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    Sentimental Mother Daughter Tattoos: Ideas to Celebrate an Unbreakable Bond
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Sentimental Mother Daughter Tattoos: Ideas to Celebrate an Unbreakable Bond

The mother-daughter bond is virtually unbreakable. And there’s no better way to meaningfully show your love for each other than getting matching mother daughter tattoos. Here are 10 great ink ideas to consider.

Sentimental Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas 2021

There’s an unconditional layer of love between mothers and daughters. While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of either party driving the other up the wall, the mother-daughter bond remains steadfast throughout a lifetime. Mother daughter tattoos are everlasting —just like the mother-daughter bond. This makes it imperative to find a meaningful show of love that’s as beautiful as your relationship.

Did you know that the mother-daughter bond is the strongest of all parent-child relationships?

Scientifically speaking, such bonds are stronger because women have advanced empathy departments. This impacts brain chemistry and how it processes emotions. Mother/daughter brains pair more naturally, but it also may explain why the two are sometimes at loggerheads. After all, it’s expected of the same side magnets to repel each other.

If your mom’s number is the first on your speed dial list, this is enough reason to get a mom tattoo. The deep connection between you goes beyond the shared experience bias and is based on a matter of the brain and the heart. In short, you’re likely to influence each other —for better or worse. Daughter tattoos work the same in the corollary.

10 Meaningful Ideas for Mother Daughter Tattoos

If your mom is the bold type, you may just start a new tradition of getting sentimental mother daughter tattoos. An easy way to sell your idea is to provide a range of options. If your mom is on the fence about the whole tatt situation, it may be easier to convince her to get a minimalist tattoo. On the other hand, you could go full swing with more complex graphics if she’s all in on the plan.

Is your mom your ride or die? Do you want to show off your everlasting bond using mother daughter tattoos?
If your answer is yes, here are 10 brilliant ideas to consider:

1. Matching Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Matching mother daughter tattoos

One of the top mother and daughter tattoos choices is twin graphics. They symbolize the similarities and the aspects that make them “two peas in a pod.” Moreover, matching mother daughter tattoos provide an exceptional way to celebrate the unique experiences you have shared.

It remains imperative to note that matching tattoos doesn’t necessarily mean you must go for identical graphics. This is a common misconception that needs to be ironed out. Remember that opposites attract, and the differences between you and your mum also warrant celebration.

That said, you could also go for different graphics with a common meaning. One of the best daughter tattoo ideas is to do a whole puzzle with one missing piece. On the other hand, your mom could have a tattoo of the missing piece. You might also do this with a tree and acorn, or a blown dandelion and seed for a more naturalistic version.

2. Micro-Tattoos

Micro Tattoo Ideas for Mothers and Daughters

Delicate mother daughter tattoos are an in-thing. These are delicate, tiny designs with big, deeper, and pretty specific meanings. They offer more versatility because they can be inscribed anywhere, including open areas like the back of the ear or on a finger.

With tiny mother daughter tattoos, you can go for just about any graphic. For instance, you could go for symbols with an astrological meaning like the stars, moon, or sun. Better still, you could do girly hand tattoos and inscribe butterflies to symbolize how your mature love has undergone complex cycles to achieve its current beauty.

Other great ideas for micro tattoos include:

  • Tiny dog paws: symbolize loyalty and friendship
  • Hearts: signify deep love
  • Arrows: show endless possibilities

3. Symbol Tattoos

Mother daughter infinity tattoos

They say a picture can speak a thousand words. If words cannot describe your mother-daughter bond, you could choose to show your love by getting unique symbol mother daughter tattoos.

Again, there is a whole world of options to explore.

For instance, infinity mother daughter tattoos are simple and easy to adapt into any size. They symbolize infinity, eternity, timelessness, and an everlasting and unbreakable bond. On the other hand, a skeleton key tattoo would show that your relationship is like a treasure chest. Then again, you hold a key that can open whole parades of different locks.

4. Connecting Tattoos

Mother daughter connecting tattoos
via Instagram

Connecting tatts are the epitome of cute mother daughter tattoos. They only feature half the picture and create a complete graphic when placed side by side. Such tattoos symbolize that the two of you complete each other.

If you are often miles away from your mom, this may be the best tattoo to choose. During your time apart, it will remind you of the happy memories you shared. Furthermore, anytime you feel broken, you will remember that there is someone out there whose love makes you whole.

