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    Top 200 “Would You Rather” Questions for Fun and Challenging Scenarios
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Top 200 “Would You Rather” Questions for Fun and Challenging Scenarios

Would You Rather questions are the heart of a game that’s all about making tough choices. Participants are presented with two challenging scenarios, and they must choose between them, often leading to spirited debates and revealing surprising preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to break the ice at a social gathering or seeking to add excitement to a casual conversation, the ‘Would You Rather’ game has you covered. That’s why we’ve assembled 200 of the most intriguing ‘Would You Rather’ questions to ignite discussions, laughter, and friendly disagreements. Let’s dive into the world of dilemmas and decisions!

Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather have something fun to do, or sit in silent boredom with your friends? If your answer is to have fun, then you’re in the right place.

Out of all the ice breaker party games, ‘would you rather’ is among the easiest to play. All while simultaneously requiring deep thought and consideration.

So, how can a game be both incredibly easy to play and still require so much thought?

Well, it’s easy to ask the questions. But it can be fairly difficult when you’re the one having to answer the questions.

However, once you get the game started, be ready to fire off those perplexing questions at full speed. And the best way to do that is to be prepared.

30 Good Would You Rather Questions for Anyone

Would U Rather Questions

Neither too difficult, nor too easy to answer. And perfect whether you need them to spice up a conversation, or liven up a long trip. We have 30 good ‘would you rather’ questions that are just right for any place, anytime.

Would you rather…

1. Take the red pill or the blue pill?

Well, do you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Or wake up as if it’s all a dream?

2. Drink coffee or tea?

This question is simple and to the point.

3. Have the window seat or the aisle seat on an airplane?

Important to know if you’re going on a long trip. Everyone has their preference. Even if they say it doesn’t matter to them at first.

4. Eat only sweet or savory foods?

Candy or chips? Now you’ll know what kind of snacks to bring next time.

5. Watch a movie or a TV show?

Sometimes you just don’t have the mental fortitude to watch a movie. But stream 3 seasons of a TV show? Sure, why not?

6. Live a nomadic life or never travel again?

Never having a life outside of your hometown – even for the weekend – would be tough. But so would the life of a ramblin’ man.

7. Never need to eat or never need to drink again?

Say goodbye to dinner. Or the dinner aperitif–your choice!

8. Play a game of ‘would you rather’ or ‘never have I ever’?

A party game toss up. Which game are you playing?

9. Sing karaoke or dance on stage?

During a night of debauchery do you become the singer or the dancer? Although, we’ve seen plenty of double threats at the bar in our day.

10. Go on a long road trip or fly?

Flying isn’t for everyone. But neither are road trips.

11. Lose your sense of touch or your sense of smell?

Good ‘would you rather’ choices are often both bad. Luckily it’s just a game.

12. Go on a tropical vacation or visit snowy mountains?

Fun in the sun? Or a winter wonderland? If you hate sand and the cold, this question will be a tough one to answer.

13. Ride a bike or walk?

Sure, riding a bike is quicker than walking. But walking lets you experience the world at a slower pace. And not everyone is an avid biker.

14. Be a house pet or a wild animal?

Domestic cats live a pretty sweet life full of adoration. And accessible necessities. But the call of the wild might be too much to ignore.

Hard Would You Rather Questions

15. Go skydiving or scuba diving?

Thrill seekers come in many forms. And while skydiving and scuba diving both get your adrenaline pumping. They’re vastly different experiences.

16. Lose the ability to speak or lose the ability to hear?

Again with the tough calls. Audiophiles and orators won’t enjoy this question.

17. Always wear formalwear or always wear loungewear?

Hopefully your job doesn’t require a strict dress code. Because sleeping and exercising in formalwear seems awful.

18. Never lose your wallet or never lose your phone?

So, no modern technology can be used – meaning no digital wallets.

19. Go skinny dipping or swim in all your clothes?

Casual dip with friends? You can either go in your birthday suit or jump in shoes and all.

20. Be able to sing or dance?

Karaoke and drunken antics aside. If you could choose between these two talents, would you want to carry a tune or bust a move?

21. Have artistic abilities or scientific abilities?

Would you want to become the next Picasso or Einstein?

22. Discover a new planet or discover a new species of animal?

Let’s say you choose scientific abilities. Which discovery do you want to make?

23. Get a face tattoo or wear vampire teeth all-day, everyday?

Either choice will end with some judgmental looks.

24. Wear a dog collar or cat ears in public?

Maybe whichever you choose will be in style at some point. Then you’re ahead of the game.

