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    Crispy Crust Anyone? 8 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens
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Crispy Crust Anyone? 8 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Looking for recommendations for the best outdoor pizza ovens? You’ve landed on the right page! You’ll find 8 outstanding pizza ovens that combine forno flavor with modern convenience.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Looking to replicate your favorite restaurant’s pizza in your backyard? Let’s talk about modern, outdoor pizza ovens. Not only will they crisp your crust to perfection, but they’re ideal for meats, fish, vegetables and bread. Whether you prefer a gas-fired, electric-fired, or wooden-fired pizza oven, your gourmet pizza nights will never be the same again.

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven of 2021

The market is flooded with many types of pizza ovens, making it tricky to pick the right one. Here is a comprehensive review of the 8 best pizza ovens for baking, roasting, and searing.

1. Ooni Koda 12 Propane Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Propane Pizza Oven
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The Ooni Koda 12 is a real time saver and is one of the best outdoor pizza ovens on the market today. This oven is a game-changer, achieving an impressive 950°F (500°C) in just 15 minutes. With such intense heat, imagine whipping up a mouth-watering pizza in just 60 seconds!

Cooking options are not limited to pizza. If it is roasted meat, steak, or vegetables you want, Ooni Kodi 12 will always impress you with a delicious and finger-licking flavor.

The build quality is impressive and features a powder-coated, carbon steel shell and ceramic insulation for maximum heat retention. No assembly is required; you just unpack it, flip open the foldable legs, insert the baking stone, connect it to a gas supply, and you are good to go. The built-in gas ignition provides instant flames.

Cleaning is a breeze with this one. It is gas-fueled, so you have smoke-free cooking, with no ashes to clean up after your cooking is done. If you are looking for a compact size and a portable pizza-making masterpiece, you will find it in the Ooni Kodi 12. 

2. Ooni Karu 12 Wood and Charcoal-Fired Portable Pizza Oven

Ooni Karu 12 Wood and Charcoal-Fired Portable Pizza Oven
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To make great pizza, high heat is required. And the Karu 12 from Ooni does not disappoint. It gets to 932 degrees in just 20 minutes, perfectly baking pizzas within 60 seconds.

It’s also great for flame-cooked meals, including baked vegetables, seared steaks, roasted fish, or fresh bread. And if seared steaks tickle your fancy, the fuel tray design allows maximum airflow for a powerful searing flame.

The Karu 12 features ceramic fiber insulation on the stainless steel body and a thick baking stone for even heat retention. Couple that with the patented flame keeper that maintains optimal temperature as your cook, and excellent food is a guarantee.

This portable outdoor pizza oven gives you the option to cook all these delicacies with pellets, wood, gas, or charcoal to infuse food with your preferred flavor. Ash falls away as the cooking continues, so no need for extensive clean-ups.

And at just 26 pounds, Karu means it when they say it is portable. Just fold the legs and remove the chimney for easier storage or to carry it on the go.

3. Camp Chef Italia Propane Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia
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Camp Chef never leaves it up to chance when it comes to crafting outdoor appliances. Take the case of Camp Chef Italia.

With stainless steel construction, Camp Chef Italia is undoubtedly built to last. Assembly is easy, allowing you to put it together in under 30 minutes.

The built-in valve ignition provides reliable starts, and with 17000 BTUs, you’ll be hitting 700 degrees in just 15 minutes. The double-layered ceiling then distributes heat on the 265 sq. inches of cooking area so you can cook perfect pizza, roast meat, and bake bread for all and sundry.

Of utmost value is the ventilated oven door that retains and regulates heat while cooking. Camp Chef includes a built-in temperature gauge for hands-free baking to allow you to monitor heat levels with ease.

This oven will serve you well in your backyard. At 46 pounds, it is also light enough to tag along during outdoor expeditions.  

4. Forno Venetzia Torino 200 Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Forno Venetzia Torino 200 Countertop Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
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If you are looking to cook for a large family or entertain a small crowd without a hassle, Forno Venetzia’s Torino 200 is the real deal as it can cook up to 4 pizzas at a time. Sure, it’s huge at over 320 pounds, but 726 square inches of cooking space more than makes up for the relative lack of portability.

Forno Venetzia offers total insulation for evenly distributed heat, ensuring well-cooked food without any cold or hot spots. Thanks to the traditional flue design, you have superior heat retention and ventilation as well. All told, the Torino 200 can reach up to 850 degrees.

You will also find here a built-in thermometer and tempered glass with an oak handle that allows you to monitor the cooking process without opening the door.

The Forno Venetzia Torino 200 is an elegant cooking appliance that comes with a UV-resistant and powder-coated body to ensure that it never fades. The signature chimney cap completes the look.

And did we say the unit comes fully assembled and ready to use without a need for curing? You just unpack it and get started.

5. Gozney ROCCBOX

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Gozney offers professional-grade products expertly designed for excellent cooking results. If the Roccbox is anything to go by, Gozney will continue to be a force to reckon with for a very long time.

Roccbox needs no assembly, allowing you to cook right after unpacking it. With a high temperature of 932 degrees, you only need 60 seconds to whip up a Neapolitan pizza.

This is a versatile piece; you can roast, grill, barbecue, or sear your food in incredibly little time. It boasts an 86% heat retention capacity using the cordierite stone bottom to bake after bake without waiting.

Conveniently monitor the oven temperature using the built-in thermocouple thermometer. The body is heavily insulated to retain heat, and the exterior is covered in a silicone jacket to minimize the risks of skin burns.

