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A Close Look at the Rickenbacker Guitar from Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles-Rock-Band_Rickenbacker 325_1

Long before Rock Band got a hold of the Rickenbacker 325 for The Beatles: Rock Band, the Rickenbacker Guitar was a legend in the rock world.  It was the first American-made guitar to ever grace the hands of John Lennon, and the instrument of choice for many artists in rock and roll’s golden age.  Its three double-coiled humbucker pickups provided a pristine signal and a signature sound that is clearly recognizable in the recordings of the past.  While the Rock Band version may not pack those triplet humbuckers, it does provide a faithful reproduction of the legendary Rick from headstock to wammy bar.  Our friends over at NotCot have a full unboxing and review, including the interesting history of Rickenbacker and how it made it to The Beatles: Rock Band. [more at notcot]

Beatles-Rock-Band_Rickenbacker 325_5

Beatles-Rock-Band_Rickenbacker 325_2

The Beatles: Rock Band Rickenbacker Guitar Gallery