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    17 Best Camping Hammocks to Hang Loose Outdoors
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17 Best Camping Hammocks to Hang Loose Outdoors

For many people, the idea of camping is an exciting pastime. There’s fresh air, scenic views, and the comfort of the fireside. Until it’s time to pitch a tent and sleep on the hard, uncomfortable ground. To help you avoid rolling around in the dirt, we’ve put together a list of 17 of the best camping hammocks so you can enjoy hanging out in the wilderness.

Best camping hammock

Anyone who spends time outdoors knows firsthand how important it is to pack efficiently. You don’t want to lug around huge pieces of equipment, or massive amounts of gear unless you absolutely need it.

You’ll be able to lighten your load by sleeping in a hammock. Don’t let a fear of heights keep you away! Your hammock can be hung as high up or as low as you’d like. Of course there is some room needed between you and the ground so that you remain suspended. Even if only slightly.

What to Consider When Buying Camping Hammocks

First things first, do you need a specific type of hammock? For camping, yes! Those giant backyard rope hammocks are not what we have in mind.

If you’re using your hammock for camping, you need something portable, durable, and lightweight.

How big should your hammock be?

Hammocks typically come in two sizes; single, and double.

  • The single size will save you some packing space and is great for most solo trailblazers.
  • However, the double will give you extra room to stretch out and can even hold two campers at once.

It’s important to know exactly how you’ll use your hammock once you purchase one. Is it going to be a casual day out accessory or a sleeping space on a rugged backpacking trip? Because anyone spending the night away in their hammock is going to need a few extra specs.

Some hammocks available come with all the bells and whistles. While others are simple and allow you to add on later if you desire to.

What Makes a Good Hammock for Camping?

A fine balance between lightweight and durability is important when finding the perfect camping hammock. You don’t want to waste energy hiking with extra weight but you also don’t want to compromise safety with a weak material. The hammocks on this list are all easy to pack and have the durability you need.

Value and versatility are also important. You want a hammock that can be used in multiple settings. Take it on a week long trip in the woods, hang it up in your backyard, or even your local park. To us, versatility means value.

Best Camping Hammock to Relax Outdoors

1. Wise Owl Outfitters

Wise Owl Camping Hammocks
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If you’re on the hunt for a simple yet sturdy camping hammock look no further than Wise Owl. Wise Owl offers a single or double hammock that both come with a storage bag, carabiner, and two 9 ft. straps.

Planning on camping with your Wise Owl hammock? The company offers all the additional accessories you need to make your experience safer and more comfortable. You can add on a bug net, or canopy at any time.

Wise Owl hammocks are easy to use and can be set-up in minutes. And the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, which also means they’re fairly confident in their product.

2. Kootek

Kootek Camping Hammocks
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Easy set-up and storage are less of a luxury and more of an expectation when it comes to camping hammocks. Kootek takes that notion and runs with it with their double and single portable hammocks.

Each hammock has a built-in storage bag, triple stitching, 210T parachute material, 10 ft. long tree friendly straps, and heavy duty carabiners. Kootek hammocks are also super easy to clean and fast drying. So, feel free to rinse them off and they’ll be dry in no time.

Plus if you’re looking for a variety of colors, Kootek hammocks come in around 18 different color combinations.

3. Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock

Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammocks
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For those needing a larger hammock that’s still lightweight, you should consider Gold Armour’s XL Double Hammock.

This XL hammock has a weight capacity of 500 lbs., 210T parachute nylon, and triple stitching. Feel free to let it get wet because it’s ultra breathable and quick drying.

With each hammock you’ll also get two carabiners, 10 ft. tree-friendly straps, and a storage bag. The straps come with 16 attachment loops making set-up and take down quick and easy.

Gold Armour isn’t just about bringing their customers high quality camping gear. In order to help preserve the wilderness they love, Gold Armour donates 5% of their profit to planting trees and restoring forests. You can feel good about shopping with Gold Armour.

4. Legit Double Camping Hammock

Legit Double Camping Hammock
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The Legit Double Camping Hammock is everything you want in an affordable hammock in a simple package. Each hammock comes with all the necessary equipment, tree friendly straps, steel carabiners, and an attached storage bag.

The material used is 210T parachute nylon, so it’s durable and comfortable. Legit hammocks are 10 ft. long by 6 ft. wide, and have 500 lb. weight limit. You don’t have to worry about sharing space with this hammock, it is very sturdy.

You’ll be able to just sit back and relax, soaking in the great outdoors.

5. MalloMe

MalloMe's Camping Hammocks
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MalloMe’s camping hammock comes in either a single or a double. Their hammocks feature a unique strap designed to hold upwards of 1000 lbs. The material of the hammocks is 210T parachute and features triple stitching.

With each hammock you’ll receive a storage bag, carabiners, and ropes. If you desire to have straps over ropes, MalloMe offers you the chance to purchase those separately.

The storage bag is an ultra convenient stuff sack, so you can easily pack up your hammock when you’re done using it.

6. Hieha

Hieha Bugproof Camping Hammocks
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No matter how much you love the outdoors, the onslaught of mosquitos and bugs can ruin it for you. Trying to sleep under the stars can be genuinely impossible in some regions, unless you want to submit yourself to tortue by bug bites.

Luckily Hieha offers a camping hammock with everything you need to keep those pesky insects off of you while you slumber.

This is a larger hammock and can hold around 440 lbs. It’s made with a high density mesh to keep bugs at bay, steel carabiners, and 210T parachute nylon. Don’t need the bug net? Simply reverse the hammock and go without it. It’s that easy.

7. Sunyear

Sunyear Camping Hammocks
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The Sunyear Camping Hammock is a heavy duty hammock with all the right accessories.