This unit is multi-fuel and is compatible with either wood or gas. While it ships with a complete gas burner, you will have to buy a wood burner separately.

Thanks to the retractable legs and detachable burners, it’s easy to break down if you want to use the oven at the campgrounds.

6. Bella Medio Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bella Medio Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven
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The Bella Medio features a heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction; it’s definitely built to last. And with 752 sq. inches of cooking space, this unit is larger than most residential ovens and will cook for large gatherings without breaking a sweat.

You just need 15 minutes for the oven to reach 400 degrees and cook up to 40 pizzas an hour. Moreover, it is sufficiently insulated for maximum heat retention–so you’re not starting over from scratch every time you open the door.

With this oven, you will enjoy great versatility because you can roast chicken, chops, sear steaks, and bake up to 12 loaves of bread. This means that you can meet everyone’s cravings right from your backyard.

Every Bella pizza oven comes with a starter tool kit with a pair of gloves, a wooden, and a stainless steel pizza peel to get you started on your culinary pursuits. Bella Medio has four wheels beneath the stand that allow you to wheel it anywhere with great ease.

7. WPPO Le Peppe Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven
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Crafted with campers and tailgaters in mind, the WPPO Le Peppe is portable so that you can enjoy perfectly made pizza from anywhere. Don’t believe us? Consider the durable, powder-coated stainless steel construction, which won’t wear out even with constant relocation.

Adding to its utility is the Le Peppe’s multi-fuel compatibility and easy load box. Use your favorite brand of charcoal, wood chunks, pellets, lump coal–or any mixture of these. No converter required!

With a temperature range of between 500-900 degrees, you can cook your vegetables, fish, and meats to perfection. And thanks to the fire blanket insulation and downdraft air system, heat retention is maximized and cold spots minimized.

You will find a peephole on the oven door that allows you to monitor foods as it cooks. Alternatively, you can just follow the readings on the built-in thermometer to monitor internal heat levels.

Going somewhere? Just remove the chimney and comfortably deploy Le Peppe wherever you need it.

8. Alfresco Built-In Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven

30-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Outdoor Pizza
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Alfresco is quality, performance, and versatility all rolled into one. With the Alfresco 30-inch natural gas outdoor pizza oven, you can start your culinary pursuits after just 16 minutes of preheating. With over 1000 degrees so you can bake a Neapolitan pizza in 3 minutes.

This oven uses an infrared floor heating system with a rear burner that delivers 40,000 BTUs of cooking power. Thanks to the double-wall insulation and the gas logs, heat retention is maximized for a perfectly cooked pizza.

At your disposal is 456 square inches of cooking space, enough to roast and sear your steaks and bake a 14-inch pizza in no time. Use the integrated halogen lighting to help monitor the cook. And once you are done, just remove the arch and the doors to easily clean the oven.

Alfresco throws in stainless steel wood and herb box that can act as a water pan while you bake. Clearly, this oven is regarded as one of the best performing gas-fired ovens for a reason.

What To Consider for an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you are contemplating buying a pizza oven, there are several things you need to think about. Here is a short checklist to help pick the perfect one for your outdoor space

Permanent or Portable

If you have an outdoor space to spare, a permanent pizza oven will be a good pick. It makes for a cosy gathering spot in your backyard, as well. Most are wood-fueled and require a bit of patience to operate.  

But then again, the versatility of a portable pizza oven cannot be downplayed as it allows you to enjoy mouth-watering pizza both on the go and at home.

These units are lightweight, and some will blow your mind with short cook time, delivering perfectly cooked pizza in minutes.

Construction ranges from stone, stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, or ceramic. You also get to choose between a gas-fired, wood-fired, or an electric portable pizza oven.


It is essential to determine the fuel type you prefer before buying a pizza oven. The options available include wood, propane (gas), or electricity.

If wood is your preferred fuel, temperature regulation will be your biggest challenge. But go right ahead and buy one if you swear by wood-fired flavor in your food.

For electric and gas-fired ovens, temperature control is easy, and you are always assured of evenly cooked pizza. Electric and gas ovens are eco-friendly and emit no soot, unlike their wood-fired counterparts.

Size and Space

Choose a pizza oven that is proportionate to your outdoor space. While at it, consider the amount of food you will be cooking in the oven.

Some large ovens come with enough cooking space to cook up to four pizzas at a go and are ideal for entertaining a large crowd. But if you are looking to bake for a few people, you don’t need to spend top dollar on a huge oven.

Ease of Handling

Every pizza oven has its own way of handling. Take the wood-fired pizza oven, for example. You increase cooking temperature by adding more wood and vice-versa.

Conversely, regulating the flame in a gas-fired oven automatically regulates the cooking temperature. Since your attention is not required the entire cooking time, you have the freedom to do other things as your food cooks.

Aesthetics and Style

Get something that resonates with the style of your home. For example, a stainless steel unit will fit better in a contemporary home. But don’t sacrifice function on the altar of form.

While aesthetics is a worthy consideration, ensure the oven is functional enough to meet your cooking needs.

Outside Pizza Ovens: Conclusion

Nothing compares to a bite off a restaurant-quality pizza treat right in your own backyard. And pizza ovens create an inviting atmosphere and big incentive to gather friends and family.

While everyone deserves a good pizza, arriving at a proper choice of an oven is not always easy; it requires some work. But lucky for you, we have done the heavy lifting for you. Every pizza oven reviewed here is top-rated, and will serve you will in the quest for the perfect slice.

  • Got a killer pizza recipe?

  • What’s your fuel of choice for outdoor pizza ovens?

Let us know about your ‘za in the comments below!

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