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    SIRE Eyewear by AeKae
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SIRE Eyewear by AeKae


Even though the season is winding down, these glasses by SIRE Eyewear are easily the sexiest of summer.  While the smooth curves and corners make these glasses progressive in design, it is the material that makes these so special.  SIRE Eyewear is hand-crafted from natural water buffalo horn– an animal domesticated for its milk, its strength for harvesting crops, and its meat and hide after its passing.  The horns are saved as well, and AeKae has taken thin layers of the horn and pressed them together, resulting in this unique material for eyewear.  Hit the jump for a gallery with images of SIRE Eyewear under construction, and be sure to hit the via link for more details on these brilliant examples of modern eyewear.  [the-sire via dezeen]



SIRE Eyewear Gallery