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    8 Best Coolers With Wheels That Are Both Practical and Stylish
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8 Best Coolers With Wheels That Are Both Practical and Stylish

When it comes to outdoor activities, the climax hits differently depending on one’s preferences. Some outdoor fanatics yearn for the cheerful chats around the sizzling campfire. Other people long for the breathtaking scenic views. While the photogenic ones are always on the lookout for top-tier sites to capture instagrammable photos.

But no matter the category you fall into, there’s one common thread that connects everyone —the need for an ice-cold beverage. The refreshing feel of a frosty drink under the blazing hot weather is heavenly. And to achieve this unmatched feeling, you need a great cooler.

And while you may want to show off your muscles by lifting a sixty-plus quart cooler from point A to B, it isn’t really necessary now that we have wheeled coolers in the market.

Best coolers with wheels

The wheeled coolers have added a new twist to tailgating and other outdoor activities by improving the efficiency of moving around with your load of foods and drinks. These coolers come in different sizes, colors, designs, and prices, depending on users’ tastes, preferences, and budgets.

Given that the list of coolers with wheels has continued to gain new members over the years, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. But count yourself lucky because we’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the best of the best coolers with wheels in today’s market. We’ll also discuss the essential features to consider when getting a wheeled cooler. So, keep it here!

What You Get From Wheeled Coolers

Before getting down to our list of the best coolers, here is a little information on what wheeled coolers can deliver. Just like any other coolers in the market, Coolers on wheels deliver the essentials, including:

  • Chilled Food and Beverages

Regardless of where you are, provided your wheeled cooler is with you, rest assured that your food and drinks won’t succumb to the skyrocketing exterior temperatures. Enjoy a cold drink or chilled food any time your tummy asks for it.

  • Go-To Seat

Picture this, converting your cooler into a seat without much elbow grease. Sounds convenient, right?

Well, most ruggedly designed coolers double as functional seats any time you need an extra seating space. Interestingly enough, some coolers come with multiple can holders allowing them to function as tables or workstations, too, if need be.

  • Weight/ Capacity

Here is where wheeled coolers beat their non-wheeled counterparts. Regardless of how packed your cooler is, dragging the wheeled version will always be easier as opposed to the back-breaking lifting of the non-wheeled one.

So, what does this mean? Given the ease of movement, you can now increase your carrying capacity provided your cooler has enough space.

Top 8 Best Coolers With Wheels

Without further ado, let’s get started on the best coolers with wheels. Shall we? Here’s our list:

1. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Cooler With Wheels

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Cooler With Wheels

Yeti is a veteran household name in the cooler industry. And now more than ever, it has become increasingly famous following the release of its first-ever and one of the best coolers with wheels, Yeti Tundra Haul. This wheeled cooler promises the legendary toughness, unmatched insulation power, and durability of its non-wheeled predecessors.

The Haul boasts its rotomolded construction, which improves its ice retention power and makes it armored to the core (virtually indestructible). It solves the capacity issue by giving you enough space to keep 55 pounds of ice or approximately 45 beverage cans (in the ratio of 2:1, ice to can ratio) of your favorite outdoor drink.

Its pressure-injected polyurethane foam in the lid and the walls ensures your ice stays ice; in short, it remains uncrushed.

The arm is made of welded aluminum and is sturdy and ergonomic enough to allow the Tundra Haul to ‘haul’ effortlessly behind you while still protecting your soft palm and ankles from raking.

Did we mention that you won’t have to worry about the Haul’s wheels going flat? Yes, you read that, right! Its wheels never go flat! They are made from hard plastic. Additionally, the wheels features a single-piece tire construction that’s puncture and impact resistant. This simply means you can use this cooler on any terrain without any worry.

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2. Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Have you ever used a cooler as a seat and ended up with a cold butt or, worst of all, a cracked lid? It’s so disappointing, right?

Coleman manufacturers, who’ve been leaders in the industry for years, designed the Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler with a seat-friendly lid supporting up to 250 pounds. Therefore, even if you consider yourself weighty, you can comfortably rest on this cooler as you enjoy your ice-cold drink.

Another highlight of this cooler is its extreme insulation. It can retain ice for up to 5 days under the prevailing temperatures of approximately 320C (900F).

Its carrying capacity is another reason it’s one of the best coolers with wheels. It can comfortably hold up to 160 cans which is a good number for bigger events. In addition, it has an extra feature, the molded cup holder. These molded cup holders conveniently positioned on top of the lid help keep the drinks handy, thus preventing spills.

Coleman’s cooler heavy-duty wheels are large and sturdy and can perform well on any terrain. Additionally, it has a large tow handle for easy towing. Adding to this handle are 2-way side handles that allow for easy lifting.

