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    Sonic Fabric Cassette Tape Necktie
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Sonic Fabric Cassette Tape Necktie


Mark these down as “the coolest neckties you’ll see all year”.  Not only do these stylish, diagonally-stitched neckties look strong and subtle, they actually emit sound when held under a cassette tape head.  The Sonic Fabric Cassette Tape Neckties are made from 50% recycled cassette tape and 50% polyester thread.  Old classic cassettes are reborn in these ties, while their original recordings still remaining (albeit jumbled).  Hold one of these under a cassette tape deck head, you’ll hear the sound from whence they came– as the magnetic audio information is still preserved.  See the video after the jump, with the money shot at 3:00. [$90 at supermarkethq via ltdhype and notcot]

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