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    The 10 Best Filtered Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated and Cool
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The 10 Best Filtered Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated and Cool

Staying hydrated and having fresh drinking water shouldn’t be a challenge. For many, however, the regions we live in or travel to have limited options for fresh water. In order to help you stay refreshed at all times, we put together the 10 best filtered water bottles on the market.

A modern filtered water bottle sitting in the dugout

Preamble: Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Water is among the most important chemical compounds for organic life. Without water life as we know it would fade away. In fact, sixty percent of the human body is composed of water.

Drinking water to prevent dehydration is a major benefit, but water does so much more!

Want nice skin? Drink more water. Do you need an energy boost? Drink water. Need to lose weight and promote better digestion? Water will help.

Water also helps regulate body temperature, protects your joints, and helps detox your body of waste and toxins. Seriously, what can’t water do? 

Editor’s Shoutout: Need further proof of water’s superiority? Check out the dank memes over at r/hydrohomies.

Water Filtration Is Crucial for Proper Hydration

Unfortunately, water has its limits… it can’t always stay fresh and clean.

For those who frequently travel, work out, or spend time outdoors, you know how essential a proper filtered water bottle is. When you’re out in the wilderness or in certain areas of the world, the water that’s available to you can often make you ill.

Of course, there are many options for purifying water. For example, boiling the water prior to use. But this is time-consuming and requires materials that aren’t always available. You can also stock up on bottled water, but this is big no-no from an environmental standpoint.

So, the best method for making sure you have access to clean drinking water when you’re on the go is a filtered water bottle.

Best Filtered Water Bottle (Our Picks for 2021)

Staying hydrated can be difficult when your tap water tastes dull in comparison to an ice-cold bottle of purified spring water. But after so long, all those bottles of water start to add up and you start to visualize the environmental impact.

But you can have your cake and eat it too. Below, we review the 10 best filtered water bottles, offering the convenience of hydration on the go without the plastic waste. And whether you’re an adventurous backpacker or stuck in a cubicle for hours on end, we review a variety of styles and filter options to suit any need or lifestyle.

1. Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle

Five colors of Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottles
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For those of you who are always on the go, the convenience of grabbing a bottle of water here and there is hard to pass up. There’s always the option of an at home water filter, but what about when you leave the house?

Brita has you a solution. Their Plastic Water Filter Bottle gives you everything customers love about the ubiquitous Brita water filters in a functional 26 or 36 oz. bottle.

The plastic is BPA free and features a straw that filters the water as you drink. The filter specifically improves the taste of tap water by reducing chlorine. Just one filter can replace up to 300 16.9 oz. single-use plastic water bottles.

2. LifeStraw Go

A hiker holding the LifeStraw Go
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The LifeStraw Go is perfect for travelers and outdoorsmen. It even includes a carabiner to make it easier to carry around. Plus, with a vast amount of colors to choose from you’ll be drinking in style.

This innovative design features two filters. The membrane microfilter lasts up to 1,000 gallons and helps to remove bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. The activated carbon filter helps to reduce chlorine, and chemicals for better tasting water.

LifeStraw came on the scene in the early 2000s with their original LifeStraw water filter straw. This portable personal water filtration device became the first of many water filters LifeStraw offers.

The company isn’t just looking to provide customers with potable water wherever they may be. LifeStraw and their parent company, Vestergaard, have set out to bring clean drinking water to the world. Each purchase of one of their many water filtration devices gives an entire year of safe water to one child. Since launching the program they’ve reached over 2 million kids.

3. Katadyn BeFree

Filling the Katadyn BeFree from a stream
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If you’re sick of lugging around heavy metal water bottles, lighten your load with the Katadyn BeFree. When you compare it to other filtered water bottles on the market, the BeFree is among the most portable by a wide margin.

The BeFree flask is also collapsible, making for extremely easy storage. It’s lightweight and will fit almost anywhere.

The water filter is an EZ-Clean Membrane that can filter up to 1,000 liters or contaminated water. You’ll have clean drinking water that’s free from harmful bacteria and microorganisms anywhere you go.

4. Membrane Solutions

The durable Membrane Solutions bottle with filter
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Membrane Solutions offers an extremely functional, and durable water bottle that’s perfect for the great outdoors or the gym. You can swap out the filter for a regular straw at any time, giving you more flexibility in use and you can save the filter for when you need it most.

The outer shell is Tritan plastic, a heavy duty plastic that has a higher shatter resistance than other plastics available. Tritan doesn’t contain bisphenols, harmful compounds which are often in the plastics used for water bottles.

Membrane Solutions uses a 4-stage filtration system that consists of a sediment pre-filter grid, an ultrafiltration membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, and a venting membrane. These filter out almost all bacteria, parasites, and harmful chemicals, while the activated carbon helps improve the taste.

You can feel free to use this bottle in any source of freshwater, even snow. While you’re enjoying fresh water on the go, you’ll be saving the environment from over 3,000 single-use plastic water bottles.

5. Joypur Collapsible Filtered Water Bottle

The flexible, foldable Joypur
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If you’re living an active lifestyle then you need a water bottle that can adapt with your ever changing location. Joypur boasts a 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane, meaning the filter will rid the water of viruses, bacteria, and solids.

The bottle is extremely lightweight and collapsible, allowing for easy carrying and storage–it’s perfect for any outdoor activity. The body of the Joypur water bottle is food grade silicone and foldable. So, when you’re out of water you can just fold it up and pack it away without all the bulk of a normal bottle.

Aside from treating yourself to potable water from lakes, rivers, springs, or streams, you’ll be saving the earth from an additional 3,000 plastic water bottles.

