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    Maharishi Senz Umbrella is Art on a Rain Canvas
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Maharishi Senz Umbrella is Art on a Rain Canvas

Umbrellas can be about a lot more than just a canopy and a frame. We published a pretty popular article on umbrella design back in 2010, and we’ve been fascinated by creative umbrellas ever since. The new Maharishi Senz Umbrella has captured our attention today, a wild monochrome design on the famed Senz frame.

If you’re not familiar, Senz umbrellas have an elongated frame with four ribs that extend to the rear of the holder. This provides greater aerodynamic response, which handles wind better than most, and it also sports a wider coverage area than the typical umbrella. The Senz design thereby keeps its holder dryer than most umbrellas, while also being easier to hold in heavy winds.

Maharishi has taken the Senz umbrella and given it a fresh look with a sharp black-and-white pattern. The already-geometric shape of the Senz umbrella is even more attractive now, allowing its holder to stand out in a very wet crowd. The Maharishi Senz Umbrella, called “Dazzle” by Maharishi, is available for just under $90 USD after currency conversion. It’s available now.

Maharishi Senz Umbrella 2

Maharishi Senz Umbrella 3

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