5. Text Tattoos

Mother daughter birthdate tattoo

Is there a better symbol of love than inscribing bonding mother daughter quotes on your skin? With this choice, it’s hard to go wrong. You can engrave famous quotes, folk wisdom sayings, or even the lyrics to your favorite song.

Here are a few tricks that may come in handy:

  • Know your font and character options
  • Keep it short double check your quote and spellings for accuracy
  • Choose locations with less natural bends

Another appropriate yet simple tattoo idea which celebrates the mother-daughter bond is birthdates. Moms can tattoo the delivery dates of their children, while daughters can do the same for their parents. It’s a meaningful reminder of the moment the bond was first formed.

6. Flower Tattoos

Mother daughter flower tattoos

Mother daughter flower tattoos are also trending for a good reason.

They are cute, a little sexy and can be used to signify generosity, purity, love, faith, and so much more. Most importantly, flowers express femininity in all its intricate complexities, colors, and forms. They signify the fact that the female spirit is intriguing, mysterious, and multifaceted.

In Chinese culture, daylilies are associated with motherhood and offspring. Here are other common floral sentimental mother daughter tattoos and their meaning:

  • Roses: (orange) enthusiasm and excitement; (blue) fascination joy; (red) deep love; (yellow) familiar love and devotion
  • Lotus: human spiritual growth, triumph in the face of life’s ups and downs, spiritual rebirth
  • Orchids: bravery and honor, strength, fertility, and a prosperity

7. Birds Tattoos

Mother daughter bird tattoos

Another excellent choice for mother daughter tattoos is getting bird tats.

These are attractive and bring out inherent feminine traits. Generally, birds symbolize beauty, elegance, love, nobility, and freedom. Whether you go for a minimalist or extravagant design, the meaning of your ink is bound to be loud and clear.

Bird-inspired tattoos have a deep meaning depending on the specific design you choose. For instance, flying birds signify leaving the nest. This could show that your mom taught you how to fly.

Let’s have a look at other bird tats and their meaning:

  • Swan: purity, and light
  • Eagle: power, rebirth, and courage
  • Sparrow: diligence, creativity, and productivity
  • Hummingbirds: healing, love, and joy
  • Bluebird: harmony, joy, and honesty
  • Peacock: spring, pride, and serenity

8. Animal Tattoos

Mother Daughter Elephant Tattoo

Animal tattoos are ancient forms of body art with deep meanings.

Animism tattooing trends are in vogue, and this is not something that is likely to change any time soon. If your mom is glad to go all in, there are more than a few brilliant animism meaningful symbols to explore.

Check out these animal tattoos and their meaning:

  • Lion, tiger, or cheetah: raw power and strength
  • Deer: great intuition, gentleness, and sensitivity
  • Bear: confidence, strength, fiercely protective
  • Panda: strength, wisdom, good luck, and prosperity
  • Horse: unrestrained freedom, strength, and power
  • Elephant tattoos: love, profound emotions

Animal mother daughter tattoos bring a sense of mysticism and magic. For instance, elephants are known to be super protective of their offspring. They are loving, powerful, strong, wise, and majestic, yet gentle under most circumstances.

However, they bring out their wild side when under threat. Whether you choose a small or big animal tattoo, you’ll have an excellent way to send out a big message!

9. Bond Tattoos

Mother daughter bond tattoo
via Instagram

As the name suggests, bond tattoos express the unique and everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter. Such tattoos are cute, especially when you incorporate elements such as a line that links the two of you.

Pro tip: Bond tattoos have a better outcome when their placement is around more visible areas like the wrist. If you are bent on getting meaningful side wrist tattoos, the image below may just knock you off your socks.

10. Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Knot Mother Daughter Symbol

Last but not least on our list of the 10 most intriguing mother daughter tattoos is the Celtic art style tattoos. Such graphics can feature just about anything, including spirals, knots, or rings.

Here are just a few Celtic design ideas that are perfect for showing the unbreakable mother-daughter bond:

  • Trinity Knot: signifies the three stages in a woman’s life, namely maiden, mother, and crone
  • Love Knot: means unconditional love
  • Tree Of Life: deep-rooted love, a desire for greatness and success

The “Ouch” Factor: How Painful Is It To Get A Tattoo?

Let’s pop the big question—how painful is it to get a tattoo?

