faster and needs to maintain a balance of healthy oils.

2. Exfoliating

Your skin has regenerative properties, nothing close to X-Men superpowers unfortunately, but it can repair itself over time. Partly due to skin’s regenerative ways, there are some areas of your body with thicker layers of skin. These are areas that experience larger amounts of friction. Parts of your skin that are thicker than other might dry out and need extra attention to keep moisturized.

No one wants to have a man put his hands on their face before going in for a kiss and it feels like sandpaper on their cheek. If your hands are rough and dry, then consider adding exfoliating to your skincare routine.

Exfoliation comes in a variety of methods, which depend on your specific needs. If you’re trying to reduce dry, peeling skin, then a pumice stone or a dry brush will work. Both help to reduce flaky skin and allow the skin to take in moisturizer better.

Your face can also benefit from exfoliation; however, you don’t want to use the same tools for the skin on your face as you would for your feet or legs. If exfoliating your face, stick with exfoliating scrubs or a powered facial cleansing brush.

3. Moisturizers and Serums

Overly oily skin is undesirable, but so is overly dry skin. To maintain the right balance between the two your skin routine should include a moisturizer. Pay attention to labels when choosing the right moisturizer for your routine.

A properly moisturized face won’t leave you feeling greasy but will provide just the right amount of moisture to keep your face soft. If wrinkles are starting to form you can fight back with moisturizers.

A lightweight formula will be more versatile but if you have less concerns about adding another step to your regimen then consider a serum for your eyes. Your eyes are a sensitive area of your already sensitive face. Crows feet and bags under your eyes can cause you to feel less confident or look like you had a rough night. So, making sure this area is receiving the right amount of care will go a long way.

As far as the rest of your body is concerned, you’ll still want to add lotion or hand cream to your routine.

4. Sunscreen

Your skin is precious and although it has some regenerative properties it still needs protection. The sun is one of skins top enemies. UV damage from the sun accounts for well over half the skin cancer cases each year.

Aside from the big C, the sun can speed up the aging process. Too much time in the sun with a little to no protection will cause wrinkles and sunspots.

Sunscreen is often present in facial moisturizers but in small quantities. This is great for daily use and is often all the protection you need when spending short periods of time in the sun. When you’re planning on spending an extensive period of time in the sun then reach for a higher SPF.

5. Masks

If you enjoy having a more thorough skincare routine but lack the time to implement an extensive daily regimen, then the occasional mask may be of interest to you. Even if you have an extensive daily regimen then the occasional face mask will do wonders for your face.

Masks come in many different varieties. Some are helpful for dry skin while others help with oily skin. They work by putting the ingredients closer to your skin and into your pores. Face masks only offer temporary relief from skin issues, but make for a great tool to keep your skin feeling and looking great for specific events. Adding a mask to your skincare routine can also give you a few minutes of peace and stress relief.

Face masks come in several types:

  • Clay/Mud Masks – Mud masks work best for normal to oily skin types. If you’re looking to exfoliate and take care of pesky acne, mud masks are a great choice! Just be weary if you have dry skin as this type of mask can dehydrate your skin.
  • Sheet Masks – Sheet masks are versatile and can be used on almost any skin type. The sheets are cut into the shape of a face and you can simply place the mask on the surface of your skin. They’re as fun as they are easy to use.
  • Cream Masks – Cream masks are excellent for controlling dry skin, and wrinkles. Massage the cream mask onto your face and let it set for a few minutes to achieve softer skin.

6. Shaving and Aftershave

Men Skincare Routine - Proper shaving

For men’s skincare it’s important to consider facial hair. If you’re the type of guy sporting a beard to make lumberjacks green with envy, you need to be cautious of the skin under all that hair.

Underneath those bristles your skin is prone to dryness and acne. Using a good beard cleanser will help clean your beard but also exfoliate the skin underneath it. You’ll want to find a beard balm or oil to use as well.

For those that want to keep a scruffy look or that opt for a clean-shaven appearance a standard facial cleanser will work well. Trimming and shaving your facial hair will help to exfoliate your skin but can cause some other issues.

Ingrown hairs and cuts from shaving can be problematic and painful on top of that. One way to prevent ingrown hairs is to use an aftershave. Aftershaves help to close pores after shaving and aid in the healing of any self-inflicted shaving injuries.

7. Lifestyle and Diet

One way to ensure your skincare routine won’t go to waste is to watch what goes into your body as well as what goes on your skin. Having a diet rich in vegetables and abstaining from processed foods will do your skin wonders. Aside from avoiding processed foods, you’ll want to stay away from foods high in oil and sugar.

The antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables will promote healthy skin by fighting free radicals. Free radicals are harmful, unstable atoms, that come into contact with your body through a variety of pollutants such as cigarette smoke or harsh UV light.

Food that is overly processed is high in refined sugars and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates breakdown into sugars and when your body has a spike in sugar it produces insulin. High amounts of insulin within your body can promote oil production and inflammation.

In order to combat aging, you’ll also want to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is key to maintaining healthy skin. Drinking alcohol can also be a detriment to your skin. Alcohol dehydrates you and is known to cause wrinkles. So, if you plan to imbibe, do so in addition to consuming plenty of water.

Your lifestyle choices can potentially be the reason your skin requires additional care. Smoking is hard on the skin and has been known to cause wrinkles and even lead to yellow tinted fingers.

8. Night vs. Day

Men should consider incorporating a skincare regimen for daytime and nighttime. Your skin goes through a lot during the day and will need to be protected and look fresh. Before you go to bed at night it’s good practice to cleanse your face before you head hits the pillow. Your pillow will retain oils and dirt from your skin and build up over time. Making sure your linens are clean will also promote healthy skin.

In order to prevent sleeping in excess filth you’ll want to simply wash your face before bed. Applying a night cream after you wash and exfoliate at night will help to give a fresh, well-rested appearance. Night creams also help in preventing signs of aging.

The best skincare regimen is a flexible one that can fit not only your individual skin but also your schedule.

Final Thoughts

Walking down the skincare aisle can be intimidating. There appears to be endless options available and it can be difficult to understand a products purpose or if it applies to you. Hopefully, this article provides enough insight into how to construct a skincare routine that benefits you but also helps you create one you want to maintain.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to promote healthy skin? If you have any additional advice or products you’d like to recommend, please let us know in the comment section below!