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    How to Tell If a Girl Likes You – The Signs That She Likes You
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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You – The Signs That She Likes You

Assessing a relationship in the day and age of dating apps (and ghosting) can be disorienting. Luckily, there are some tried and true ways to tell if a girl likes you.

We’ve all been there, crushing on someone but still totally clueless as to what they want. Does a girl want to hang out more? Does she want to be friends, or does she like you in a romantic sense? Although there’s nothing wrong with making new friends, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between a friendship and something more.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

So, How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?

There are a couple ways you can determine her true feelings. You could be straightforward and ask her how she feels but that might not be appropriate for where you stand with her. If she’s someone you’ve just met or recently started to get to know, you might want to avoid being so forthright.

Instead, try paying attention to social cues and her body language. When a girl does like you, she’s going to act different around you. Whether subconscious or not, she will be giving you hints as to how she feels about you.

Signs a Girl Likes You

Below are 11 signals you can look for that will help you tell if a girl likes you.

1. Body Language

Reading and understanding a girl’s body language is a necessary skill to learn. You can often determine what someone is thinking or feeling based solely on how they hold themselves and act around you.

Physical Touch

Does she sit close enough to you that you accidentally touch shoulders or legs? This is a sign she is comfortable with you. If she’s willing to give up a moderate amount of personal space when she’s with you she most likely feels safe in your company.

Instead of accidental physical contact does she out right grab your arm to get your attention or gently takes a fallen eyelash off your face? Maybe she playfully shoves you? This is all evidence of her potential feelings for you.


There’s a difference between a friendly smile and an uncontrollable grin because you’re just so unbelievably into someone. A girl who can’t stop smiling when she’s around you is definitely enjoying spending time with you. Especially if she blushes and tries to hide how much she’s smiling.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Nervous Jitters

If she comes off a little nervous when she talks to you that’s okay. It’s normal to be nervous when you’re around someone you like. She might fidget a bit in her seat or keep fixing her clothes or hair. This is called preening and can mean she is trying to look her best in your presence.


One way to tell if a girl likes you is if she displays open body language. This could be her making sure there is open space between the two of you with nothing blocking you. She might slide a table setting to the side to make sure it isn’t obstructing her view of you.

Another example is in how she holds herself. Having an open stance and situating herself to face you is a sign she’s comfortable and focused on you. Keep your surroundings and situation in mind though. If she stands with tightly crossed arms, she might be closed off and uncomfortable interacting with you. But she could also just be cold. Maybe offer her your jacket?


Mirroring is a subconscious tool we use to display empathy. Given that it’s subconscious, you won’t initially be aware of it occurring, so you may have to put in some effort to decipher her actions.

Signs a Girl Likes You

Yawning is an example of mirroring. You can’t even read the word without soon following up with a yawn. Her copying your position, gait, and vocal tone are her mirroring you and shows that she’s attuned to you.

2. She Asks You Questions

A sure sign of a girl liking you is when she asks you questions. She wants to get to know you better and that’s a good thing. When a conversation is one sided, and you’re doing all the talking, you might want to cut your losses. Either she’s bored out of her mind and has no interest in you, or she’s boring and has nothing interesting to add.

Open ended questions are key to preventing a stagnant conversation. Asking more than a yes or no question show’s she trying to dig deeper into who you are and wants you to reveal more about yourself.

3. She Remembers Things You’ve Said in Previous Conversations

So, you’ve been talking to a girl a lot and she always mentions bits and pieces from your last conversation – you’ve made an impression and she’s trying to tell you she likes you. It’s nerve-racking to take the leap and tell someone how you feel. So instead, you need to pay attention to the little things.

If you find yourself saying, “wow I can’t believe you remember that” you’re in a good position to assume she cares about you.

Remember that not everyone is gifted with an impeccable memory. Just because she doesn’t actively bring up past conversations you’ve had, doesn’t mean she doesn’t care.

4. She Tries to Learn More About Your Interests

When a girl actively seeks to learn more about your personal interests and hobbies, she is trying to feel closer to you. As she discovers more about your pastimes, she gets a better sense of who you are.
She wants to impress you with her knowledge and show you she wants to be a participant in your life.

This is a great opportunity to grow a sense of understanding and closeness. If she seems eager to know more about your interests, why not ask her to partake in them with you? You have to take the risk at some point.

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5. She Initiates Conversation and Responds Quickly to Texts

In the days of yore, a letter to your beloved every few weeks was enough to satiate a couple. But in the 21st century, communication is instantaneous. Between phone calls, text, email, and social media, there are endless ways to stay in touch.

Regardless of how many forms of communication exist, everyone is entitled to their privacy and taking a step away from the phone or computer. But if you feel that you can barely put your phone down before she responds to your text, you’re headed in the right direction with her.

It’s even better if she is the one that initiates conversation. She’s keeping the lines of communication open, and that is so important because it shows she wants to talk to you.