Whether you consider mother tattoos or daughter tattoos, nothing is as vital as bracing yourself for the expected pain. Well, the experience of embedding ink into your skin is not painless. The good news is that it is bearable. The trick is ensuring you don’t subject yourself to the worst horrors of your life is to choose the tatt location and size based on your levels of pain tolerance.

Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo:

If you have a low pain threshold, you may want to avoid the following areas:

  • Lower ribs
  • Kneecap
  • Fingers
  • The upper area of the foot, right above your toes
  • Lower and upper bicep regions
  • The upper center of the chest region

As long as you have your mom tattoo ideas, a skilled artist can embed ink in any of the above areas. You will, however, need to bring your ‘A” pain tolerance game. Areas like the fingers have a thin covering, meaning that tattooing would subject your nervous system to direct assault. Areas around the biceps have more blood vessels whole the center of your chest throws pain directly into your bloodstream.

Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo:

So which regions are less painful and ideal for tattooing? Fortunately, specific locations make tattooing downright tolerable. They include:

  • Forearm
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders
  • Ear cartilage
  • Calves
  • Inner Wrist

How to Prep Skin for a Tattoo:

Moreover, there are a few tips that can help prep your skin for tattooing sessions. These tips can also aid in making the experience more tolerable.

  • Make sure your skin is in great shape and avoid sunburns
  • Don’t take booze for at least 24 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen for one day to your session
  • Let your artist know about any skin allergies
  • Rest well to reduce the risk of being fidgety or grouchy during sessions
  • Remind yourself why you want a mother child tattoo

The easiest trick to getting your tattoo is just to breathe. Take deep breaths to keep your blood well oxygenated and trigger endorphin production. Deep breaths also slow down the heart rate and kick out stress hormones from your body.

Simple Tattoo Aftercare Tips

So, you’ve been thinking about mother daughter tattoo ideas for a while, and you’ve spotted the best graphic that symbolizes your relationship. You’ve even researched the best tattoo artist in your area, and you are ready to get inked!

If you want a truly outstanding outcome, here are essential tattoo aftercare tips you must follow to the latter:

Adhere to All Instructions from Your Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists have a unique set of ethics that determines the aftercare advice they provide. Forget what you have read on the internet and follow the precise instructions issued by your specialist. This may just ensure that the site heals better and faster.

Don’t Forget to Wash the Tattoo Site

You’ll need to keep your tattoo covered for about 5 hours. After this, you can remove the bandage and clean the site with mild soap and lukewarm water. Make sure you don’t use any scented or harsh detergents on the fresh zone.

Apply Unscented Moisturizing Cream

Another crucial tattoo aftercare tip is to keep the fresh site well moisturized. Generally, nappy rash cream is the best, although your artist may offer other recommendations. Make sure you clean and moisturize the area at least 3 times each day.

Keep the Site Dry

You need to clean the tattoo site and also ensure that it remains dry until it heals. This makes it crucial not to soak the area in a bath for at least one month. Moreover, keep the tattoo covered with gauze, medical tape, or cling film if it is located within areas prone to rubbing by clothes.

Don’t Scratch

It’s normal to feel a slight itch as the tattoo site heals. However, you must avoid the temptation of scratching the area because this may cause patches of faded areas or remove the embedded ink altogether. If the itch is too much, it’s enough just to slap the area gently.

Stay Out of the Sun

You must also avoid direct sunlight to ensure your tattoo doesn’t fade before you get to enjoy it.

Moreover, the black pigments absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays more readily than unmarked skin. Thus, if you absolutely must be out in the sun, ensure you’re using the strongest SPF sunscreen available, and keep clothed whenever possible.

Give It Time to Heal

The healing speed of a tattooed site may vary from one person to another. Other factors that may influence the healing pace are the size and design of a tatt. While simple tats heal within a few weeks, complex ones may take several months. Give your tattoo as much healing time as your artist recommends, and continue to follow the aftercare instructions.

Mother-Daughter Tattoos: Final Thoughts

The mother-daughter relationship is one of a kind. It has love, care, and compassion rooted in the brain and heart, and there’s nothing quite like it.

So, what’s your mother daughter tattoos pick?

Will you go for a minimalist, one-color graphic, or will you inscribe the lyrics you both love on your wrists? Better still, are you thinking about sentimental mother daughter tattoos such as mama bear and her cubs? Whether you want to choose a color, shape, word, motif, or graphic, we are sure you will forever cherish the meaning of your ink.

Let us know about the tattoo you choose and what it means in the comment section below. Who knows, you may just have the advice someone badly needs.