And finally, we can’t forget to mention its leak-resistant channel that allows you to drain excess water from melted ice without tilting the cooler.

3. RovR 60 Quart Camping Rolling Cooler with Wheels

RovR 60 Quart Camping Rolling Cooler with Wheels

Although less popular compared to the Yeti and Coleman brands, a lot of attention has been placed in designing this cooler, making it one of the best coolers with wheels in the market today.

Far more than a mere insulated plastic box, RovR wheeled cooler also carries a ton of extra useful features. They include a Wagon bin to hold all your non-chilled goods, an integrated Deepfreeze dry basket, a dual cup holder, and an optional yet practical side-mounted cutting board.

The RovR Wheeled Cooler‘s heavy-duty, high-performing wheels coupled with the ergonomic and sturdy handle make it easy to haul it on all terrains.

And that’s not all; it has an adjustable carrying capacity that you can tailor to suit your needs.

For example, it can hold up to 20 pounds of ice and 60 cans without the Deepfreeze dry bin. On the other hand, with the Deepfreeze dry bin attached, you can keep 10 pounds of ice and 40 beverage cans in the main compartment and about 6 bottles upright together with bread, meat, veggies, and fruits in the dry compartment.

Given the perfect blend of a rotomolded design, thick foam insulation, and an elevated body, this cooler offers up to 10 days of unmatched ice retaining goodness.

4. Igloo Trailmate Journey

Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler With Wheels

As its name, ‘Trailmate‘ suggests, this wheeled cooler is your unbeatable companion regardless of your destination. From beach dunes to sandy dunes, from wooded trails to muddy terrains, Igloo Trailmate oversized wheels offer perfect traction on the go.

Adding to the functional oversized never-flat wheels is a perfectly designed telescoping glide handle that makes towing 50% easier. Unlike other premium coolers, this cooler isn’t rotomolded but instead has an efficient ultratherm insulated body and lid, which promises up to 4 days of ice retention.

Do you intend to host a huge outdoor event? Or are your friends the ‘extra thirsty’ ones? Look no further than the Igloo Trailmate Journey wheeled cooler. It has a huge carrying capacity where you can stash up to 112 beverage cans.

The highlights of this Trailmate companion that will really blow your mind are the extras. It has a butler tray that utilizes the telescoping handle to act as a serving area for snacks and drinks. When not in use, you can store it under the lid.

Additionally, it has two strategically positioned bottle openers for convenience anytime you want to enjoy your bottled refreshment. It also has practical self-draining cup holders and an anti-leak dry storage compartment for your phone, keys, and other valuable items.

You can now see how the ‘Trailmate’ eponym came about—you can conveniently carry all you need for your outdoor activity.

Having an Igloo Trailmate Journey is like having a perfect mate on your adventures!

5. Seavilis Milee 70 Quart Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler

Seavilis Milee 70 Quart Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler

Like other premium coolers in the market, this wheeled cooler boasts an indestructible rotomolded make making it a perfect fit for your outdoor adventures.

Are you afraid of the disappointing ice melts during summer? Seavilis Milee‘s thick insulated walls and lid give it an ice-retention power of up to 6 days. Additionally, it comes with a unique D-seal that ensures contents remain cold throughout their ‘stay.’

As for extras, this cooler features stainless steel locking plates that can double as bottle openers and strong tie-down slats to keep your foods safe from scrupulous wild animals.

Additionally, it has sturdy military-grade nylon handles, TPE T-Latch, and No-Leak Drain Plug.

To ensure it still maintains its glow over the years, it has a built-in UV resistance that keeps the outer plastic cover from breaking down or fading following frequent exposure to the harsh sun.

6. Koolatron W65 12V Kargo Electric Wheeled Cooler

Koolatron W65 12V Kargo Electric Wheeled Cooler

If you don’t want the ‘boring’ off-grid outdoor life, you can consider getting an electric wheeled cooler from Koolatron. Any time you are enjoying life outdoors, chances are there’s a 12V DC(car battery) or even a 110V AC house socket where you can plug in your cooler/warmer.

This electric cooler acts as a substitute for the traditional coolers, which rely on ice and insulation to keep your foods and drinks cool. This classy modern make uses thermoelectric technology and a high-performing brushless fan motor to keep your content chill to about 220C (400F) below the ambient air temperature.

If you need some hot contents, this cooler comes with a bonus in that it can keep beverages and food warm at 600C (1400F) using relatively low power than your vehicle’s tail light.

The Koolatron W65 is a trendy cooler that can accommodate up to 42 standard beverage cans, and given its split lid, you can easily access your chilled contents even in a tightly packed recreational vehicle.

