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    The Selk’Bag Human Sleeping Bag
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The Selk’Bag Human Sleeping Bag


The Selk’Bag Sleeping Bag hopes to entirely reinvent the way you camp– whether that’s in a forest wilderness or the comforts of your own home.  The Selkbag makes the sleeping bag mobile, giving you the free movement to walk about instead of being stuck on the floor in a cocoon.  The design itself is comfortable and even a bit stylish– you can freely rock the Selkbag without looking like, well, a douchebag.  It does have a few shortcomings, but we love designer Rodrigo Alonso’s ingenuity with this design.

The basic sleeping bag is all in one wrapped unit for a reason: the closer your extremities to your body, the more heat the bag retains.  The fact that your arms and legs are separated will allow less core heat to be stored within the bag.  Second, sleeping bags don’t get very dirty, but a mobile version could collect a whole lot of dirt, campfire smoke, leaf debris and otherwise.  These issues combine to make the Selk’bag not the most camping friendly unit.

Any other application, from cabin camping to visiting friends from college to hanging out around the house– the Selk’bag will do you right.  It’s the thinking man’s Slanket, and it looks a hell of a lot better than that blankety relative.  In all, we love the design, we totally want a Selk’bag, it’s the best thing to happen to comfortable around-the-house clothing since the footie pajama’s we rocked as kids.  [rodrigo alonso via thecoolhunter]



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