With Sunyear you won’t only get a hammock, you’ll get a bug net, and the hammock doubles as a sleeping bag. So hang loose, or lie flat. Either way you want, Sunyear has you covered.

Each purchase comes with everything you need to hang up your hammock, carabiners, straps, and a side bag for storage. You’ll also get some rope to hoist the bug net up. These hammocks are made with durable 210T parachute nylon, so they’re ultra reinforced.

8. ENO SingleNest

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Single Camping Hammocks
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Even if you’re new to the world of camping hammocks it’s likely you’ve come across the ENO brand before. Eagles Nest Outfitters is a leading company behind easily set-up, durable, hammocks.

If you’re looking for a trusted reputation, ENO has just that.Their SingleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock is a no frills design but it doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to being a high quality product.

The ENO SingleNest comes with a heavy weight nautical line for hanging up your hammock, an attached storage bag, and aluminum carabiners. ENO offers thicker straps that you can buy separately along with other accessories you might find useful.

As an added bonus, for each hammock sold, ENO plants two trees. How’s that for a positive environmental impact?

9. Covacure

Covacure Camping Hammocks
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Covacure’s camping hammock is a sleek and versatile set-up with all the necessities. You get a premium quality hammock that is made with durable 210T parachute nylon, and can hold up to 772 lbs.

Unlike some hammocks on the market, Covacure is designed to have four force bearing points or two force bearing points. This means you have more options when setting up your hammock and can make it as sturdy as you’d like.

This lightweight hammock also comes with a bug net to help keep spiders, mosquitos, and other annoying insects away while you sleep. Covacure is perfect for the trail or your backyard.

10. Honest Outfitters

Honest Outfitters Camping Hammocks
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Looking for a hammock that’s as easy to set-up as it is strong? Honest Outfitters has just what you need.

Without compromising style, Honest has crafted a superior hammock for an unbeatable price – less than the price of dinner. If you’re new to hammocks and don’t want to blow through your money on a hobby you might not stick with, look no further.

With Honest Outfitters, you’ll get a hammock that’s a breeze to set-up. It comes with all the tree friendly straps, storage bags, and carabiners you need. In fact, Honest offers a flat carabiner to avoid any wear to your straps.

All in all, you’ll be getting a solid hammock for a fraction of the cost of competitors. What’s not to love?

11. Winner Outfitters

Winner Outfitters Camping Hammocks
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Winner’s camping hammock is durable, lightweight, and can hold up to 500 lbs. Each hammock comes with safety carabiners that are designed to prevent rips and tears in the straps. You’ll also get tree friendly straps that are reinforced and thick enough to prevent damage to trees.

Your hammock is made of 210T parachute nylon so it’s breathable and easy to clean. Plus the storage back is attached, which makes your incredibly easy storage and set-up.

12. Bear Butt

Bear Butt Camping Hammocks
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Don’t let the name scare you off. These are some well built hammocks and no bears are involved!

Parachute nylon is gauged by a unit of textile measurement called denier. A great many hammocks on the market are around 70 denier. Bear Butt’s portable hammock is 75 denier. That’s tough.

You can also expect triple stitching, waterproof material, and a super soft feel. These hammocks are easy to hang up and pack up too. You’ll be able to enjoy more of your time thanks to this comfortable, user friendly design.

13. Favorland

Favorland Camping Hammocks
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Favorland’s camping hammock is a standard design with everything you should expect from a good quality hammock.

You get reinforced triple stitching for added safety, D-ring carabiners, 210T parachute nylon, and adjustable straps. This hammock comes with rope instead of thicker straps, so you may want to consider upgrading to tree friendly straps. But with or without, you still have a very functional, solid camping hammock.

14. Geezo

Geezo Camping Hammocks
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Anyone looking for a well made, inexpensive hammock should stop right now. Geezo is just that, a quality product with superior design.

Of course you won’t get all the same upgrades as some higher priced options. But you’ll still get everything you need to thoroughly enjoy your time outdoors.

Every hammock features lightweight 210T parachute nylon, triple interlocking stitching, an attached bag, and a solid steel carabiner. Camping just got a lot more comfortable.

15. Esup

Esup Camping Hammocks
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There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for the experience of ruffing it. With an Esup camping hammock you’ll always have a place to relax when you’re on the trail, at the beach, or just hanging out in your yard.

The 210T nylon is quick drying, breathable, and comfortable. All of the straps and carabiners are extra strong and uniquely designed to be as efficient as possible. The carabiners prevent rips and tears, unlike some styles. While the straps feature a durable loop design to make adjusting the length as easy as possible.

16. AnorTrek

AnorTrek Lightweight Camping Hammocks
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The single and double AnorTrek camping hammocks are a steal with their rock-bottom pricing. You get the standard assortment of necessary accessories, such as straps to hang the hammock and carabiners to support it.

AnorTrek makes an incredible quality hammock at an incredible price. For anyone looking to buy a simple, no nonsense hammock, you should check out what AnorTrek has to offer. They also sell a variety of additional accessories such as inflatable pillows and beach blankets.

17. OuterEQ

OuterEQ Portable Camping Hammocks
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With OuterEQ you can expect a no frills camping hammock.

Each hammock comes with nylon rope and carabiners to hang and support up to 330 lbs.

It isn’t the fanciest but it is a great option for someone looking for an inexpensive foray into the world of camping with hammocks.

Plus it’s so lightweight you can easily add it to your pack just in case you might need it as a backup.

Camping Hammocks: Conclusion

If you’re looking to ditch the tent, or just have something to lay back in while reading a book at home, a camping hammock is the way to go. You’ll get a more comfortable night’s sleep if you’re on the trail and can save your energy for the important parts.

Camping hammock in the woods, at sunset

What do you plan on using your hammock for?

Camping or lounging? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!