Not forgetting the steady wheels that make its towing over any terrain easy. Additionally, it has sturdy extra-large tow handles for ease of towing and which easily fold away when not in use.

If you want a perfect combination of chilled and warm food, this will make you an ideal choice. It becomes more handy if you have toddlers around who can’t consume chilled food.

7. Coleman Portable 50 Quart Extreme Wheeled Cooler

Coleman Portable 50 Quart Extreme Wheeled Cooler

Fitted with insulated walls and lid, this cooler from Coleman manufacturers offers unmatched ice retention for up to 5 days at ambient air temperatures of 320C (900F).

It’s a perfect companion for outdoor trips, picnics, and tailgating because it comes with a standard can carrying capacity of up to 84 cans. Additionally, it has cup holders conveniently molded on the lid for smooth access to beverages and reduced spillage.

You can smoothly tow this cooler on any terrain thanks to its heavy-duty wheels and a tall, sturdy telescoping handle.

8. Igloo 110 Quart Glide Pro Cooler With Wheels

Igloo 110 Quart Glide Pro Cooler With Wheels

With a unique slide-and-lock cushion grip telescoping handle, this cooler offers a 50% easier pull. The soft ride wheels also add to its easy and smooth towing.

To answer the capacity question among most users, Igloo designed this cooler with a large ice chest to stash up to 168 standard beverage cans. Pretty much accommodative, right?

Igloo 110qt glide pro cooler not only offers unmatched carrying capacity, but it’s also highly efficient thanks to its thick Ultratherm foam lid and body promising up to 5 days of ice retention.

Its manufacturers aimed at producing an efficient high performing cooler, and as a result, they fitted it with infrared technology and UV inhibitors. These elements protect the cooler against sun damage and prevent the chilled contents from succumbing to heat extremes.

With virtually indestructible lid hinges made of stainless steel, you are assured of the safety of your chilled contents from intruders.

And lastly, it boasts a conveniently fitted threaded drain plug which allows for easy draining of melted ice. The plug also offers an ideal option for hose hook-up.

Having discussed these 8 best coolers with wheels, let’s now look at the key factors to consider when buying a wheeled cooler.

Coolers With Wheels: BUYING GUIDE

Since we all have different preferences, the factors to consider may vary based on what you’re looking for. However, here are some of the primary things to consider regardless of your situational preferences.

Ice Retention

A wheeled cooler isn’t only meant to be pulled along for luxury but rather to keep your contents chilled.

Therefore, with this in mind, you should lookout for a wheeled cooler that meets your ice retention needs. Go for one with a high ice retention capacity to derive the most from it.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity is another vital feature to consider when choosing a wheeled cooler. Some may be too big or too small for your needs. Therefore, take your time and find one that perfectly matches your needs based on the food or drinks you intend to carry.

Some brands offer multiple sizes for their wheeled cooler options. Watch out for this!

Wheel Size

Just like vehicles and trucks, the size of the wheels determines how well the cooler will perform in different terrains.

Therefore, get a wheeled cooler that’s in line with your terrain needs. For example, if you intend to use it on rugged or rough terrain, go for one with heavy-duty puncture-resistant wheels.

Material Design and Construction

This aspect revolves around the type of cooler you need. Bearing in mind that all wheeled coolers are made of hard, durable material, the construction material question is not a major subject of debate.

However, some coolers come with a rotomolded material design, while others are non-rotomolded. Additionally, some have a simple design, while others are fitted with extra features to make them more efficient and marketable. The choice is yours!

Handle Type and Height

While many people overlook this feature, it is as vital as any other aspect in the list.

Go for a handle that’s padded or cushioned and ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly. The handle should offer smooth towing while keeping your palm and ankles safe from raking.

If you are tall, you don’t need a wheeled cooler with a short handle that will force you to bend your back while towing. You’ll need a handle that matches your height. The same case applies to shorter people.

Therefore it’s advisable to go for coolers with telescopic or adjustable handles.


Don’t forget to consider the price. Just have it in mind that expensive doesn’t always mean the best, and cheap isn’t always expensive. Make your choice wisely by looking at other constituent factors.

Keep these factors in mind while shopping for a wheeled cooler, and you’ll be sure to find a perfect match for your needs.

Wheeled Coolers: CONCLUSION

You may never know how important something is until you use it. The same case applies to a wheeled cooler, where you may never know its value until you get one.

Wheeled coolers are a perfect way to easily and conveniently move your chilled food and drinks around. And with their ability to take away the strain of carrying heavy non-wheeled coolers, they are an ideal life hack for those with limited strength or health issues.

Get your wheeled cooler today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings along! Don’t be surprised if you end up making it a staple tool for your outdoor events.