6. SurviMate

The multifunctional SurviMate
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With a Survimate Filtered Water Bottle you’ll never be without clean water or a sense of direction. Along with advanced purification, Survimate features a compass on the lid so you never lose your way when you’re out in the wilderness.

The body is made of durable food grade tritan; it’s also BPA free and heat resistant to boot. You’ll enjoy a 4-stage filtration system consisting of medical grade PP cotton, antibacterial beads, coconut shell activated carbon, and medical grade hollow fiber UF membrane.

The Survimate bottle can be used in brooks, ponds, puddles, and with tap water. But it isn’t recommended to use it for sea water, hot water, dirty water, or water that has been contaminated with industrial pollutants.

7. Bobble Classic

The grab-n-go Bobble Classic
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For those looking for a simple water bottle with a filter, then the Bobble Classic is worth checking out. It’s for a small price you’ll be able to get clean tasting filtered water–without bulky filters or endless numbers of plastic bottles.

Bobble’s Classic is small but it makes a difference. Each activated carbon filter is able to filter as much water as 300 standard plastic water bottles.

With a bobble Classic, you can expect a stylish exterior that’s also a convenient size for travel. Unfortunately this filter isn’t suitable for filtering fresh water sources, so you’ll have to stick with a tap. But for the size and price, it’s easily worth having as an alternative to the more versatile options on the market. Ideal for commuting.

8. Grayl GeoPress

Extreme filtering Grayl GeoPress
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Any rugged outdoorsmen will benefit from having a filtered water bottle. There’s no question about it, having access to clean drinking water is necessary. You never want to get stuck somewhere in the wilderness and end up sick from dehydration or poor water quality.

So, if your thrilling adventures take you far and wide you need an effective solution to dirty water. Thankfully, Grayl’s GeoPress makes a powerful filtered bottle that is as effective as it is stylish.

The GeoPress features a unique design that works similar to a french press. You’ll fill the outer cup and press the water through the filter cartridge and in as few as 7 seconds you’ll have clean water.

Whether from a lake, river, stream, or tap, the water will be free from most viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. The filter will also remove microplastics, sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, and will improve the taste.

Grayl also has a program where they give back a portion of all sales. So, you’ll have clean water and be able to give back to the environment in more ways than one.

9. Epic Nalgene OG with Filter

The classic Nalgene OG with filtration system
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Nalgene water bottles are a product of scientific expertise. Originally, Nalgene bottles were created for laboratory use. The bottles are leakproof and lightweight, which makes for a nice hiking accessory.

By the 1970s, the Nalgene bottles became a camping and hiking necessity, and they still have that reputation today.

The Nalgene OG is their tried and true water bottle design, with an upgrade. Instead of a simple water storage device, Nalgene added a filter to help hikers stay hydrated anywhere.

The OG comes with the everyday filter which can remove almost all common tap water contaminants. Nalgene also offers an outdoor filter which removes almost all outdoor contaminants. Plus the filters are 100% recyclable. So, you can feel even better about your purchase.

10. Seychelle Rad

Ultra purifying Seychelle Rad
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Anyone searching for a filtered water bottle that is as unique as it is effective need look no further. With the Seychelle Rad, you can drink from almost any contaminated water source.

Rad doesn’t just get its name from being an amazing product. It can actually filter out virtually all radiological contaminants. Thanks to Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration Technology, your water will be free from chemicals, inorganic contaminants, radiation, and taste great.

Saychelle makes this bottle out of BPA free squeezable plastic to make filtering the water even easier. Therefore, you won’t only get quality drinking water, you don’t have to wait or struggle to filter it.

How to Purify Water

There are several methods used to filter water:

  • Activated Carbon – You’ll often see activated carbon listed as a water filtration method. Carbon is a great choice for filtering heavy metals, chemicals, and enhancing the flavor of water. This is also referred to as the absorption method.
  • Ion Exchange – Ion exchange is used as a method to soften hard water. The process is reversible and the packs containing ion exchange resins can be washed through with excess ions.
  • Reverse Osmosis – The process of reverse osmosis is cost effective and useful for removing unwanted molecules and impurities within water via filtration through a semipermeable membrane.
  • Ultraviolet Light – UV light can be used in water filtration to remove impurities and kill microorganisms.

The usefulness of these methods depends on how often the filters are used and what kind of water you’re filtering. If you need something on the go and have some time to kill, UV light is a solid choice. However, if you need quick water filtration, activated carbon is the way to go.

Filtered water bottle

Water Bottle Materials

Reusable water bottles come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. You can also find them in intricate designs and colors. When it comes to the materials used to create water bottles, you’ll find there are three main options.

  • Plastic – Plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution. From the process to create the bottles, to the end result of an extremely slow decomposition, plastic bottles are a bane to our environment. However, reusable plastic bottles are a step in the right direction.
  • Metal – Metals are an even better choice for reusable water bottles. They’re more durable, resulting in a longer lifespan than their plastic counterparts. Stainless steel might be heavier than plastic, but it will last longer.
  • Glass – Aesthetically pleasing? Yes. By all accounts glass water bottles are beautiful specimens. Glass bottles are recyclable and are made from natural materials, so they’re environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, there are safety concerns for glass water bottles. They can break and become a hazard. Luckily, there are plenty on the market which feature a plastic outer shell to protect the bottle from damage.

Final Thoughts

Having access to potable drinking water should never be a hassle. Whether you’re traveling, hitting the gym, or preparing for a disaster, you need to be able to stay hydrated without the risk of illness.

Hopefully this list points you in the right direction to help you choose one of the many filtered water bottles available.

Do you have any experience using a filtered water bottle? Or have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wished you had one?

Let us know in the comments!