Kathryn Cannon is an editor and writer for TheCoolist. Kathryn received a bachelor’s in classical studies from the College of Charleston. Her educational experience gives her an edge in examining the intersection of culture, psychology, and human development. Kathryn analyzes social psychology and identity formation through the lens of culture and language development to understand how individual and collective identities form. She previously worked in early childhood academic assistance to construct, implement, and assess individualized learning pathways for reading and writing. She brings an in-depth understanding of language and literacy development, which she uses in her day-to-day writing and editing processes.


Kathryn Cannon has contributed to TheCoolist for over two years and specializes in creating content that explores social dynamics and personal identity. Kathryn’s professional career highlights the connection between cultural and individual identity, and examines how that connection influences preferences and behaviors. Her focus is to produce insightful copy that provides a unique perspective on how psychological development influences personal interests, behaviors, entertainment, and relationships.


Kathryn received a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from the College of Charleston. During her time at the College of Charleston, she focused on Ancient Roman history, the Latin language, and the reflection of society within ancient texts. Kathryn’s passion for psychological development influenced her work while at school by examining transgenerational trauma, mortality salience, and humor within classical epic poetry. Alongside her literary studies, Kathryn worked to analyze, categorize, and digitize artifacts in an archeological survey of Roman-era glass from Carthage. After she completed her studies, Kathryn worked on historical Charleston archeological digs, where she strengthened her attention to detail and learned she’d prefer to spend her days holding a pen instead of a trowel.