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150 Good “Never Have I Ever” Questions to Ask + How to Play

Asking “never have I ever” questions is one of the most infamous and fun party games of all. From summer camp, to college parties, and even in the workplace. But the trick to winning “never have I ever” is to never do anything – so to speak.

Never Have I Ever Questions

Maybe you know it as “never have I ever,” “I never,” or “ten fingers.” But no matter the name, the rules remain the same. And you don’t need much to play it. Just a few friends and you’ll be all set.

While experience typically gets you farther in life, that’s not the case when playing “never have I ever.” In fact, the less you’ve done the better chance you have of winning this popular party game.

Although it seems simple enough in theory, “never have I ever” can be quite a challenge when you’re on the spot. So, to help you maintain a nice flow of questions, we’re giving you 150 of the best “never have I ever” questions.

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40 Good “Never Have I Ever” Questions

Good Never Have I Ever Questions

Are you wondering what makes good “never have I ever” questions? Well, the best options come from the most basic of activities or life events.

Because the more monotonous something is, the higher the likelihood others in the room have done it before. Therefore, if any of these suggested questions apply to your life, you’ll be sure to win.

  1. Flown on an airplane.

  2. Gone on a cruise.

  3. Had to get stitches.

  4. Gone on a zipline.

  5. Flown in a helicopter.

  6. Seen the aurora borealis.

  7. Been to NYC.

  8. Seen a shooting star.

  9. Met a celebrity.

  10. Had a pet.

  11. Had food poisoning.

  12. Bungee jumped.

  13. Been skydiving.

  14. Gone snorkeling.

  15. Flown a kite.

  16. Got a tattoo.

  17. Pierced my ears.

  18. Pierced something other than my ears.

  19. Climbed a mountain.

  20. Lied about who I was.

  21. Been skiing.

  22. Been on a cross country road trip.

  23. Caused a car accident.

  24. Been to a drive-in theater.

  25. Been on a movie set.

  26. Fired a gun.

  27. Ridden a hoverboard.

  28. Owned an iPhone.

  29. Owned an Android.

  30. Had a cavity.

  31. Gotten surgery.

  32. Had a concussion.

  33. Needed glasses.

  34. Run a 5k.

  35. Been in a physical fight.

  36. Dyed my hair.

  37. Sung karaoke.

  38. Yelled at someone in public.

  39. Performed on stage.

  40. Eaten fast food for every meal throughout an entire day.

19 Dirty “Never Have I Ever” Questions

Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty

One of the best parts of playing this popular party game is how revealing the answers can be. So, why not take it to the next level with some ultra revealing dirty questions.

Of course, these are definitely NSFW. But that’s half the fun.

  1. Hooked up with a friend’s sibling.

  2. Shopped at a sex store.

  3. Given oral sex.

  4. Had sex in public.

  5. Kissed my friend.

  6. Played strip twister.

  7. Gone skinny dipping.

  8. Received oral sex.

  9. Hooked up on a boat.

  10. Been to a strip club.

  11. Played with toys in bed.

  12. Watched porn.

  13. Taken body shots.

  14. Been in an open relationship.

  15. Hooked up with another person playing this game.

  16. Been given a hickey.

  17. Given someone a hickey.

  18. Slept with a coworker.

  19. Been too drunk to hook up with someone.

21 Funny “Never Have I Ever” Questions

Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

With party games you want to keep the energy levels up. And one way you can do that is by keeping everyone laughing.

So, check out these funny “never have I ever” questions. But, keep in mind that hilarity will ensue.

  1. No called/no showed work.

  2. Cried on the dance floor.

  3. Danced on top of a bar.

  4. Made a 3 point shot in basketball.

  5. Read a blog post before a recipe online.

  6. Made a hole in one in golf.

  7. Re-gifted a gift.

  8. Gone viral on the internet.

  9. Fallen asleep on the metro.

  10. Eaten junk food until I was sick.

  11. Taken candy from a baby.

  12. Danced alone in my house.

  13. Eaten raw chicken.

  14. Binged an entire series in a day.

  15. 100% completed a video game.

  16. Eaten a bug.

  17. Eaten food from the garbage.

  18. Dined and dashed.

  19. Played “never have I ever” before.

  20. Called the cops on someone.

  21. Had the cops called on me.

22 “Never Have I Ever” Questions for Teens

Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Not all party games can crossover into younger age groups. Well, they do, it’s just not always legal or appropriate.

But this game can easily hold its own with a younger crowd. And we have some of the best clean questions for teens below.