25. Be under a curse or be forced to curse someone you love?

If you’re the one with a curse, the curse is out of your control. However, you could always go easy on your friend. Of course, your friend might resent you for cursing them if they were to find out.

26. Eat every meal alone or never eat at a restaurant again?

A dinner with those you love is a gift. But so is ducking into your favorite restaurant for a quick bite.

Best Would You Rather Questions

27. Get one big gift or lots of tiny gifts?

Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But nice gifts are always welcome. So, does size or quantity count more?

28. Watch sports or go to a Broadway production?

Do you live for the game, or for the stage?

29. Go on a cruise or an archaeological expedition?

Different strokes for different folks. Choosing a relaxing cruise over being the first to lay eyes on centuries old artifacts is a tough call. For some, at least.

30. Only eat raw food or only burnt food?

A raw diet will surely limit your choices. But who wants a charred steak? There’s a give and take here. And it isn’t very appealing.

25 Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions Dirty

Party games are already a good time. But X-rated party games are even more exciting.

So, turn up the heat with 25 dirty ‘would you rather’ questions.

Would you rather…

1. Hook up with a stranger or hook up with your least favorite ex?

2. Be on top or on the bottom?

3. Play spin the bottle or play seven minutes in heaven?

4. Have sex with someone in public without anyone you know around or have your parents learn about all of your sexual escapades?

5. Let your partner cheat for one million dollars or cheat on your partner but for only one thousand dollars?

6. Roleplay or use toys?

7. Do it in the shower or in the pool?

8. Glow whenever you’re in the mood or never be able to enjoy sex again?

9. Lick a stranger’s face or suck a stranger’s finger?

10. Sleep with your boss for a job promotion but everyone knows about it or sleep with your friend’s partner for world peace?

11. Be great in bed but be considered ugly or be extremely attractive but terrible in bed?

12. Have wild exciting sex the rest of your life or sensual romantic sex for the rest of your life?

13. Have a hickey or scratch marks?

14. Keep the lights on or off?

15. Talk dirty over the phone or send dirty text messages?

16. Hook up with your celebrity crush or win the lottery?

17. Have an open relationship or only have sex once a month?

18. Only be able to send a nudes when you’re dating someone or have to immediately tell your date how many partners you’ve had?

19. End a first date with a hookup or a sweet kiss?

20. Scream out your ex’s name during sex or cry during sex?

21. Pay to date someone or be paid to date someone?

22. Hookup on the beach or while camping in the woods?

23. Make a dirty video together or watch dirty videos together?

24. Get a dirty morning text or a dirty nighttime text?

25. Be a nudist or a never-nude?

25 Funny Would You Rather Questions

Funny Would You Rather Questions

‘Would you rather’ questions can be difficult to answer. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t funny.

In order to keep things lighthearted, here are 25 funny ‘would you rather’ questions sure to get some laughs.

Would you rather…

1. Have to eat a raw onion like an apple everyday or never eat cheese again?

2. Always have to belch loudly after a meal without being able to excuse yourself or have silent flatulence all day long?

3. Only speak in riddles or only speak in rhyme?

4. Never wear shoes again or only be able to wear shorts?

5. Have no toes or no fingers?

6. Wear a onesie to a wedding or a wedding dress to a funeral?

7. Bark like a dog whenever asked a question or meow like a cat?

8. Have a permanent unibrow or permanent body hair?

9. Always have something stuck in your teeth or always have bad breath?

10. Have a very long ponytail or a shaved head?

11. Only be able to communicate via text even in person or only be able to use a phone to speak?

12. Always get stopped at red lights or have to use dial-up internet?

13. Wear the same outfit for an entire week without washing it or not change your sheets for six months?

14. Join a cult or a multi-level marketing scheme?

15. Be a baby with the mind of an adult or an adult with the mind of a baby?

16. Use peanut butter or mayonnaise as shampoo?

17. Talk like Jar Jar Binks or like Yoda?

18. Laugh whenever someone tells a serious story or only speak with a fake accent whenever you try to be serious?

19. Have six pack abs or drink a six pack?

20. Only be able to watch Shrek movies or Bee Movie?

21. Have to eat out of a mayonnaise jar and not tell people it wasn’t mayonnaise or drink water out of a flask and not be able to tell people it wasn’t liquor?

22. Swim in a pool of salsa or buffalo wing sauce?

23. Brush your teeth with garlic for a year or use spicy toilet paper for a week?

24. Eat cereal with orange juice or make hot chocolate with orange juice?

25. Stay awake for an entire day once a week or sleep for an entire day once a week?

25 Hard Would You Rather Questions

Hard Would You Rather Questions

Some ‘would you rather’ questions might seem like a no brainer to you.