6. She Invites You to Meet Her Friends

How do you know if a girl likes you
Her wanting to spend time getting to know your interests and initiating conversations are great but it really means something if she invites you around her friends. She’s setting you up to be judged though, so cautiously be yourself – you don’t want to lie but you also don’t want to scare them off!

You should take note of how she treats you when you’re around her friends. If she spends more time talking to other people rather than introducing you to the group that’s not the best sign. She might just want to be friends and that’s okay.

However, if she stays by your side, she’s not only being considerate, but she’s also allowing herself to be seen with you. When her friends already know about you, you’re definitely in a good position.

7. She Takes You to Her Favorite Places

Everyone has a favorite place, some old haunt that feels like a second home. It’s a coffee shop with big comfortable chairs, a local bar where you can know everyone and still go unnoticed, or a park with breathtaking views. Wherever we go to relax we don’t want it to become a place where we always see someone we don’t like.

A girl isn’t going to invite you into her world and give you a VIP tour if she doesn’t like you. There’s the chance you could end up dating and she wants to introduce you to a more intimate side of herself.

Alternately, she could tell you that you should go to a specific restaurant or bookstore sometime because it’s her favorite spot. Take this as a major compliment. She’s willing to give up her privacy and allow for the chance encounter of seeing you while you partake in some of her favorite activities.

8. She Wants to Hangout During the Day

Does she only call you after the bars close, or close to it? Have you never seen her face beyond the glow of a neon sign? I apologize, but she might not be into you.

If a girl likes you, she wants you around a lot, not just after hours. When you start to see her in the sunshine then you can better trust that she likes you …and that she’s not a vampire. Spending time together during daylight hours shows that she isn’t just looking for a hookup, she wants something a little more substantial.

9. She Teases You

Signs she likes you
Harmless teasing is a good indicator that a girl likes you. The more comfortable she feels with you the more she may throw some playful banter your way.

A change in her vocal tone, either exaggerated and goofy or serious and deadpan, indicates her flirtatious teasing. Minor teasing and playful jabs can help alleviate tension.

As long as it doesn’t cross over into rude comments and outright digs at your personality and physical appearance, it’s probably her flirting with you. If she does take it too far speak up and let her know. Part of getting to know each other is learning boundaries. If she likes you, she’ll respect your feelings.

10. There’s Talk of an Immediate Future Together

Discussions of a future together can come in many forms. Sometimes the future is what you’re doing next week. Then there are deep conversations about marriage and kids, but those topics are most likely going to happen later on after you’ve been dating a girl for some time.

Making sure she has a chance to see you in the near future is a good indication a girl likes you. She just can’t wait to spend more time with you so there’s always a date set.

Having imaginative talks about an even more far off future also points to her having feelings for you. Maybe she almost jokingly says the two of you should attend an event in the next couple of months together or tells you in the spring that she wants to carve pumpkins in the fall. She’s letting you know she wants to keep seeing you and doesn’t plan on changing her mind anytime soon.

11. She’s Available

How to Know If a Girl Likes You

Do you ever find yourself asking a girl to hang out and she’s never around? Or maybe she always cancels but doesn’t ask for a raincheck? This isn’t a positive sign. If she isn’t trying to see you then she isn’t interested.

However, when a girl seems to have open availability, it’s safe to say she values spending time with you. Of course, life happens, and plans get cancelled or go bust, there’s no fighting it. But if she makes a point to reschedule then that shows she doesn’t want to miss a second of time with you.

When to Tap Out

Everyone is different. One person’s kindness is another person’s confession of love. So, how do you tell the difference between a girl who is just being nice and one being flirty?

Location is important here. Is she working? Are you one of her customers? She could be flirting but she could also just be doing her job. Make a note of how she treats the other patrons before you make a move on a girl who is at work.

If she seemingly blows off the conventionally attractive debonair fellow but always brightens up when you walk in, you might have a shot. But if you’re not willing to find a new coffee shop or bank after you blow it with her, don’t risk hitting on the girl at the counter.

You also want to make sure more than one sign from this list applies to her. Just because she’s thoughtful and smiles around you doesn’t mean she’s wanting to date you.

Of course, this list will vary from person to person. You shouldn’t expect her to cross off the entire checklist. But if you’re wanting something more than friendship you need to be on the lookout for multiple signs.

How to Know If a Girl Likes You? Get to Know Her.

Signs a Girl Is Attracted to You

Don’t get discouraged if she doesn’t text you all the time, or if she doesn’t invite you to meet her friends right off the bat. She might be busy and that’s keeping her from her phone, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. And as far as friends are concerned, sometimes it’s difficult to get everyone to meet at the same time and same place.

It’s important to get to know her better for this reason. You’ll want to ask what her schedule is like and ask about her family and friends. That way you won’t be left wondering why she’s blowing you off when she’s actually just trying to meet a work deadline.

Wrapping Up

So, keep looking out for the signals she gives you and once you pick up on a few, or more, go ahead and take the plunge with confidence.

Do you have any other good indicators that a girl likes you? Be a good wingman and let us and our readers know your secrets in the comments!

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