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10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are a form of journalism that centers on fashion, style, and design. Fashion magazines deliver invaluable insight into the fashion world and inspire those fashionistas who want to refine their style.

Top 10 fashion magazines
The best fashion magazines help you hone your personal style.

Fashion magazines are common authorities on popular trends and designers. These publications feature expert accounts of what to wear and what to recycle, industry secrets, and tactics on how to improve your style.

Different types of fashion magazines each have something unique to offer the reader. For example, magazine brands like ELLE and Allure are fashion-forward, with a touch of celebrity entertainment. However, other publications, such as V Magazine, focus on haute couture and take a more artistically driven approach to fashion reporting.

The following ten famous fashion magazines are among the most popular publications covering the ins and outs of fashion.

  1. Cosmopolitan: Cosmopolitan is a guide for progressive women providing coverage on love, fashion, beauty, and more. It targets readers seeking bold reporting that embraces women’s empowerment.
  2. Vogue: Vogue is the epitome of fashion, with the well-earned nickname the fashion bible. It prides itself on setting the global fashion agenda and redefining style concepts.
  3. Essence: Essence is a leading publication for women of color. It celebrates culture, beauty, and fashion while tackling important topics like success and social justice.
  4. Allure: Allure is a beauty magazine filled with reviews, trend forecasts, and industry secrets. Through its accessible journalism and beauty innovation, readers get a well-rounded picture of how to elevate their fashion choices.
  5. Vanity Fair: Vanity Fair is a premier fashion publication dedicated to diverse and innovative content. It aims to capture the essence of contemporary culture through high-profile investigative journalism alongside stylish pictorials.
  6. Esquire: Esquire is a men’s magazine popular for blending fashion and social commentary. The publication tailors its content to suit modern men, which helps it maintain its image as a must-read for men’s fashion.
  7. ELLE: ELLE is a top women’s magazine recognized for publishing trendsetting stories and highlighting cutting-edge fashion. It combines easily digestible and fun fashion with thought-provoking content on women’s issues in design and beyond.
  8. InStyle: InStyle is a pop-culture-inspired fashion and lifestyle magazine. Each month highlights celebrity looks, trend predictions, and advice on staying updated on fashion.
  9. V Magazine: V is a popular avant-garde fashion publication that showcases daring visuals with an edge. It honors the nexus between high art and high fashion to push boundaries and inspire the evolution of modern fashion.
  10. Harper’s Bazaar: Harper’s Bazaar is the first American fashion magazine. It honors this illustrious history by reflecting sophistication and elegance in each issue.

Below, we explore some of the best fashion magazines, determine how to choose one that’s right for you, and discuss the importance of staying up-to-date with fashion.

1. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan magazine, shortened to Cosmo, is a distinguished fashion publication and source of women’s empowerment. The first edition of Cosmopolitan was published in 1886 under Schlicht & Field Publishing in New York. The magazine has grown from a family and women-oriented publication to a fashion behemoth with over 60 international editions covering trends worldwide.

Cosmopolitan fashion magazine

Cosmo is inspired by lively, evocative, and progressive fashion that departs from normative standards. For example, Cosmo was transformed into a lifeline for the modern single woman in 1965 by Helen Gurley Brown, the editor-in-chief for 32 years. The magazine inspires readers through style guides, celebrity fashion editorials, and news coverage to help them take actionable steps to discover personal style.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan go beyond selling clothing and accessories to their reader base. It strives to cover all aspects of fashion and style by giving a face to the designers behind the craft and offering insight into establishing yourself within the fashion world.

2. Vogue

Vogue is a monthly fashion magazine that’s earned the nickname The Fashion Bible. Its first issue was released in 1892 as a weekly newspaper highlighting the lives of socialites and debutantes in New York City. Vogue has morphed into a monthly release that focuses on haute couture, design, and the culture surrounding the fashion industry.