But these 25 hard ‘would you rather’ questions are sure to stop everyone in their tracks.

Would you rather…

1. Never be able to shower or never be able to brush your teeth?

2. Be able to time travel or be in two places at once?

3. Live on the streets or spend your lifetime in prison?

4. Be able to communicate with animals or have no language barriers with humans?

5. Marry your one true love or have the perfect life but never fall in love?

6. Choose the way you die or be able to speak to the dead?

7. Know aliens exist but never be able to tell anyone or spot Bigfoot and never be able to prove it?

8. Always speak your mind or remain silent the rest of your life?

9. Never get mad or never get jealous?

10. Donate your organs to those in need or have your body used for scientific discoveries?

11. Be stuck in a sci-fi dystopian movie or a horror movie?

12. Launch a rocket without experience or perform brain surgery?

13. Experience one day a year of no laws or live in a society where breaking any law results in prison?

14. Lose your pet or your best friend?

15. Work for yourself and always be busy or work for someone else and have more free time?

16. Have to get a new job each year or keep the first job you take for the rest of your life?

17. Experience permanent daytime or nighttime?

18. Have a watch that stops time or a calendar that predicts one event each week?

19. Write lots of decent books or write one truly great book?

20. Never have to wait or always be able to find parking?

21. Record everything you see or everything you hear?

22. Be allergic to water or allergic to sunlight?

23. Never eat breakfast food again or never have dinner again?

24. Go to Neverland or Wonderland?

25. Have no sense of smell or smell things too intensely?

25 Would You Rather Questions for Adults


Sometimes there are decisions in life that only adults can relate to. And what better way to hash out some adult level decision making than with a round of ‘would you rather’ questions.

So, let’s up the stakes with 25 ‘would you rather’ questions for adults.

Would you rather…

1. Spend 5 years in jail or be on the run for the rest of your life?

2. Kiss your date immediately or wait a year after dating them?

3. Go grey at 20 or get wrinkles at 20?

4. Marry your worst enemy or a complete stranger?

5. Send your boss an inappropriate email or send an inappropriate email to your parents?

6. Date someone that won’t marry you but adores you or marry someone who will never treat you very well?

7. Be on a reality TV show for years or have a single documentary about your life?

8. Everyone know your search history or for everyone to have access to your saved images?

9. Have a smart home or have an autonomous car?

10. Smoke cigarettes from a public ashtray or eat food off of a stranger’s plate.

11. Live in Middle-earth or the wizarding world?

12. Be book smart or street smart?

13. Have your childhood dream job or a boring desk job that makes lots of money?

14. Never pay bills again or buy your dream house for only $100?

15. Inherit a lot of money or a lot of assets?

16. Live under capitalism or democratic socialism?

17. Have two bitcoins or one NFT?

18. Drive an old car in great condition or a new car that always needs work?

19. Give up eating meat or give up eating dairy?

20. Date Flavor Flav or Bret Michaels?

21. Be a Sardaukar warrior or live on Arrakis?

22. Date someone willing to die for you or someone willing to kill for you?

23. Have all the coolest tech but it’s all off brand or have only one branded tech item?

24. Only see your friends through video chat whenever you want or only see your friends once a year?

25. Be incredibly quick witted or have super speed?

25 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Even kids can have fun with ‘would you rather’ questions. But a child’s prerogative is vastly different from an adults.

Therefore, we came up with 25 ‘would you rather’ questions for kids to give you a nice starting place.

Would you rather…

1. Play in the snow or play in the ocean?

2. Go on a Disney vacation or a Universal Studios vacation?

3. Watch Star Wars or Marvel Comic Universe movies?

4. Tattletale on your friend or take the punishment for them?

5. Never eat candy again or never eat pizza again?

6. Give up playing video games or never have fun again?

7. Sing whenever you speak or scream whenever you speak?

8. Have pointy ears or a pointy nose?

9. Walk on your hands and knees everywhere or only be able to hop even when you aren’t going anywhere?

10. Find the lost city of Atlantis or travel in space?

11. Never eat fruit again or never eat vegetables again?

12. Have to keep worms in your pocket or slugs in your shoes?

13. Spend the day at a waterpark or an amusement park?

14. Always lose the games you play or never be able to play games?

15. Have Christmas without presents or celebrate Halloween without costumes?

16. Find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or find a genie’s lamp?

17. Go to school without friends but get to see them on the weekends or go to school with your friends and never see them outside of school?