  1. Played ding dong ditch.

  2. Had a crush on a friend.

  3. Fallen asleep at school.

  4. Seen a ghost.

  5. Stolen from a friend.

  6. Done a front flip.

  7. Been afraid of the dark.

  8. Drank a gallon of milk.

  9. Watched anime.

  10. Vandalized public property.

  11. Lied to my parents.

  12. Skipped school.

  13. Studied abroad.

  14. Failed a class.

  15. Had detention.

  16. Snuck into an R rated movie.

  17. Been written up at school.

  18. Broken a bone.

  19. Pirated music.

  20. Played video games all night.

  21. Run away from home.

  22. Used a fake ID.

30 “Never Have I Ever” Questions for Adult Sensibilities

Never Have I Ever Questions Adult

If you want to crank your party up a little, drinking games are a great place to start. It’s a solid way to break the ice, and liven up the party.

But if you don’t perform well under pressure, and need some assistance, then we have you covered. Just use some of these adult questions that are sure to kick things up a notch.

  1. Participated in a protest.

  2. Ran from the police.

  3. Run a red light.

  4. Taken psychedelic drugs.

  5. Let a stranger buy my drinks at a bar.

  6. Smoked a cigar.

  7. Had to hire a lawyer.

  8. Snooped in someone’s cabinets and drawers when they weren’t home.

  9. Won the lottery.

  10. Played beer pong.

  11. Been to an oxygen bar.

  12. Been “undecided” in college.

  13. Failed a background check.

  14. Been late to work.

  15. Been arrested.

  16. Done hard drugs.

  17. Gotten drunk as soon as I woke up.

  18. Given someone a fake number.

  19. Ghosted a job interview.

  20. Lied on my resume.

  21. Called in sick when I wasn’t.

  22. Lied while playing “never have I ever.”

  23. Left a shopping cart outside of the corral.

  24. Wrecked a car.

  25. Been on a bar crawl.

  26. Seen someone die.

  27. Been gambling.

  28. Been robbed.

  29. Gotten a speeding ticket.

  30. Been on a zoom call while wearing business clothes on top and PJs on the bottom.

18 “Never Have I Ever” Questions for Couples

Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you know everything about them. But sometimes it can be hard to ask questions outright.

Luckily, playing a game is a fun way to open up to each other. So, next time you have a date night where you stay in for the evening, play a round or two using these questions for couples.

  1. Said “I love you” by accident.

  2. Asked someone out on a date.

  3. Been asked out on a date.

  4. Kissed a stranger.

  5. Had a one night stand.

  6. Gone back to an ex.

  7. Stalked an ex online.

  8. Stalked an ex’s new partner.

  9. Stood someone up on a date.

  10. Been dumped over text.

  11. Lied to a significant other about hanging out with someone.

  12. Sent a text that said “hey, you up?”

  13. Dated someone I didn’t actually like.

  14. Used a dating app.

  15. Dated someone with a criminal record.

  16. Used a cheesy pick up line.

  17. Dated someone much older.

  18. Dated someone much younger.

How to Play “Never Have I Ever”

How to Play Never Have I Ever

Historically, people have been using drinking games to liven up their parties for millennia. And while “never have I ever” is widely known as a drinking game, alcohol isn’t necessary. Although, we do recommend it. However, minus the alcohol, this game is great for any age group.

If you’re playing sans booze, instead of taking a sip of your drink whenever you’ve done something another player hasn’t, you put down a finger. Then whoever has the most fingers up at the end is the winner. Of course, if you want to play with fewer fingers go right ahead.

If you’re planning to imbibe while you play, keep in mind that this game can get you pretty drunk.

  • First things first, you’ll need your drink of choice. We recommend cheap beer, or a relatively weak cocktail. This way you don’t end up too sloshed.
  • Then, players take turns going around the room stating things they’ve never done.
  • And finally, you open a can of worms that cannot be shut. But no need to explain yourself with this game, because you’ll rarely be the odd man out.

For a game that centers around stuff people haven’t done, you will learn a lot about stuff everyone else has done.

Keep in mind that while you play, you can employ creative strategies to come out on top. For example, do you know that a friend spent a semester abroad? Go ahead and use that to your advantage when you’re playing with them.

But beware! Because the more you drink, the more open you might become.

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“Never Have I Ever” Endgame

Now that you know how to play, and have some good suggestions to help you out, you’ll be ready to play in any situation. Just remember to drink responsibly, and have fun. It is just a game after all. Even with all of the scandalous revelations.

Have you ever played “never have I ever” before? Let us know some of your favorite suggestions for questions below in the comments!

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