Vogue fashion magazine

Vogue does more than showcase the latest looks, beauty tips, and trends in fashion. Magazines like Vogue have bridged the divide between high fashion and commercial wear by capitalizing on fashion as entertainment. For example, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour made history in 1988 when she put a model wearing stone-washed jeans on the cover.

Vogue is a must-read if you’re interested in clothing, design, or style. The artistry and creativity behind each issue push the boundaries of fashion and empower the audience with deep dives into leading industry figures. Vogue does more than serve as a billboard for the latest trends; it teaches readers to respect fashion as an art form, including lumpy cerulean blue sweaters.

3. Essence

Essence is a monthly American lifestyle magazine that covers fashion, beauty, and culture dedicated to African-American women. Essence was conceived under Essence Communications Inc. in 1968, but the magazine wasn’t launched until 1970. After its initial publication, it became clear that the magazine would fill a void for women of color.

Essence fashion magazine

Essence captures the full breadth of lifestyle and culture by highlighting healthy living, giving advice, and exploring new fashions. The content is topical but easily digestible because of the casual voice and personalization of stories.

Magazines like Essence use fashion and style to connect with their readers and impact their lives. They take their mission beyond the page to give back to the people who support their journalism. For example, Essence is committed to seeing wealth flourish through their target demographic’s community with campaigns such as their 100-year family business plan.

4. Allure

Allure is a popular women’s beauty magazine that covers fashion, health, and lifestyle trends. Allure was the brainchild of Condé Nast’s S.I. Newhouse Jr., Alexander Liberman, and Linda Wells from The New York Times Magazine. The magazine was launched in 1991 as a source of all things fashion and beauty.

Allure fashion magazine

By the mid-90s, Allure made a name for itself by combining beauty reporting with daring storytelling. For example, Elizabeth Wurtzel’s 1994 essay “Sad and Beautiful” questions the way society romanticizes mental illness, a topic critiquing the industry itself. Magazines like Allure want to do more than provide the latest beauty tips. They’re working hard to leave a lasting impact on their readership and help them grow to be the best versions of themselves.

The publication has grown beyond the initial oversized print spreads of the early 1990s and is now a digital-only brand as of 2022. This ability to pivot with its demographic, outlasting trends and technological advancements, is why Allure remains a popular beauty and fashion source.

5. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is one of the leading examples of magazine journalism because of the careful way it blends fashion, culture, and politics. The title, Vanity Fair, graced the covers of four publications before it became the contemporary source of fashion trends it is today.

Vanity Fair fashion magazine

Vanity Fair sets itself apart from competitors by embracing the social, political, and creative elements that inspire fashion and beauty standards. For example, it releases the annual Hollywood’s New Establishment feature, which profiles leading industry figures to analyze the shifts in power and new talents disrupting Hollywood.

Vanity Fair honors the obscure side of society and redefines glamour by viewing beauty through an inclusive lens. This is a must-read for anyone who loves thinking about the world. It delivers compelling journalism and lifestyle tips, all wrapped in a fashionable exterior meant to guide you as you explore the industry and your personal brand of style.

6. Esquire

Esquire is an American magazine that covers men’s fashion and lifestyle. Esquire publishes over 20 international editions and is a go-to source for the modern man to explore style. The magazine targets sophisticated, style-conscious male readers and provides snappy and, at times, edgy content in fashion, culture, and current affairs.

Esquire fashion magazine

The magazine’s editorial content covers various subjects and ventures outside the fashion world. These topics fully address men’s interests to give an inclusive look at what it means to be a man in the modern era. For example, the 80th edition, released in 2013, features portraits of American men from different ages and backgrounds.

The magazine has a very strong circulation and maintains its presence in the market in both print and digital forms. Its great impact, even among many demographics, speaks volumes about its status as a source of inspiration for men worldwide.


ELLE is a worldwide leader in the fashion magazine industry and is published by the Lagardère Group. ELLE publishes over 60 international editions that reach millions of readers worldwide. The publication is popular for its focus on tasteful fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content that caters to the modern, independent woman.