18. Have a miniature pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn?

19. Build a treehouse or build a giant fortress underground?

20. Be a famous child actor or join the circus?

21. Breathe underwater but not be able to swim or be able to swim and need to come up for air?

22. Gain superpowers or invent anything you can think of?

23. Be very intelligent or very strong?

24. Cry in your sleep every night or never cry when you get hurt?

25. Live inside of the last video game you played or live inside of the last movie you watched?

25 Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Would You Rather Questions For Couples

A great way to get to know a person you’re dating is by asking them questions. And instead of interrogating them, why not make it fun?

With these 25 ‘would you rather’ questions for couples, you’ll both grow a little bit closer and have fun while you do it.

Would you rather…

1. Have pets or children?

2. Meet my parents first or have me meet your parents first?

3. You and your significant other not be able to ever live together but never fight or live together but fight every week?

4. Your friends hate your partner or your parents hate them?

5. Only name our children after dictators or the full name of serial killers?

6. Not be able to kiss on New Years Eve or not be able to kiss on Valentines Day?

7. Go on a romantic date or a casual fun date?

8. Have a big family or a small family?

9. Get candy or flowers as a gift?

10. Watch the sunset or the sunrise?

11. Get matching tattoos or wear matching outfits everyday?

12. Travel the world together or build our dream home together?

13. Be left alone when you’re angry or have someone comfort you?

14. Have triplets or never have children?

15. Be with someone for love or money?

16. Date someone that’s an idiot but attractive or date someone with brains that’s considered unattractive?

17. Go glamping or have a rugged camping experience?

18. Have good news or bad news first?

19. Cook or do dishes?

20. Go on a romantic trip with just your partner or go on a Vegas trip with friends?

21. Go on a group date or a one-on-one date?

22. Drink wine together by a fire together or drink cheap beer and play drinking games?

23. Live with your parents or live with your in-laws?

24. Get a massage as a gift or tickets to a concert?

25. Make more money than your partner and have to support them or make less than your partner?

20 Deep Would You Rather Questions

Deep Would You Rather Questions

As if choosing between two answers isn’t hard enough. Take your game of ‘would you rather’ down a more serious route.

With 20 deep ‘would you rather’ questions, you’ll have everyone you play with emotionally pained.

Would you rather…

1. Take one person’s life to save a hundred peoples lives or save a loved one but a hundred strangers die?

2. Inherit millions but you have to donate the money or only inherit a thousand dollars and get to keep it?

3. Cure cancer but you lose your life or remain alive without finding a cure?

4. Be able to see 1 minute into the future or 10 years into the future?

5. Have the ability to read minds and never be able to turn it off or have to constantly levitate?

6. Never be able to tell the truth or be able to tell the truth but no one believes you?
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7. Know how you’re going to die or know the exact time you’re going to die?

8. See a countdown to everyone’s death or see your own countdown?

9. Know everything about the universe or live in blissful ignorance?

10. Have approximate knowledge of many things or know everything about only one subject?

11. Have a wild imagination or an unfaltering memory?

12. Live for hundreds of years or live an average lifespan?

13. Have a world without illness and disease or a world without violence?

14. Be extremely famous amongst a small niche group or be somewhat well known on a mass scale?

15. End world hunger but people are still without homes or end homelessness but people are still without food?

16. Be able to control the future or change the past?

17. Stop an evil force or spread universal good?

18. End all class systems or end all violence in the world?

19. Be able to erase your memories or another person’s memories?

20. Donate bone marrow or donate an organ?

How to Play the “Would You Rather” Game

Would You Rather Game Questions

‘Would you rather’ is by far one of the easiest games you could play. All you need is a good list of questions to pull from – which we’ve provided. Or some creativity.

Go ahead and make your questions as personal to the other players as possible. Make their choices really difficult. Because why not? It’s much more fun that way.

And the point of the game is to draw up some discussion about the choices we make when put under pressure. Of course, the best ‘would you rather’ questions are those without a good answer.

So, how will you explain your choices? What about your friends?

In order to kick start a ‘would you rather’ game, have one person begin by asking someone else whether they would choose one option or the other. Or, go all out and have everyone answer each question.

Then go around the room and let each person ask their own ‘would you rather’ questions.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. And we mean that literally.

Let the Games Begin

There’s a reason ‘Would you rather” is such a popular game. Hell, the game even made it to the big screen as a horror movie aptly titled, Would You Rather.

So, keep your boring car rides lively, and break the ice with ‘would you rather’ questions.

Because with our list of 200 ‘would you rather’ questions, you’ll always have an excuse to have fun.

Do you have any ‘would you rather’ questions that will blow our minds? Make sure you share them with us in the comments below!