ELLE fashion magazine

Magazines like ELLE target a diverse audience of fashion-forward women who enjoy exploring cultural and lifestyle topics outside their own. ELLE’s mission is to inspire women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives. Its content is an amalgamation of high fashion and dynamic lifestyle advice for women who aspire to be at the forefront of trends and discussions.

This magazine covers diverse subjects, from the latest trends and tips to in-depth features on societal issues, arts, and entertainment. For example, ELLE made waves in the fashion industry by banning fur from all global editions. The broad content spectrum appeals to a wide readership that wants to stay informed and entertained.

8. InStyle

InStyle is a prominent fashion and lifestyle magazine that has carved a niche in the global market with editions spanning several countries. InStyle stands out for its accessible approach to high fashion and celebrity lifestyle. Each month, a celebrity cover makes it an engaging read for anyone who finds inspiration in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

InStyle fashion magazine

The magazine is tailored to a broad audience of women by focusing on how different fashion elements are reflected in the lives of celebrities and influencers. InStyle’s mission is to motivate its readers by bringing them closer to finding stylistic choices to represent their personalities. It offers practical advice on incorporating these styles into everyday life to give its readers more than bland celebrity gossip.

Due to their extensive circulation in print and digital, magazines like InStyle reach millions of readers worldwide. This long-reaching influence affirms their position in the competitive landscape of fashion magazines and their reputation as a trusted source of advice for contemporary women.

9. V Magazine

V Magazine is a vibrant fashion publication founded in 1999 and based in New York. V is celebrated for its progressive approach and dedication to showcasing the forefront of fashion, art, and culture. It caters to an audience that values creativity more than it cares for fitting in with the status quo.

V Magazine fashion magazine

Magazines like V target the style-savvy and artistically inclined to give readers a platform for the bold and new looks gracing the runway. The magazine appeals to readers who are constantly on the lookout for dynamic and provocative content. Its mission is to push the boundaries of traditional fashion and lifestyle journalism and capitalize on an edgier perspective on contemporary culture compared to its competitors.

V Magazine’s editorial content incorporates visually stunning spreads with high-profile collaborations with photographers, designers, and artists. V embodies the essence of fashion by covering a spectrum of topics to honor the importance of design instead of commercial products.

10. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar, the first fashion magazine in the United States, stands out for its large format and evocative content. Founded in 1867, Harper’s Bazaar has lived up to its reputation for being a “sophisticated read on fashion, beauty, and culture.” This pinnacle of fashion journalism offers women a glimpse at true luxury, from high fashion to the most enriching elements of world culture.

Harper's Bazaar fashion magazine

Magazines like Harper’s Bazaar are fit for insightful readers looking for content beyond the latest in fashion and beauty, including collective arts, travel, and lifestyle pieces. The pictorials range from the latest runway fashions and beauty discoveries to razor-sharp commentary on society. However, the magazine’s core mission is to act as a link between clothing, culture, and style.

Their ambitious mission is complemented by large-format photography and ambitious art direction, which make each magazine issue a collectible in its own right. For example, it releases a special collectible edition of the magazine to highlight exclusive content and dig deeper into the monthly theme. These editions feature coverage of distinguished figures like the September 2021 “Icon Issue,” with Beyoncé appearing on the cover to celebrate her 40th birthday.

How do you choose a fashion magazine to follow?

When selecting a fashion magazine to follow, consider your personal style preferences, the content inside the magazine, and the publication’s business ethics. Firstly, your style preferences should play a role in picking a fashion magazine because they influence your outward expression of personal identity. The aesthetics and trends in a magazine should align with your interests or reflect the style you’re trying to embrace. For example, if you’re looking for inspiration for office workwear, you might look for publications like Vanity Fair. However, if you want to explore more avant-garde fashion options, stick with V Magazine or Vogue.

Secondly, a magazine’s content extends beyond the fashion it covers and includes the body text and tone of voice. The top fashion magazines feature a wide range of content and corresponding voices that shine through the text. For example, InStyle and Cosmopolitan cover celebrity fashion, and their content reflects the influence of pop culture. Therefore, if your interests lie in entertainment-forward editorials, you want to find a magazine that features celebrity fashionistas.

Finally, you’ll want to find a magazine that aligns with your morals and ethics. The written and visual content can expose readers to the publication’s personal biases and ethical opinions. For example, Essence is a cultural pillar for women of color. At the same time, Cosmopolitan is popular for its unrestrained approach to personal empowerment in intimacy. The two publications are top choices for people seeking fashion content that reflects their core mission and values.

How can magazines influence your fashion style?

Magazines wield significant influence over fashion styles by offering inspiration and tips on the latest trends. Popular fashion magazines are considered principal sources of style inspiration because they give you an inside look at the latest designs, color palettes, and materials.

The editorials and photospreads give readers an intricate look at haute couture and offer advice on incorporating these pieces into daily wear. They feature articles you can use to curate your closet that explain how to dress in various situations. These tips and insider knowledge will guide readers in accentuating their features with each issue. For example, magazines like Esquire advise how to dress for different body types, such as rectangle body shape men.

Additionally, magazines influence your fashion style by showing you what’s in and out of style. Keeping up with trends will introduce you to new and evolving aspects of the fashion industry that can elevate your already stylish gear. Understanding how to dress can give you the confidence boost to embrace those styles and trends you might be hesitant to try.

How important is staying up to date with fashion?

Staying up to date with fashion can be important for several reasons. Firstly, staying up to date with fashion is a way to express your personality through personal style. Fashion and style are two sides of the same coin, with fashion acting as the means to construct style. The clothing isn’t what develops your personal style; it’s what you do with each item that reflects your identity.

Secondly, staying informed about what’s fashionable helps you keep your wardrobe fresh. How you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror directly affects your self-confidence. You can keep yourself from feeling bad about your style by regularly updating your closet.

Finally, staying up to date with fashion is a way to educate yourself on cultural expression. Social values shift over time, and attitudes surrounding culturally significant styles rightfully change. Fashion magazines can teach you about other cultures in a way that highlights appreciation instead of appropriation through designer insights and international coverage.

Is staying up to date with fashion expensive?

No, staying up to date with fashion isn’t expensive if you remain conscious of your budget and practice smart shopping. Understanding your budget is the first step in keeping your expenses in line while staying on top of trends. One way to honor a preplanned budget is by purchasing timeless pieces to serve as a foundation for your wardrobe. With more expensive staples like outerwear taken care of, you can mix and match trendy fashions to represent personal style without breaking the bank.

Other smart shopping tactics, such as using sales, consignment, thrift stores, or upcycling old clothes, keep fashion expenses low. These options allow you to find high-end products at low-end prices. Fashion trends are often cyclical, and thrift stores are a prime source of vintage items that have come back in style. Moreover, upcycling and DIY fashion projects guarantee originality while reworking old clothes to match the current crazes.

What are the top American clothing brands?

Below are five companies that are among the best American-made clothing brands.

  • Gamine Workwear: Gamine is a top American clothing brand celebrated for its durable and stylish workwear for women. It has earned praise for its commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Outlier: Outlier is an American brand known for innovative men’s wear that combines technical performance with urban style. It’s highlighted in clothes magazines like Hypebeast for its avant-garde approach to everyday apparel.
  • Brookes Boswell Millinery: Brookes Boswell is a top American brand in artisanal hat-making. It gained recognition for its bespoke, handcrafted hats, which blend timeless techniques with modern aesthetics.
  • Baldwin: Baldwin is recognized as a premier American denim and fashion brand. The clothing features meticulous craftsmanship and a modern interpretation of classic American style.
  • Duluth Pack: Duluth is a brand noted for its rugged outdoor gear and apparel. This brand is featured in clothes magazines for its commitment to American-made quality and durability suited for adventure and the outdoors.